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  1. Trust the plan keeps on going, where's is our saviour? this is just 13 year old kids role play stuff.
  2. Novak has stuck with his principles, surely he could have easily have got faked vaccines and vaccine passports etc, he has lost the chance to be all time grand slam record holder at his favourite grand slam and he is not getting any younger at 34.
  3. Next summer I think everybody in the UK won't have a choice to work without being vaccinated, it won't matter what job. They have come for health first, next will be retail etc. I feel the window is closing, if the people don't act now. Peaceful protests are not the answer.
  4. I have never took supplements and with getting older I am looking into vitamins, zinc etc., but always thought they were waste of time.
  5. I think 80% vaccinated is about right, I still know a good few not vaccinated, but high majority have received it. I am dreading the time it becomes mandatory for all workers. I will be in a problematic situation especially when you have mortgage and bills to pay. How long can must people survive without income.
  6. Yes, still not right. About to start night shift and I am struggling. My bowels have become very loose again with stomach cramps, not quite diarrhea level and my abdominals have got worse since gone back to work. I can't live without compression support at the moment. So I think another phone call tomorrow with GP.
  7. The fear porn does work, before I caught this virus I was walking around bullet proof thinking it was full of shit. But after catching this virus, I started questioning and doubting myself have I made the right choices because of the scaremongering from the media. I've never been so ill, its been 3 weeks now and still weak, but I should be back in work at the end of the week with a tail in between my legs because I am the only unvaccinated in my small group at work and caught this virus, but the double vaxxers haven't caught anything yet. So I will have some stick.
  8. I got bashed on here about having a virus and getting tested for it, which came back positive. I just want to honestly give my experience, first 5 days I was under the weather and lost taste and smell. Days 6-7 I had really bad hot and cold shivers with dry cough, no food. Days 8-11 I had chronic diarrhea with the shivers and dry cough and I've torn my stomach muscles through coughing. My partner has gone through similar thing. I have never experienced anything like this, I've had to book an extra week off work, maybe another to follow after 10 days isolation. But thankfully I can see light at the end of the tunnel, starting to get appetite and started with mini walks. My experience won't push me into getting vaccinated. But don't underestimate that there is nothing out there, I can't remember a time hearing so many people have a virus in Sept/Oct with winter temperatures have not kicked in yet.
  9. Its the first test I have done, but forgive me that my partner was struggling to breathe in A&E and she had to do a covid test and tested positive. I have done my best uptil now to avoid the test, but unfortunately I have done test to please girlfriend and work. I have tested positive and slowly recovering and looking forward to 10 days off work. In a few weeks time, i have not much choice to do lateral flow tests to bloody attend football matches because I haven't had those (little) vaccines.
  10. I live in Wales in the UK and there is definitely a virus going around, all friends, family and work colleagues are reporting huge numbers of positive cases and that this virus is nothing like they have experienced before. Myself and my partner are really ill at the moment and both been tested positive. I had to take my partner to A & E to get checked out because she was struggling to breathe. Fortunately all tests were clear, but while I was there was loads of people walking up to A & E coughing like zombies. My partner now wants to get vaccinated because its put the frightners on her. I told her you will have natural immunity. So if it is like this pre winter, I can imagine middle of winter is going to be fun. I would not get complacent, there is definitely something out there whether the vaccines are causing it is another question.
  11. Keeping your head down is the best I think, I am getting peer pressured from all angles lately from family, work colleagues and today from my disgusted ENT doctor quizzing me why I haven't been jabbed. I usually say thank you a few times to doctor and nurse, this time I just stormed out. I still can't bring myself to lie when asked about vaccination, it's not in my nature.
  12. I just don't see a revolution, it sorts of feels like the Q movement waiting for someone to save the day. But in reality nothing is going to save us, each stage of the agenda we just seem to get shafted further and it's getting harder to turn around their agenda. What I see locally is more people being coerced into the jab and the pressure is building up on the ones of haven't been jabbed. With the introduction of vaccine passports, we will be under pressure to take the jab because we have to put food on the table or you won't have that major operation to prolong your life. I have heard hell of lot more are being struck down with covid/flu type symptoms in the last few weeks including family and friends, more so than than the previous 18 months combined. So there is something going around which is odd because its' summer time.
  13. At this late stage, we have basically picked which side of the fence your on. It can be energy zapping try to convince a few folks. I only answer if asked and hopefully the answers will plant seed of doubt.
  14. A bit harsh to bail out on girlfriend because fear has caused her to have first jab. You just have to respect each others decisions to get vaccinated or not and just carry on with life. Hopefully everything will be fine health wise for your girlfriend. If my partner suddenly changed her mind to have vaccine, which her family is doing their best to coerce and I wouldn't just up and ran with next chapter in life. My stance is I am not having it and I couldn't care who has the jab or not, it's not going to effect relationships with people. You just hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
  15. I agree, bad move locking this thread. I don't want to read 9/10 threads to achieve same outcome with just one thread. This thread is my main news source for the alternative side and his handy for my breaks in work. You will lose one visitor if this is not reopened soon.
  16. To OP, I have them symptoms most weeks from working split shifts. Your body is just run down.
  17. A couple of mates work nights at Tesco and they have not noticed any shortages so far.
  18. "Who's turn today to discover another planet with Water?, Jeff can you give us a letter with two numbers and give us a random 8/9 digit for the distance, email this out to all press departments"
  19. CHRIST-ian raises from the dead. Is this the trigger to awaken the masses (wishful thinking!). I found it very upsetting because its not very nice way to go in front of millions watching live especially the paramedics trying to revive him with his wife on pitch side and god knows what his children went through. Hope he returns to good health, today is a reminder for most folks that you never know when your last breath is. Hug your loved ones and get it with the show of beating evil.
  20. Jordan Peterson looks a shell of the man he used to be after the break from illness.
  21. I subscribe to Sky Sports because of football and when my contract runs out I won't be renewing along with getting rid of TV license. The taking of the knee has broken the camels back for me. I'm not anti TV because it is a form of relaxation after a hard days work if you watch something half decent. It's hard to avoid anything without political agenda's, I just laugh inside when you spot their brain washing programming.
  22. Cheers, i will definitely try it out. Any help is grateful.
  23. I suffer with it in my left ear and at the moment it's pretty bad, not sure whether hayfever is making it worst. I have loads of surgeries on both years from grommets, mastoid, adenoids etc. My life is miserable at the moment with chronic sinus infections, ears full or blocked, not seen my ETN doctor in 2 years because of covid, usually have 6 month appointments.
  24. The London walks for me are not doing much, I just think we need to get more creative to grab the media's attention. None of my sleepy colleagues actually know about these protests in London.
  25. I hope your right, so can I throw back the I told you so line. But at the moment I am a conspiracy nut and have no evidence locally that the vaccine causes harm.
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