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  1. Stop feeling guilty about the planet. I wouldn't worry too much about saving the planet, like George Carlin said the planet will still be here long time after us humans and just shake us off like fleas. I just think nature will take care of it all when the balance gets lop sided. Just enjoy your life to the full, your only on here for a spec of time and everything is out of our control. Our small contributions is like an ant trying to save the world.
  2. Is there any modern day exhibits of explorers going around the world by land, sea and air. I would like to see in 4k starting and returning to same point in real time.
  3. When it's comes to finance world I would follow the likes of Peter Schiff/Max Keiser type people if you want a fair assessment of current and future events, I would stay well clear of Charlie Ward Nesara rubbish claiming people's debts are being cleared etc. He has also been pipping up XRP in crypto space and that's fallen big lately.
  4. Charlie Ward is a con man, making up stuff to keep the story going.
  5. I have not seen David's video yet on Qanon, but for me it's too late for people to be jumping on the pysop bandwagon after inauguration day has past. Most believers and non believers were probably waiting to see what happens after January 20th with certain confidence.
  6. I got hooked in by the Q fantasy for a bit, more out of hope for humanity than anything. But I quickly realized we are getting played by conmen like Charlie Ward/Simon Parkes etc on youtube and others like Joe M/ CJ Truth on social media platforms. I still watch the above because I want to see egg on their faces and look forward to the excuses to keep "trust the plan" going?. The best definition I have seen on Q is hope porn.
  7. Look how ridiculously curved the land is before they go up into space, I am trying to neutral on the subject and this is a bad example.
  8. How can you vote for Biden when he can't string a sentence together.
  9. I am enjoying the positivity of the Q movement even if it fails to live up to expectations.
  10. Isn't there an equation for the position of the Sun/Moon and stars, which would rule out flat earth.
  11. If the Ice wall circles around the plane/planet, surely that would be impossible to guard from random explorers. You would get turned away at one point, but just be persistent until no humans around.
  12. I have watched and read comments on youtube the last couple of hours on our New King and here's a few things I have taken with a pinch of salt. The real Joseph Gregory Hallett is dead and this guy is not him. There are two video's disproving him including is family. Winston Churchill is Queen Elizabeth's father. Churchill poisoned Stalin. Bill Clinton is also a Churchill. There was few more, but can't remember. I'm 99% certain he is full of shit, but 1% of me wants to see how the bullshit story continues. He just loo
  13. If there was any truth in this, surely this story would be 100x bigger than all the coronavirus stories all put together. The rumours alone would be around all social media platforms within hours.
  14. I like the flat earth theories and been in and out on the subject for a while. My senses all lean towards flat earth, but I'm not smart enough to question experiments for either side of argument, so i can't fully commit. I don't trust NASA and their CGI space documentaries and my brain just turns to mush at the thought of a thousands miles per a hour spinning planet rotating the sun for millions/billions of years. But on the flat earth side, there is not enough evidence for me that Ice wall covers the whole plane/planet. You would of thought though that this conspiracy would be e
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