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  1. For an android OS phone, goto Settings> Google settings. The scamdemic tracing app is already there in place with an illusionary button to stay opted out. Be like David Icke, learn to leave the i-crap device at home, or just get a EM jammer pouch. My wife got one online and it works great. 

  2. All humans aren't supposed to know there are aliens. We are still a primitive species and are still evolving. If disclosure happened tomorrow, at least 1/3rd of humans would prepare for holy war to kill the 'invaders'. I've seen serious posts from white supremacists talking about aliens seriously, they are only interested in killing them and taking their technology. Just shows our current mindset which is based on fear and violence. 


    This place is a small example, they have killed people trying to approach their island, even firing arrows at helicopters. 




    fyi, there is limited first hand contact with people to this day, that's why this topic is a thing. I know first hand. They are just like us but more evolved and intelligent. 

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  3. Had a visit by nordic type Pleiadians, a male and a female. Very beautiful and we spoke without moving our mouths, it was a blinding portal of light which they stepped out of in front of me early in the morning. Blinding but not painful to the eyes, also there was zero sound. The female was extremely attractive and I found myself rudely staring at her, ignoring the male during our conversation. I became aware of this, broke eye contact and tilted my head down in shame but they totally understood and were smiling. Even without looking at them I could feel them smiling and almost laughing. I looked back up and we all smiled, laughing on the inside. When they left, all the light left the room and it was dark again, this made me very angry and I started to pace the room like an orangutan. Apparently they come at us early in the morning or at night when we are calm, to avoid our more primitive emotions. Weirdly, I could not remember what we spoke about, but had a strong feeling that whatever was said would be useful later on, maybe like inception hehe.


    Before I retired and left the city, I started talking about these topics with my colleagues and acquaintances and was flooded by many of their stories. These included many UFO sightings by other pilots with decades of experience, and a doctor which I have been seeing for years told me of a story from his childhood where he and his friends got lost in the forest one day - They decided to sit down and rest for a while when very small humanoid walked up to them and started yelling and pointing fingers at them. They did not understand the language, and they looked very much like humans. After yelling, they left. He and his friends eventually made their way back. Maybe they were trespassing on the gnome's estate? 


    In these times of massive censorship, we all have to be honest and shouldn't hold back. I know almost everyone has these kinds of experiences, thats why these topics are to 'hot'. Cheers everyone.

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  4. This is one of the reasons I do not subscribe to any cable tv/streaming services/spotify/itunes, etc. I use my laptop to download everything and connect it to the TV. I have about 4 external HDDs where I keep all my tv series and movies. I got pretty much everything I want including the oldies like the Robocop, x-men, dungeons and dragons animated series, etc. Just use a vpn to download your torrents. Besides saving a ton of money every month, I get to watch everything uncensored/altered.

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  5. Humans are not ready to tackle the issue of ETs. We are still apes that still pillage, rape and cannibalize each other. Its like on Star Trek, they WILL NOT make contact with a world until it has developed enough and invented warp drive. However, many people are seeing and experiencing ETs first hand, myself included. There is a reason this topic is a thing. For now, lets just focus on evolving past our savagery. 


    This is how aliens view us, we are like the tribesmen on Sentinel island off the coast of India, they have murdered people who have approached them and fired on helicopters - 


    sentinel island.jpg

  6. Its from a mainstream platform, so it'll be just another 'damage control' film, like so many others. They may hint at the crimes he did and some unknown famous people, but that'll be it. 


    This is a good example of a garbage film made by the BBC, which hints at the pedophilia cult, but at the end exposes nothing and diverts attention away from the real issue. 



  7. Actually, it was people bad mouthing David Icke that lead me to his work in the first place. This guy was calling 'Icke' a fraudster, which made me look it up. Turns out David makes more sense than anyone else. Even my relatives who overhear him comment and say how everything he says makes so much sense. 


    Let them badmouth, the intelligent people will come to their own conclusions. I'm not surprised if that site was just populated by 1 sad troll with 5 accounts. This has been done before, called the 'straw man' tactic if im not mistaken. One case was of a highly educated person (mainstream qualifications) who was found to be logging in and out of multiple accounts and posting anti semitic comments on a genuine discussion about Israeli influence on American politics. By doing so, the entire discussion would be branded as hate speech and invalidated. This story was told by David Icke or Wearechange a few years back. 

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