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  1. She definitely had her jabs. The first one was January 2021. And since she has sat on the sofa with Dr Killary , Lorraine Killy, Killip Schoffield and Holly Killaby - no doubt she would have been boosted. She was actually doing great before that and beating the odds.
  2. Why are you getting flu every year? I las had flu 15 yrs ago when I was stupid enough to get my only flu jab. you need to eat more healthy I’d say.
  3. My sister has been in hospital since end of may. She started getting stomach pains 2 days after 2nd AZ shot… which I told her not to have but she listened to her killer doctor who told her she was more at risk of illness if she got covid than from the vaccine. I think she is having a cytokine storm, docs can’t find what’s wrong despite lots of invasive procedures. Bone marrow has been taken as they think she has blood cancer now - which seems to be a common theme in these vaccine shots. Blood is being affected in many people. I was speaking to someone at our last March and she said her 30 something doctor friend has luekemia!!! lots of anaemia showing in relatives of mine who took the Satan juice.
  4. I reckon the elites have their blood from all those people asked to donate blood after having an antibody test months before the vaccine. Though I don't think blood stores too long. Also, I read somewhere that you can opt out of taking the vaccine but they want all your details and you are not allowed another vaccine again.
  5. Mother, 47, dies after AstraZeneca Covid jab caused blood clots (msn.com)
  6. Bit of an update... My son who I mentioned in an earlier post has now developed asthma and always tired and miserable. My Aunt has blurred vision A neighbour and her husband have suffered strokes and shingles And an elderly man down the road has gone blind. These are not reported on the yellow card, so many not reported.
  7. I have just read your post on here and I am truly sorry for your loss. This must be so devastating for you and I hope you manage to get some justice for your wife. These Criminals must be stopped, I am seeing more and more vaccine deaths and injuries on social media etc, yet, I don't know anyone who had died of covid. I found out the other day that my healthy 25yr old son has received two shots of the pfizer vaccine in January and March. I found his vaccine card, he obviously didn't tell me as I have tried to warn my kids about it all and shown them stuff. I'm now very worried for him and other people in my family who have gone ahead despite the warnings.
  8. Two shots of pfizer in December and January. Fell ill in February and died in April. Fit and healthy mum dies suddenly with no one there to hold her hand (msn.com) The gofundme page goes in to more detail of how she died. Her Immune system turned on itself, just what all those doctors are warning about. Fundraiser by Gemma Louise : Raise for Rachel (gofundme.com) THIS IS OBVIOUSLY VACCINE RELATED AND DAMN CRIMINAL
  9. I don't know what I would do without my partner who I met just before lockdown, an old flame who is totally on the same page as me with all this covid BS. Most of my family think I am mad. I have shown them so much evidence on the vaccine dangers and most of them have gone and got the jab and are now telling me that it won't be long before I can get mine and that I shouldn't worry about it as they are all fine (so they obviously didn't read or listen to any of my stuff such as long term effects and pathogenic priming etc) I just got back from taking my Aunt (who has had both shots of the pfizer vax) to the opticians and she's has been told she has blurred vision and will need laser surgery. Could be vaccine related - who knows!! This BS has really done what the PTB wanted it to do and soon I can see everyone against everyone until people are alone in their own bubble. On a more positive note we went to the London protest on 20th March and it was amazing and showed we are NOT alone. Even stopping off on the march and going in to the local sainsburys with no masks and no social distancing it was amazing seeing tens of thousands like minded people... But then the usual crap when you come home that you're spreading covid Roll on the next protest!
  10. The Spirit of Man (Official Audio) - YouTube ''Like fools we've let the devil take command Of the souls that God gave us. To the altar of evil like lambs to the slaughter we're led When the demons arrive, the survivors will envy the dead''
  11. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCREM9VRZnIJHTw-oqfwgNUQ
  12. Nigel Farage is playing his part in diverting the attention away from what is really going on. While we are all watching dinghy boats in the English channel we are not looking at the Planes or the Cruise ships. There people are appearing in dinghy boats after being dropped off by ships IMO. We've been locked down while they are all coming in their thousands. I watched a report on RT with one of the immigrants admitting he came on a plane. I have also noticed the amount of people now in my area who are definitely a new type. In September when the Schools go back - you won't believe your eyes!! It is gonna cause mass division on such a huge scale. Maybe only then people will wake up. While we all lose our jobs and have to take pay cuts, they will be working for pennies. And the Chinese will be working for pennies doing the clever jobs that certain people can't do.
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