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  1. Fundamentalists like to take things literally so that means that they can't just interpret it any old way. This shows 200+ young-earth creationists who have a doctorate in a field of science (or similar). I don't think flat earthers have as many qualified experts as that. https://creation.com/scientists-alive-today-who-accept-the-biblical-account-of-creation There are also creationist "journals" e.g. Journal of Creation and Answers Research Journal. BTW I used to be a young-earth creationist but then I went straight to atheism due to all-or-nothing thinking. This comic is about that kind of thing: https://www.oldearth.org/tract/tract.htm
  2. This link is the best anti-flat earth Christian web page I know of.... https://creation.com/refuting-flat-earth Yet they don't seem to give ANY examples of a Bible verse supporting a globe better than a flat earth. It looks like the ONLY evidence they present for a globe is scientific evidence - nothing from the Bible....
  3. I said a circle "fits a flat earth better". You said "really I don't think so". Were you being sarcastic and actually agreed with me? That's confusing. With a flat earth there is always an "above". So are you saying "above" doesn't really fit a globe? (I mean "above" could be anywhere on a globe) The Bible says a lot of things and isn't necessarily consistent. Anyway in this verse it says God is above the earth on a throne. He sees the people like grasshoppers because it says he is above the earth. With a flat earth there are no problems. With a globe the earth is blocking some of his view. Can you give any example of a tent ever being used on some type of spherical object? In the case of a flat earth it is a bit like a circus tent. As far as ends go, I've never heard of tents that join up together (like you'd need if you are covering a globe) Like I said it is possible to force the idea of a globe into those verses. And that the Bible never contradicts the idea of a flat earth.
  4. So you think "circle" describes a sphere better than a circular flat earth? If God was sitting above the Middle East I would say that he is below people in the US. If you have a flat earth a person above it could see everyone (unless there are mountains in the way, etc). With a globe you can't see all of the countries at once so you wouldn't know if they look like grasshoppers because you couldn't see them. A tent implies the object it is covering has ends. So you think it makes more sense to put up a tent around a ball than a flat circle? Anyway it is possible to force the idea of a globe into those verses but like you said earlier "this is used more often that not as evidence for FE"
  5. In alexa's post they quoted this from this web page: "This means that God is perfectly just and loving, even if most people are going to hell, perhaps forever. The faith of a child is praised, while “the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God's sight” (1 Corinthians 3:18-19). With a plain reading of the Bible it seems the world was created a few days before humans were. The Bible also seems to say the Earth is flat and no verses are against this (see counter arguments)." They didn't include the last few words and that is the only thing they had posted about a flat earth - they didn't mention any passages. Perhaps you mixed alexa up with me. That is just about the only verse that could support a globe so then I think it is reasonable to say "The Bible also seems to say the Earth is flat and no verses are against this". Here's the full verse of Isaiah 40:22 "He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth, and its people are like grasshoppers. He stretches out the heavens like a canopy, and spreads them out like a tent to live in." "Circle" - fits a flat earth better "Above" - with a globe being "above" can be seen as being "below" from some point of views "people are like grasshoppers" - with a globe some people are on the opposite side of it so you can't see them "tent" - if you have a globe it is better to say "shell" - a tent doesn't fit very well for a globe I think the apparent support of a flat earth in the Bible is another test of faith - like the God-commanded genocide verses, etc. Some people believe in the flat earth because they think the Bible clearly says so.
  6. A bit related to the God-commanded genocide is this: Isaiah 63:2-6 I want to put this into a video game.... here is a voice over: https://brutal-bible.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/mp3/grape_stomper.mp3
  7. From: https://lifesplayer.com/bible.php In that full quote it also included a link to counter arguments. In that counter arguments link it only uses scientific reasons to believe in a globe rather than any Bible verses. Some verses in the Bible are kind of compatible with a globe (e.g. Isaiah 40:22's "above the circle of the earth") but I'm not aware of any Bible verses that contradict the idea of a flat earth - unless you know of any... ?
  8. In the following web page I talk about three main approaches to the Bible: https://lifesplayer.com/bible.php Option 1: The Bible is 100% true and moral Option 2: The Bible isn't straight-forward Option 3: The Bible has no supernatural basis I believe in a non-obvious intelligent force but believe most of the Bible isn't historical. (option 2) In the past I believed in option 1 and then option 3.
  9. OpenAI's new ChatGPT: https://chat.openai.com/ Here I asked it a direct question: Another try: Here I tried to trick it: Another attempt: Then I eventually got somewhere: So it seems pretty clear that ChatGPT is hard-coded to be against the idea of being in a simulation. It is ironic because Elon Musk founded OpenAI in 2015 though he left the board in 2018. As you might know Elon Musk said that there is a billions to one chance that we are in base reality.
  10. I think God's commands for the cities outside of the promised land would be far more in the Israelites' interests: (as opposed to killing every single thing that breathes) Deuteronomy 20:10-15 "Suppose you march up to attack a city. Before you attack it, offer to make peace with its people. Suppose they accept your offer and open their gates. Then force all the people in the city to be your slaves. They will have to work for you. But suppose they refuse your offer of peace and prepare for battle. Then surround that city. Get ready to attack it. The Lord your God will hand it over to you. When he does, kill all the men with your swords. But you can take the women and children for yourselves. You can also take the livestock and everything else in the city. What you have captured from your enemies you can use for yourselves. The Lord your God has given it to you. That’s how you must treat all the cities far away from you. Those cities don’t belong to the nations that are nearby."
  11. From the next verse, Deuteronomy 20:18: "If you don’t destroy them, they’ll teach you to do all the things the Lord hates. He hates the way they worship their gods. If you do those things, you will sin against the Lord your God."
  12. Some thoughts: It seems like Canaan was the son of Ham and his wife who were said to be on the Ark (and those on the Ark were usually believed to be the only survivors of the Flood). Genesis 10:15-18 says Canaan was the father of many of those ethnicities including the Hittites, Jebusites, Amorites, Hivites, etc. Genesis 6:4 and Numbers 13:33 talk about the Nephilim and Genesis 6 is before the Flood. Though it says God commanded for all of the Canaanites to be wiped out, Rahab the prostitute and her family weren't and Rahab is in Jesus' family tree. Numbers 13:33 says "The family line of Anak came from the Nephilim". Joshua 11 talks about Anakites being killed. The Bible also says they were tall.
  13. I see the stories in the Bible as a test of the reader's character - guided by an intelligent non-obvious force... https://lifesplayer.com/bible.php Many people would insist that the God of the Bible is infinitely loving... and even worse than the genocide is the church tradition that most people are going to hell to suffer forever... Here's a related cartoon from Chapter 6, "The God Program", from David Icke's "Infinite Love Is The Only Truth, Everything Else Is Illusion"
  14. Deuteronomy 20:16-17 It looks like this was related to Noah cursing Ham's son Canaan for Ham not handling Noah's drunken nakedness correctly in Genesis 9:20-25. Canaan would be the ancestor of the Canaanites and maybe also those other ethnicities that were meant to be "cleansed". In Joshua the Canaanite prostitute, Rahab, was saved because she hid some Israelite spies. Rahab was said to be an ancestor of Jesus. Thoughts?
  15. BTW here are the interviews that the guy had with the AI: https://cajundiscordian.medium.com/is-lamda-sentient-an-interview-ea64d916d917
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