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  1. Lol. Tbh people always seemed to dislike vapers and the big clouds they would leave behind it does smell nice though so not sure why they hate it so much Hmm. For me personally it had a negative effect on my lungs/stamina and was highly addictive. I went from someone who smoked 3-4 cigs to someone who even vaped in the bathroom and would have a panic attack if I left the house without it It was fun and I do miss it sometimes but I'm glad I quit.
  2. The vapers all died? I used to vape, and if I'm honest it was a lot worse on my lungs than when I used to smoke cigarettes and wayyyy more addictive. Thankfully now I don't smoke either.
  3. The ptb are mathematical, not creative
  4. OK, so said person needs CPR to restore breathing etc and they are telling you to cover their mouth and nose with a cloth? FFS!
  5. Like I said, you are paranoid and delusional. I didn't even see your post on there so I have NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE REFERRING TO. And for the last time, my point was purely to say there is a big difference between carbon dioixide and carbon monoxide. That is literally it. You then went off rambling about hidden motives, aliens and some random member I've never even come across. Get over yourself.
  6. It won't be just metals... It's an MRNA vaccine. It will change your DNA.
  7. This can't be fucking serious....! Is this a joke?
  8. That's what I like to hear! Lead by example. I haven't been wearing one either, I take public transport every day and go into shops, so far I've only had one problem with an independent coffee shop completely refusing me entry without a mask. Fuck em.
  9. DI consistently promotes non compliance.
  10. Hmmm this is possible, wouldn't put it past them!
  11. That seems likely. Personally I think it'll be the second scenario, I hope not, but it seems as if it will be especially as it is going to be flu season anyway and everyone and their mother will think they have covid
  12. I've heard this before. But why would they want everyone's dna?
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