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  1. 34 minutes ago, Bombadil said:

    I actually believe in the simulation hypothesis. Have for about twenty years. A power behind a simulation does not necessary need to be divine by default.

    I thought you could call the power behind a simulation a "higher power". They aren't necessarily perfect though. They would probably be AI-enhanced so could be aware of far more things than we are (we can only be aware of several chunks at once). Was David Icke influential in your belief in a simulation?



    Not all sceptics are unreachable and believe I am NOT a sceptic. The people who are unreachable are in my opinion generally the most religiously devout. If years of exposed pedophilia, profiteering and hypocrisy won’t sway people nothing will.

    In the "Bible Test" page one option is to believe the Bible is 100% true and moral no matter what (with a child-like faith)



    I also have the belief in the possibility that we are a.i robots. In my mind the ultimate robot would be indistinguishable from their makers. Unless intentionally different for control purposes. Stands to reason that eventually robots will receive more and more biological parts. The machine as humans are, would be capable of thought, decision making and developmental skills. Could explain early humans as just earlier models. Human being v1.1 etc. Just a rambling though!

    I think the intelligences behind our simulation would have huge amounts of "working memory" so we are far more limited than they are. But for now we don't really know much about what is beyond the simulation.... perhaps some memory of our former identity would return....


  2. 38 minutes ago, Bombadil said:

    There might not be evidence that there is not a higher power, agreed. But if there is no evidence you can’t just make stuff up to fill lack of knowledge or understanding....

    Well part of the foundation is the simulation hypothesis... if this is a video game then an intelligent force exists - but I believe that the intelligent force's existence can't be proven to skeptics... I'm working on the theory why but it the title of this thread ... I think David Icke also believes in a simulation.


    "...the games will become indistinguishable from reality. ...there would probably be billions of such computers and set-top boxes. ...it would seem to follow that the odds that we're in base reality [NOT a simulation] is one in billions" - Elon Musk , an engineer worth about $100 billion....



  3. 6 hours ago, Bombadil said:

    Because there is no evidence of a god or higher power.


    Well I used to take the Bible literally and believed the universe was created in six days.... Like some other creationists I went straight to atheism. It's a long story but eventually I came to believe in an intelligent force and like Elon Musk I think I'm probably in a video game.


  4. 6 minutes ago, serpentine said:


    Like many ancients texts of it's ilk it's certainly got a fair share of wisdom within it's pages but when that wisdom isn't seen in the context of the time it was written the human tendency is often to take the text too literally.




    Yeah taking it literally is one option.... that the sun, moon and stars were literally created one day after the plants...

  5. linenum.com


    I think the number of lines in a symbol can have a spiritual aspect....




    I noticed this at the end of the new ghostbusters movie.... in the middle of the picture below it says "XO" (kiss hug).... then I realised that applies to the first two symbols (as well as "noughts and crosses").



    In the start of the first ghostbusters movie there are Zener cards....



    Then I was thinking about related colors - and "energies"
    I wasn't very happy with the "four elements" (air, water, fire, earth)

    I think the following "energies" are better:


    Then I was working on Christian symbols (I am a very liberal Christian - I don't think Jesus really rose from the dead)




    Somehow the five "energies" fit completely! Even sun energy as I mentioned.


    BTW did people notice how the first four symbols basically match the PlatStation symbols? That is appropriate since I think life is a game.... (and noughts and crosses is a game too)

  6. 1 hour ago, Bombadil said:

    That crazy. Downloading child porn means that you’re in the market for photos, film etc of abuse  being carried out by others. Hence you are responsible just as much as the physical abuser.  There is no such thing as acceptable “ nice guy pedos"


    I agree



    Plus generalising that nice people must be deviants is pretty pathetic. Maybe best if Doctor Robert Glover is struck off and lobotomised.



    "Nice guy Syndrome", a condition in men who appear to be always nice and who try to avoid conflict at all costs. ... In other words, nice guys want approval, but don't think they deserve it


    I know many people's dark sexual secrets (including some "nice guys") - from child porn, to sexual contact with cats or dogs, to liking porn involving women sleeping or simulated rape, or using prostitutes... I was talking to a woman about the theory and she said a guy we both knew had "very dark" sexual secrets though she only gave examples of him putting a young girl's underwear in a bin and repeatedly saying that young girls were beautiful...


    The author is a therapist that has talked to thousands of "nice guys". He also has forums that are filled with fans who I guess would agree with the book including the quote....


    Maybe you know many exceptions or maybe you haven't explored their dark side properly.... after all a lot of those people would deny their shocking secrets....

  7. Hi I find the following quote to be interesting...

    Dr Robert Glover, "No More Mr. Nice Guy"



    I have found Nice Guys to be prone to hidden, compulsive sexual behavior. I have developed a theory that states, the nicer the guy, the darker the sexual secrets. I find this to be consistently true. Sex is a basic human drive. Because most Nice Guys believe they are bad for being sexual, or believe that other people will think they are bad, sexual impulses have to be kept hidden from view.

    These dark secrets can include pedophilia....

  8. From:


    I think ALL evidence of God and the paranormal can be explained by skeptics as coincidence, delusion, or hallucinations. Or involve fraud such as magic tricks. As "God" in Futurama explains, "When you [God] do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all".

    I think God doesn't want to be obvious.... though I currently think most of the Bible isn't historical, a relevant verse is John 6:44a - "No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them"

    Currently I believe in an intelligent force that is part of a computer game but skeptics would say my experiences just involve coincidences...


    ".....I wanted to annoy God so I was reading a Gideon's Bible upside-down then soon after I was given my own sealed Bible - inside it was upside-down!..."



    In the science fiction comedy "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", the answer to "The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything" took millions of years for a supercomputer to calculate - and it was 42.

    While in a mental ward I realised that Connect 4 sets also involve 42 pieces. This special set was the first time I'd ever tried counting the pieces. There were exactly 42 pieces but there should be 21 pieces of each color because it is possible to have a tied game. I think "God" (an intelligent force) might have a sense of humor. It seems my life is not as balanced as it should be.



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  9. 6 hours ago, rideforever said:

    .....Jesus for instance ripped dark forces out of people and injected them into a herd of pigs that he sent over a cliff where the pigs fell and died, he raised the dead and so did his students.....


    "three out of ten [Christians] rejected the influence of supernatural forces (18% disagreed strongly, 10% disagreed somewhat)"

    So some liberal Christians don't believe there were literal demons who were put into some pigs.... they don't believe much of the Bible is literal history.

  10. I have come to believe that there is an intelligent force (behind a simulation) but like this quote from Futurama ("Godfellas" episode), I don't think I can 100% prove that God exists.

    "Bender, being God isn't easy......You have to use a light touch. Like a safecracker, or a pickpocket.....When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all."


    I think any evidence of an intelligent force can also be explained by coincidence, hallucinations or delusion.

    I think the Bible was partly guided by an intelligent force and some people interpret it in an all or nothing way (that it is 100% true or moral - or that it has no supernatural basis)

    I call this "The Bible Test"

  11. I just played a lot of "Bandersnatch".... it is an interactive video on Netflix as part of Black Mirror..... (you can also watch the endings on YouTube)


    To get a perfect score in the game you're making you actually need to kill and chop up your father! It was pretty clear that it wasn't real so I ended up doing that... but in the future I think games will be indistinguishable from reality so that would be dangerous to play games with plots like that.

    I like how some parts are really deep - and sometimes it breaks the fourth wall, etc. The character says he is being controlled by someone (you) and sometimes fights the decisions you make for him....

  12. Here are part of the rules for the SimulationTheory reddit:



    Contribution to Mental Disorder based Paranoia

    Let it be known, that any and all attempts from persons diagnosed or undiagnosed with a mental disorder that involves paranoia as a major symptom shall not attempt to contribute to this paranoia.

    Any and All such attempts will be enforced by a permanent ban.

    Schizophrenia and Psychosis are real. This Rule is taken with the upmost seriousness.

    Suggested that a Visual Illusion or Coincidence is Evidence
    Users shall not attempt to suggest that a visual illusion, often referred to as "glitches", they saw is in any way evidence of a possible simulated world.

    Even if what you saw was real, we have no way to confirm it, and it is therefore useless.

    Is that coincidence just too good to be true? Well, that doesnt prove its evidence for a simulation. Weird things will happen to you in your life, get used to it.

    Posts will be removed, continued attempts will be met will temporary bans.


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