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  1. The government claims that the figure is 'over estimated', and that this is all a conspiracy theory. So it must mean the UK is still sending £349.9 million pounds instead of £350 million per week then.
  2. Eh, more fear porn. If I had a nail clipper in my pocket, they'd arrest me and said I was planning to behead the president or something . Just ignore all MSM and live life like a human.
  3. Just ignore all MSM and carry on as normal. I do not wear masks since it's not mandatory where i'm from) only recommended, and ignore all govt propaganda text messages. Even looking at the brainwashing is harmful, just ignore it.
  4. This is one of the reasons I do not subscribe to any cable tv/streaming services/spotify/itunes, etc. I use my laptop to download everything and connect it to the TV. I have about 4 external HDDs where I keep all my tv series and movies. I got pretty much everything I want including the oldies like the Robocop, x-men, dungeons and dragons animated series, etc. Just use a vpn to download your torrents. Besides saving a ton of money every month, I get to watch everything uncensored/altered.
  5. Humans are not ready to tackle the issue of ETs. We are still apes that still pillage, rape and cannibalize each other. Its like on Star Trek, they WILL NOT make contact with a world until it has developed enough and invented warp drive. However, many people are seeing and experiencing ETs first hand, myself included. There is a reason this topic is a thing. For now, lets just focus on evolving past our savagery. This is how aliens view us, we are like the tribesmen on Sentinel island off the coast of India, they have murdered people who have approached them and fired on helicopters -
  6. Its from the mainstream media, so it probably wont contain any real content, most likely just hints of 'higher ups' doing something with some teenagers. Just like the film Catching Mary, which hinted at big time players attending elite parties, with many 'secrets' behind closed doors, but ends up revealing nothing at all. BBC garbage as usual - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0899052/
  7. Coincidentally I just watched it earlier this evening. What an excellent film, so relevant in these times.
  8. Best part is, snopes, the propaganda website defends her, saying an inverted cross is not satanic. What a joke.
  9. Paypal just banned the entire country of Palestine from using paypal, now David Icke. I've just closed my account with them.
  10. Its from a mainstream platform, so it'll be just another 'damage control' film, like so many others. They may hint at the crimes he did and some unknown famous people, but that'll be it. This is a good example of a garbage film made by the BBC, which hints at the pedophilia cult, but at the end exposes nothing and diverts attention away from the real issue. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0899052/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_17
  11. Actually, it was people bad mouthing David Icke that lead me to his work in the first place. This guy was calling 'Icke' a fraudster, which made me look it up. Turns out David makes more sense than anyone else. Even my relatives who overhear him comment and say how everything he says makes so much sense. Let them badmouth, the intelligent people will come to their own conclusions. I'm not surprised if that site was just populated by 1 sad troll with 5 accounts. This has been done before, called the 'straw man' tactic if im not mistaken. One case was of a highly educated person (mainstream qualifications) who was found to be logging in and out of multiple accounts and posting anti semitic comments on a genuine discussion about Israeli influence on American politics. By doing so, the entire discussion would be branded as hate speech and invalidated. This story was told by David Icke or Wearechange a few years back.
  12. I dont mind at all. The team is very busy now, and could use some space so they can handle this. Dont get too needy guys.
  13. I like this song, its a mad world -
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