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  1. I love this! Keep us updated x
  2. The thing is, they will actually carry it out, it just isn't going to be actual aliens lol. Haha good idea, I hope you're too old for him!
  3. But its chin is totally different! You can't just grow a big chin lol.
  4. Probably just a distraction or some other bs.
  5. Hmmm this is a possibility. Who knows wth is going on!
  6. So two people who work for two different airlines would make up that all London and Manchester airports will be closed from Friday? This isn't a made up story. What good does that do? It makes no sense. I was supposed to be flying out on Friday, and I've now had to change my plans and fly out tomorrow which is a HUGE inconvenience.
  7. But that doesn't explain why all London/Manchester airports will be closing in UK. I don't get why two airline contacts would tell me that if it isn't true. They explicitly said that the flights had been removed due to the Government instructions to close on Friday. Whether that happens or not, I guess we will have to wait and see.
  8. I wasn't meaning you specifically, I was referring to myself. It could be wrong but I'm very doubtful and in fact I find this info quite scary. Thanks for trying to find any links. I couldn't come up with much tbh, they've kept it very quiet which is what is the biggest red flag to me. You are right, World Freedom Day is on the 20th, perhaps it is connected. Also the Equinox...
  9. What you've posted here is in reference to incoming flights, which we know already from their 'red list'. However this is about airports being closed, meaning no flights. I assume we will find out properly on Friday, however I don't take it lightly when two airlines have told me that the airports will be closed from Friday as advised by the Government. Very strange. And no info at all from the Gov.
  10. If you check flight status they say cancelled. You can still book and some websites are still selling flights but ultimately your flight would be cancelled and hopefully you get refunded lol. Two airlines have given me this info, people who work at Heathrow are saying the same thing. So don't doubt it.
  11. It's sinister, I dont know what they're playing at but I don't like it.
  12. It isn't being publicised or put on the news because they don't want anyone to know. How I found out was simply because I was supposed to be flying out on Friday, I went to book my ticket and all the flights had disappeared. I found it weird, so I called the airline who told me that the reason for the flights being taken down was because they have been advised by the Government that all London airports as well as Manchester are being closed as of Friday 19th. I then called another airline just to double check and was given the same answer. Also to back up what I am saying, people
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