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    I'm living in South Wales, my car was stinking this morning.
  2. He walks off a UFO and speaks English!
  3. If there are other lands, why haven't they visited us yet?
  4. I don't comment much, but my IBS issues has improved dramatically since I stopped eating oats in the morning. Took me years to make connection.
  5. Myself and family have been treated first class by NHS, could be lucky part of the country.
  6. Rogan wouldn't get a word in and it will just be David rambling on for 3 hours. I not fan of David being interviewed and he repeats the same information.
  7. Trust the plan keeps on going, where's is our saviour? this is just 13 year old kids role play stuff.
  8. Novak has stuck with his principles, surely he could have easily have got faked vaccines and vaccine passports etc, he has lost the chance to be all time grand slam record holder at his favourite grand slam and he is not getting any younger at 34.
  9. Next summer I think everybody in the UK won't have a choice to work without being vaccinated, it won't matter what job. They have come for health first, next will be retail etc. I feel the window is closing, if the people don't act now. Peaceful protests are not the answer.
  10. I have never took supplements and with getting older I am looking into vitamins, zinc etc., but always thought they were waste of time.
  11. I think 80% vaccinated is about right, I still know a good few not vaccinated, but high majority have received it. I am dreading the time it becomes mandatory for all workers. I will be in a problematic situation especially when you have mortgage and bills to pay. How long can must people survive without income.
  12. Yes, still not right. About to start night shift and I am struggling. My bowels have become very loose again with stomach cramps, not quite diarrhea level and my abdominals have got worse since gone back to work. I can't live without compression support at the moment. So I think another phone call tomorrow with GP.
  13. The fear porn does work, before I caught this virus I was walking around bullet proof thinking it was full of shit. But after catching this virus, I started questioning and doubting myself have I made the right choices because of the scaremongering from the media. I've never been so ill, its been 3 weeks now and still weak, but I should be back in work at the end of the week with a tail in between my legs because I am the only unvaccinated in my small group at work and caught this virus, but the double vaxxers haven't caught anything yet. So I will have some stick.
  14. I got bashed on here about having a virus and getting tested for it, which came back positive. I just want to honestly give my experience, first 5 days I was under the weather and lost taste and smell. Days 6-7 I had really bad hot and cold shivers with dry cough, no food. Days 8-11 I had chronic diarrhea with the shivers and dry cough and I've torn my stomach muscles through coughing. My partner has gone through similar thing. I have never experienced anything like this, I've had to book an extra week off work, maybe another to follow after 10 days isolation. But thankfully I can see light at the end of the tunnel, starting to get appetite and started with mini walks. My experience won't push me into getting vaccinated. But don't underestimate that there is nothing out there, I can't remember a time hearing so many people have a virus in Sept/Oct with winter temperatures have not kicked in yet.
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