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  1. Keeping your head down is the best I think, I am getting peer pressured from all angles lately from family, work colleagues and today from my disgusted ENT doctor quizzing me why I haven't been jabbed. I usually say thank you a few times to doctor and nurse, this time I just stormed out. I still can't bring myself to lie when asked about vaccination, it's not in my nature.
  2. I just don't see a revolution, it sorts of feels like the Q movement waiting for someone to save the day. But in reality nothing is going to save us, each stage of the agenda we just seem to get shafted further and it's getting harder to turn around their agenda. What I see locally is more people being coerced into the jab and the pressure is building up on the ones of haven't been jabbed. With the introduction of vaccine passports, we will be under pressure to take the jab because we have to put food on the table or you won't have that major operation to prolong your life. I have heard hell of lot more are being struck down with covid/flu type symptoms in the last few weeks including family and friends, more so than than the previous 18 months combined. So there is something going around which is odd because its' summer time.
  3. At this late stage, we have basically picked which side of the fence your on. It can be energy zapping try to convince a few folks. I only answer if asked and hopefully the answers will plant seed of doubt.
  4. A bit harsh to bail out on girlfriend because fear has caused her to have first jab. You just have to respect each others decisions to get vaccinated or not and just carry on with life. Hopefully everything will be fine health wise for your girlfriend. If my partner suddenly changed her mind to have vaccine, which her family is doing their best to coerce and I wouldn't just up and ran with next chapter in life. My stance is I am not having it and I couldn't care who has the jab or not, it's not going to effect relationships with people. You just hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
  5. I agree, bad move locking this thread. I don't want to read 9/10 threads to achieve same outcome with just one thread. This thread is my main news source for the alternative side and his handy for my breaks in work. You will lose one visitor if this is not reopened soon.
  6. To OP, I have them symptoms most weeks from working split shifts. Your body is just run down.
  7. I do confess to watching video from mobile phone, so not the best resolution. I will try and view it in 4k when I get home from work.
  8. It doesn't look any different to other space station videos. There always show the top of the head of the planet, no sign of stars. If they are all in it together for global pandemic, surely that goes for global space exploration and other stuff. How can we verify anything, we have to take the words of billionaires Branson, Musk and Bezo's. I would like to see videos from space station a lot further out showing a more than the top of the earth's head, i would like to see the x amount of space junk satellites, other planets and stars from a distance and the biggest one for me is the earth filmed in action from the moon. But the above video still looks green screeny to me, the space station and the earth still doesn't blend in well for me.
  9. A couple of mates work nights at Tesco and they have not noticed any shortages so far.
  10. "Who's turn today to discover another planet with Water?, Jeff can you give us a letter with two numbers and give us a random 8/9 digit for the distance, email this out to all press departments"
  11. CHRIST-ian raises from the dead. Is this the trigger to awaken the masses (wishful thinking!). I found it very upsetting because its not very nice way to go in front of millions watching live especially the paramedics trying to revive him with his wife on pitch side and god knows what his children went through. Hope he returns to good health, today is a reminder for most folks that you never know when your last breath is. Hug your loved ones and get it with the show of beating evil.
  12. Jordan Peterson looks a shell of the man he used to be after the break from illness.
  13. We are being deceived on so many levels by our puppet masters who knows what to believe in anymore. An ice wall around the realm seems more plausible than a round rock travelling millions miles per hour though the ever expanding universe.
  14. I subscribe to Sky Sports because of football and when my contract runs out I won't be renewing along with getting rid of TV license. The taking of the knee has broken the camels back for me. I'm not anti TV because it is a form of relaxation after a hard days work if you watch something half decent. It's hard to avoid anything without political agenda's, I just laugh inside when you spot their brain washing programming.
  15. Cheers, i will definitely try it out. Any help is grateful.
  16. I suffer with it in my left ear and at the moment it's pretty bad, not sure whether hayfever is making it worst. I have loads of surgeries on both years from grommets, mastoid, adenoids etc. My life is miserable at the moment with chronic sinus infections, ears full or blocked, not seen my ETN doctor in 2 years because of covid, usually have 6 month appointments.
  17. The London walks for me are not doing much, I just think we need to get more creative to grab the media's attention. None of my sleepy colleagues actually know about these protests in London.
  18. I hope your right, so can I throw back the I told you so line. But at the moment I am a conspiracy nut and have no evidence locally that the vaccine causes harm.
  19. I wouldn't read too much in energy fields, lack of light etc, I just think folks have had enough mentally living under lockdown rules. I personally haven't seen any changes in people who have been jabbed and I work with hundreds of people. If you lifted everything tomorrow back to the old normal you would see an instant uplift in people. I am trying my best to be impartial and keeping up with affairs locally with people trying to gather hear say stories, but at the moment I personally I have not heard any horror stories from the vaccinated other than possible one blood clot. But I do suspect the elites are playing the long game, so who knows about 2/3 years down and possibly even longer than that with children being vaccinated. I would certainly invest in IVF type companies if I had some money.
  20. I honestly can't see this happening, I think we need to be careful of propaganda stories both sides of the spectrum for and against vaccines. I think we should just gather as much evidence locally and decide for ourselves. At the moment the worst story I have heard locally is one guy in hospital with blood clot, but then who knows if the vaccine caused it because this guy has numerous health problems.
  21. These Aliens must be world champions in hide and seek.
  22. I have to admit I hardly know anyone who has not had the vaccine yet around my circles. I feel like a loner and when I have given my reasons for rejecting it, I just get that are you insane look back and people usually step a few steps back from me as if I have the plague. So I will do my best to avoid any conversation about vaccines and covid in general now. Just concentrate on my own path whatever that maybe.
  23. Full of horse manure, with the amount of surveillance available from the government to our mobile phones and still no real evidence. I sort of believed the aliens propaganda during my teen x-files days but that soon evaporated when you look for more evidence. Ancient Aliens was on during my break at work recently and I burst out in laughter as an older wiser adult that I once got sucked into that programme. If there is a UFO in the sky, it's not going to be an alien race from a zillion galaxies away, it's going to be our governments experimenting.
  24. I change mask for every shift I work, use it and then bin it. I know it's not healthy, but can't be arsed to argue with managers etc. I do drop it to my chin when no one is around. If my employers force the vaccine passports on me further down the line, I will go on the sick with mental health. But I will have no choice to eventually take the vaccine if I can't earn money because mortgage and bills etc. I am willing to sacrifice myself so my children and partner don't have to have the vaccine.
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