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  1. These experiences could be called delusions or hallucinations or coincidences, etc. Many other people have stories of their own and some are contradictory. There could be many contradictory realities or you are 100% correct and people's other contradictory experiences are just delusions or hallucinations. If you told psychiatrists they'd probably think there is a problem with your perceptions rather than agree that you have knowledge about the true nature of reality. Well that's just my opinion.
  2. How can you be certain that this is all true? Did you receive a message from some entity outside of this system?
  3. Well I believe I'm in a video game (see Elon Musk quote). I think that besides the outermost physical universe everything involves limited time.
  4. I thought if you want to call them "programs" instead of personalities then you should look into it in further detail - like how programs have memory requirements and memory can be shared, etc. I think this "you" is just another personality (or "program") - or do you think your will isn't based on the machinery of the brain?
  5. I quoted Ken Keyes because it seemed relevant to your topic. I think my thoughts, etc, are my own though I think it involves a collection of personalities. There are a few reasons why I believe I have many personalities or facets.
  6. From Ken Keyes' Handbook to Higher Consciousness:
  7. In the split brain experiments the brain hemispheres can't communicate internally - e.g. the left brain only has access to the right visual field and the right brain only has access to the left visual field. For a normal person the person is aware of both visual fields. Their awareness involves their working memory. i.e. it is about memory access.
  8. It is a programming concept related to sharing memory. In some programming languages there can be "private" or "public" memory (and methods). Non-shared memory explains the split brain experiments. It involves a group mind - an example is the Borg from Star Trek. I was working backwards from the split brain experiment - originally I think both hemispheres would have access to the same memory and so they work together pretty seamlessly.
  9. Well my thoughts about memory would apply to the idea of programs... they can also be called "processes". They can share access to parts of the memory... or parts of memory can be "private" from other processes running on the computer.
  10. I think the default state of our brain is a hive mind. The personalties often share the same memory so our identities can mix. But sometimes they can separate.... e.g. in split brain experiments the left and right hemispheres lose access to each other's memories. Another example involves the responsible personalities ("ego/superego") being booted off when drunk leaving them with no memory of the event. The impulsive personalities ("id") take over. There could be corrupted parts of the hive mind like in Tourette syndrome when they get the urge to swear, etc. [it could involve a really frustrated personality.... a while ago I had a very strong urge to say the C word to my wife] Also about split brain patients - where one half is atheist and the other is theist:
  11. This is interesting.... Proposed by community ideas for new The White Rose stickers https://telegra.ph/Proposed-Ideas-for-The-White-Rose-stickers-06-11
  12. I wanted to check out as many stickers as possible and found lots of unofficial ones here: https://telegra.ph/ENGLISH-unofficial---The-White-Rose-Stickers-04-13#DOWN
  13. Hi I just wanted to read all of the stickers.... rather than print any out...
  14. DarianF: Thanks for the link. Their stickers, telegram, and instagram pages should use that link rather than just the telegram link. Their website has a shorter address and is more user friendly. Now that I have the stickers I have no need to keep trying to get telegram working.
  15. What website do you mean? I can only find their Telegram page - and instagram.... I think it forced me to put in my phone number.... at least when I tried installing it on my Mac. But then the confirmation code didn't work (it keeps saying "Invalid code") - though it worked on my phone... I don't see why they are trying to force me to use Telegram when a normal website could be used.... and they could just put a Telegram link on the website.... (if someone wants to use Telegram) A normal website link would take you to the stickers and photos within a couple of seconds.... using Telegram can make it take minutes - and still not work properly (like Telegram on my Mac).
  16. The instagram link I gave in my original post is an easier way to see 80+ real world images. Like I said it was very problematic trying to join the Telegram group - it tried to make me share my contacts on my phone, etc. Though I was able to preview the Telegram group in my browser. BTW it's interesting that your links are about Telegraph while White Rose is Telegram....
  17. This is what I've written - basically I believe I'm in a simulation and an intelligent force ("God") exists but it won't make itself obvious to skeptics so that the simulation remains immersive and indistinguishable from reality....
  18. Awesome! Thanks! BTW I used to be a professional programmer and it took me ages to figure out how to download it.... I had to click "DOWNLOAD NOW" but I was used to buttons like that involving ads.... Here's a direct link to the file: https://www8.zippyshare.com/d/wop1p7oV/32876/Jul29-2021.zip I right-clicked on "DOWNLOAD NOW" and chose "Copy link address" There are 100+ images in there.....
  19. "The White Rose" has created heaps of COVID conspiracy memes that they courage people to print out and stick up around in public. A lot of their stickers are shown on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thewhiterosestickers Otherwise it seems the only other way to get their memes is to join Telegram and visit their account. Apparently a file containing all of the memes is pinned to the top.... but I couldn't find it. I tried downloading Telegram for my computer but it said I had to download it on my phone. On my phone it wanted to have access to my phone's contacts, etc, which I denied. I had to get a code on my phone to activate the app. But I was unable to get Telegram on my computer running when I used the phone's code. I think they should have had a website rather than forcing everyone to use Telegram.... that would make it much easier to download the file and they could have a gallery showing all of the memes as plain images that people could easily access. So I'm wanting access to their file full of memes.....
  20. From my book (free) When Was Jesus Born?
  21. I think this site is pretty good.... I'm going to try and learn from it... Life Is a Video Game—Here Are the Cheat Codes I'm not sure whether he talks about what happens after your life... after all I guess I can't be sure there is an after life.... I like how he says about how bad life can be.... there are a lot of famous thinkers that say things like "life is suffering", etc. He is very insightful.
  22. I think so.... I think the following quote from Alan Watts is relevant (replace "dream" with "play a video game"). let’s suppose that you were able every night to dream any dream you wanted to dream, and that you could, for example, have the power within one night to dream 75 years of time, or any length of time you wanted to have. And you would, naturally, as you began on this adventure of dreams, you would fulfill all your wishes. You would have every kind of pleasure you could conceive. And after several nights of 75 years of total pleasure each you would say “Well that was pretty great. But now let’s have a surprise, let’s have a dream which isn’t under control, where something is gonna happen to me that I don’t know what it's gonna be." And you would dig that and would come out of that and you would say “Wow that was a close shave, wasn’t it?”. Then you would get more and more adventurous and you would make further- and further-out gambles what you would dream. And finally, you would dream where you are now. You would dream the dream of living the life that you are actually living today. Alan Watts is saying that we originally were "God" (or had god-like abilities - to create any video game experience) but then we eventually gave up more and more of our abilities and self-awareness.... Checkout 24 seconds into this video - it is about a video game based on a somewhat normal person... When the game ends they remember their original identity... I don't have clear answers to your questions but I think it involves part entertainment and part personal growth or some other serious purpose.
  23. The simulation hypothesis explains why there could be an intelligent force that can interact with people... if our world is just physical then there doesn't seem to be any supernatural realm...
  24. I thought you could call the power behind a simulation a "higher power". They aren't necessarily perfect though. They would probably be AI-enhanced so could be aware of far more things than we are (we can only be aware of several chunks at once). Was David Icke influential in your belief in a simulation? In the "Bible Test" page one option is to believe the Bible is 100% true and moral no matter what (with a child-like faith) I think the intelligences behind our simulation would have huge amounts of "working memory" so we are far more limited than they are. But for now we don't really know much about what is beyond the simulation.... perhaps some memory of our former identity would return....
  25. Well part of the foundation is the simulation hypothesis... if this is a video game then an intelligent force exists - but I believe that the intelligent force's existence can't be proven to skeptics... I'm working on the theory why but it the title of this thread ... I think David Icke also believes in a simulation. "...the games will become indistinguishable from reality. ...there would probably be billions of such computers and set-top boxes. ...it would seem to follow that the odds that we're in base reality [NOT a simulation] is one in billions" - Elon Musk , an engineer worth about $100 billion....
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