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  1. Myself and my family have noticed exactly the same thing. Fake roadworks and a lot of road closures too where no cars are allowed through, bicycles only.
  2. Completely agree with everything you said. Thank you.
  3. Things that make you go hmmm....
  4. Also your post makes no sense and is full of contradictions. Did you forget to take your meds?
  5. Yeah right. If you were an all powerful, intelligent Archon you would at least know how to spell and write properly. Are you really that bored/weird that you have to troll a forum pretending to be an Archon? Ffs!
  6. Regardless, the police were way too aggressive and only arrived to cause trouble. Well that's what the protest was about, the vaccines etc, clearly they don't like people spreading that info since they stormed and ruined our peaceful gathering. Yes, I agree... There's paranoid and then there's paranoid Lol I think the word woke has definitely had an upgrade since then or is just used by both lol
  7. Unfortunately I'm in the UK and we don't have any protection
  8. Over dramatic? Everyone reacts differently and she did get sucker punched and shoved quite roughly so not sure it is really that dramatic? I've seen people act weird before and in unexpected ways so it's not really something that stands out as a shill thing to do to me. People calling her an agent are wrong. They have 0 evidence and think her weird choice of clothing or the fact she isn't a cripple at 60 is evidence. What idiots and they are supposed to be the open minded woke people?
  9. Those people don't deserve to have a life since they are so eager to stop living anyway. Weirdos.
  10. According to what poll exactly? It's clearly bs and they just made it all up. These people don't exist. Even the most brain dead people I speak to think another lockdown is a BAD idea and are opposed to it.
  11. He is still in police custody? Wow, that is crazy! Arrested for absolutely nothing.
  12. Any more details on the protest this Tue?
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