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  1. I think I read somewhere that the speed of light would make there be a limit to how CPU intensive a simulation is... (rather than allowing infinite speeds)

    Apparently time slows down due to gravity (related to how crowded things are) - which would also reduce the CPU usage.

    Note that there is a threshold of time (Planck time) which limits how CPU intensive things are as well. (rather than infinitely continuous time)

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  2. On the topic of Lucifer:

    Several years ago I was admitted into a mental ward and found an old magazine - IEEE Internet Computing from March - April 1997. The back cover had an interesting ad involving revolutionary technology. From the Wikipedia article on "Lucent"... "This same linguistic root also gives Lucifer, "the light bearer", who is also a character in Dante's epic poem Inferno." Apparently Lucent has been located at 666 Fifth Avenue.
    If it wasn't for that magazine I found, there would be no publicly available record of their amazing ad. I am the person who uploaded it to Wikipedia which has since been replaced with an unreadable low resolution version. I also helped add the information about Lucifer to the Wikipedia article - though when I first found the magazine I didn't suspect there was any Satanic connection.

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