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  1. To be a biological female it just depends on their private parts. It technically doesn't matter what energy they have. So are you saying that m754 is lying and is a male but you have special abilities allowing you to determine their actual maleness? I guess you believe this is yet another instance where you know the Truth and others are wrong....
  2. It is a theory that they can have that doesn't require any supernatural forces - just a physical universe on its own. According to: https://crucialconsiderations.org/science-and-philosophy/evolution/why-evolution-has-no-goal "Evolution has no purpose; it simply happens......The only thing that is constantly improving is the adaptedness of individuals to their given environment"
  3. Evolutionists believe that we had a common ancestor: Well often people who don't believe in evolution believe that the world was created about 6000 years ago based on the Bible. https://www.lifesplayer.com/bible.php They have all or nothing thinking - they believe that either Genesis is literal or the gospel might not be true. Because of that thinking I went from being a young earth creationist to an atheist like in this comic: https://www.oldearth.org/tract/tract.htm I currently believe in the alternative that we are in a video game that has only been around a few decades but it just appears that there were billions of years of history before us:
  4. From Ken Keyes: Just sayin' Though sometimes I feel irritation myself.... (but when I first started reading his books I had no negative emotions for a while)
  5. Does the system say that everything is just a video game? I have beliefs about my identity and nature outside of the video game. I thought I could help you refine your thoughts but it's up to you....
  6. In the movie "A Beautiful Mind", the main character sees other characters that no-one else can. Are those people as real as everything else in the world? Ken Keyes' books are actually more advanced than that I think... similar to your video his tenth pathway is "I am continually calming the restless scanning of my rational mind in order to perceive the finer energies that enable me to unitively merge with everything around me." i.e. it is about stopping spoken thoughts. When people claim to see or hear things that no-one else can the evidence points to it being a figment of their imagination rather than them accessing a real part of another aspect of reality....
  7. These experiences could be called delusions or hallucinations or coincidences, etc. Many other people have stories of their own and some are contradictory. There could be many contradictory realities or you are 100% correct and people's other contradictory experiences are just delusions or hallucinations. If you told psychiatrists they'd probably think there is a problem with your perceptions rather than agree that you have knowledge about the true nature of reality. Well that's just my opinion.
  8. How can you be certain that this is all true? Did you receive a message from some entity outside of this system?
  9. Well I believe I'm in a video game (see Elon Musk quote). I think that besides the outermost physical universe everything involves limited time.
  10. I thought if you want to call them "programs" instead of personalities then you should look into it in further detail - like how programs have memory requirements and memory can be shared, etc. I think this "you" is just another personality (or "program") - or do you think your will isn't based on the machinery of the brain?
  11. I quoted Ken Keyes because it seemed relevant to your topic. I think my thoughts, etc, are my own though I think it involves a collection of personalities. There are a few reasons why I believe I have many personalities or facets.
  12. From Ken Keyes' Handbook to Higher Consciousness:
  13. In the split brain experiments the brain hemispheres can't communicate internally - e.g. the left brain only has access to the right visual field and the right brain only has access to the left visual field. For a normal person the person is aware of both visual fields. Their awareness involves their working memory. i.e. it is about memory access.
  14. It is a programming concept related to sharing memory. In some programming languages there can be "private" or "public" memory (and methods). Non-shared memory explains the split brain experiments. It involves a group mind - an example is the Borg from Star Trek. I was working backwards from the split brain experiment - originally I think both hemispheres would have access to the same memory and so they work together pretty seamlessly.
  15. Well my thoughts about memory would apply to the idea of programs... they can also be called "processes". They can share access to parts of the memory... or parts of memory can be "private" from other processes running on the computer.
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