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  1. Fake Woke is awesome. It's only been out for 5 days and has 3.5 million views (Tom MacDonald is independent). Not super excited about the video, but the lyrics are legit.
  2. I'd be curious to have a look at your poster... I've been strongly considering putting together a flyer myself with info on it, but it's been difficult to decide how to frame it such that people will actually take the time to consider the info. I feel more and more that the key to getting beyond all of the BS out there is to expose it with actual facts, but that's a touchy subject when it upends the average sheep's world view.
  3. In one of the videos I listened to recently David was talking about how the heart is more than just something that pumps blood. He was even insinuating that it didn't actually even do that and mentioned a book on the subject... Does anyone know what this book was or any specific talks may be on this subject? Thanks.
  4. No need to be concerned... "That virus, called A/H1N1pdm09, is now covered by the annual flu vaccine to make sure people are protected." Just take the shot and you will be safe. Please go back to sleep now ;).
  5. Ok, so I'm going to reply to this but in a manner that actually lets me post... the new system is still rather frustrating to me. But if you keep reading past this filler text maybe my edit will actually let me respond...
  6. This post (below) was blocked. Going to post this sentence here then edit the post and see if it will go through. Nope. Can't post a link. Very frustrating.
  7. Thanks Grumpy Owl. I've been blocked too. I've tried two different posts; one with a basic Google search link, and the other with a video link - both had introductory text. ? EDIT: Interesting, I was able to post that. Hummm, this is a wee bit frustrating. I still can't post the video or link I wanted to. I wonder if I can post it here... SUCCESS... below is what was blocked when I tried to post it earlier, it looks like I can make a post and edit it to get my stuff to actually go through. Ok so last night I Googled, hypoxia and it autofills "hypoxia from wearing face mask", which is what I wanted to look up anyway. First search hit: Web results It is not true that masks cause hypoxia. This hoax is now viral ... www.poynter.org › fact-checking › it-is-not-true-that-... May 14, 2020 - Using face masks will not cause any kind of oxygen deficiency. In reality, hypoxia can only be caused by smoking, inhaling gases, or exposing ... ---------------- I have a very solid understanding of engineering (my job) & physics... In the article the "fact-check" emphasized: “NO KIND OF FACE MASK WILL CAUSE HYPOXIA.” And added: “Although it is true that face masks can generate unpleasant sensations, don’t worry, it is normal. Using face masks will not cause any kind of oxygen deficiency. In reality, hypoxia can only be caused by smoking, inhaling gases, or exposing yourself to high elevations — not by using mouthguards, masks, or filters.” You're telling me that blocking the flow of oxygen to my lungs does not decrease the amount of oxygen in my lungs. Hummmm. The sad part is the oxygen deprived people wearing the damn things can't think clearly enough to realize how absurd this is and they can blindly believe that actual science is a hoax.
  8. I liked your post (still was thinking about the video a the time) and then realized that on a symbolic level I think you are right... while at the same time in the back of my head keep thinking that the reacting to this stupidity (of the sheeple buying this evil hook, line, and sinker) with violence isn't going to solve the problem... still working on figuring out the answer, but that's why I'm here.
  9. Thanks for pointing that out! I was going to post about this. Everyone is wearing masks so you can't actually see what they are saying (making it a completely unreliable video, yet it gets the message out)... seems like controlled opposition to me. I had watched this when it first came out and missed it, then saw it again and realized I didn't need to watch past the first 15 seconds. Regarding this...
  10. Ugh... just a little frustrated here with these constant attacks on the site. From now on I will have to remember to copy/paste my responses (last one give me the "you've been blocked" right after I was allowed to like this post, and then I lost what I posted). Anyway I just finished watching (throughout the day) Jerry's first video at the top of his video page (just over 3 hours long: https://www.jerrymarzinsky.com/videos). Very prudent and relevant to what's going on in the world right now (that is beyond the five senses). Plus, I think it will be really helpful for people with mental disorders (of any level, myself included... I'm only a little crazy though). Thanks!
  11. So I'm looking at the bright side here... I was on page 654/676 last night (window is still open) trying to get through the posts. I like watching all of the videos that are posted here, so that would have taken up a lot of my Saturday. Anyway I was in the process of replying to this post (this morning, screenshot below) when I realized something was wrong and soon thereafter learned about the hack. (So the bright side is I'm all caught up.) I watched the Twilight Zone clip last night. It was quite good. (https://www.bitchute.com/video/kLx9Ma3wrOD2/) I'm not sure how the BitChute algorithm determines it, but the next video that popped up in the window I had open was extremely was eye opening, and left me feeling disturbed to be quite honest... Definitely worth a watch https://www.bitchute.com/video/2AakJxKuRtk6/ (and my apologies if it's already been posted, I have a good excuse ;)) I have also noticed that this thread has turned (temporarily) into a debate about who was responsible for the hacking... So I'll throw in my $0.02 Anyone with two brain cells to rub together has observed that the world (for the most part) is divided. There are two sides to everything. Most often people fall somewhere in the middle of the two sides, but the Corona Virus has really helped to push people further towards the edges. I made a list about a week and a half ago one night when I couldn't sleep, it could easily go on for pages and pages, but here are just a few off the top of my head: Left \ Right Sinister \ Dexter Liberal \ Conservative Vaccines \ Anti-vax Pro Bill Gates \ Bill gates is a Reptilian (or controlled by them) The Hospitals are Full \ The Hospitals are Empty Masks & Social Distancing \ No masks & Social Unity (not in the NWO sense though) Atheist \ Spiritual Climate Change \ Climate Deniers Censorship \ Free Speech You can see how this list could go on... but there is also "Jew \ Gentile" or maybe ""Gentile \ Jew" (for me this one is not as easy to categorize, but honestly it doesn't matter... yes I'm going somewhere with my list). I'd like to take one of these and examine it for just a moment... "Liberal \ Conservative". This being the David Icke forum, I will paraphrase his description of it, let's call them "Party A" and "Party B". So it's time for an election and the people chose "Party A" , they stay in power for one or two election cycles until the the people get fed up and vote for "Party B", and so on and so on back and forth, giving the illusion of a choice. But (pretty much) everyone on here knows that both "Party A" and "Party B" are controlled by the 1% (the "tiny few")... IT'S JUST A F*CKING DISTRACTION TO KEEP THE SLEEPING PEOPLE FIGHTING AMONGST THEMSELVES. In my mind, it is clear to me that the 1% are psychopathic and clearly fall on the "evil" side of one of the most important items that I didn't add to the list, but I think is the real battle here and that item would be: Evil \ Good The hackers that shut down this site are Evil. Period.
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