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  1. In the state of Sarawak, Malaysia, they have banned unvaccinated people from entering banks and supermarkets. This is part of a pilot program, tested on a poor state to see how far they can go, and unfortunately its working very well. Nobody is resisting, they are genuinely terrified of 'covid', and lining up to get the shots. Children here are given 'smart phones' since infancy to shut them up, so people here are completely brainwashed. I thought that moving here would be a good move, away from the big cities. What a dire mistake it was. So far my dad in law suffered a stroke after the pfizer 2nd dose and has to wear pampers now (he was very healthy and fit before the poison vax), my sister in law a miscarriage after the 2nd sinovac dose (she's had 3 healthy boys before this), 2 of my relatives in different states took the pfizer at the same time and both got covid for real, 1 had to be hospitalized. My neighbour also knows 2 people who died from strokes after the shot. His arm also attracts non magnetized metal like paperclips, magnets as well at the injection site, this was confirmed first hand by myself, and his relatives who took the shot too. Apparently not all doses contain the magnetic graphene oxide, but it's like in poorer states like this, alot do. This is what happens if people dont push back. No jab = no food, not even allowed to access your money. Thank you god for giving all the power and money to these psychopaths. I hope you're having a laugh.
  2. Thanks for sharing mate. Where I live (Malaysia), nobody is fighting back, its totally an asian thing to just obey and keep your eyes on the floor. Even my mom couldn't take the pressure from being alone and went to get the shot without telling me. Everyone is terrified of 'covid', with its 0.02% mortality rate, even driving with their masks on. Sometimes I feel I dont want to be here anymore. It's not the government oppression, but the spineless nature of people. I bet to aliens, Earth is nothing but a chinese factory where people work to death for 12 cents an hour.
  3. Schools are prisons for the mind, nowadays they are prisons for the body too.
  4. So far the vax effects that I know of are : 1) Dad in law had a stroke after the 2nd pfizer dose. Hospital and doctors are burying theirs heads in the sand and refuse to admit it. He is 62 years old, very active and has never been sick before 2) Sister in law had a miscarriage after the 2nd sinovac dose, she didnt know she was pregnant when she took it. She had 3 healthy boys before this. The whole family suspects it was the vax but wont talk about it. 3) Next door neighbour knows 2 people who died from strokes after taking it. One from his village, another was his wife's friend who worked for the govt. 4) Mother in law took the sinovac a few months ago, now she has a condition where her heart beats very fast for no reason. 3 people I know 'tested positive for covid', 1 of them had a second test done, and it was negative. He was feeling fine the whole time. The other 2 was a step aunt and her baby nephew, who also both were ok the whole time but were quarantined anyway. The father who works at a clinic tested negative, what a scam. My wife's cousin and her husband who lived in different states, both took the pfizer shot so they could see each other and ended up getting covid for real, from the vax. The husband's conditioned worsened and was hospitalized a few days ago. The whole thing is a plandemic, but end of the day people are surrendering, they dont have the backbones or the financial means to say no. Good thing I retired a few years ago so I can. Edit - All these cases went unreported. Everyone is in denial and still worships vaccines.
  5. None for me. But my mom was pretty much forced to take one, so she chose sinovac. Its a non mRNA shot, and not all doses contain the magnetic graphene oxide (the graphene oxide causing magnets to stick to people's injection site is confirmed, I tried it on my neighbour and he also said his relatives had the same effect. She'll take a magnet to the clinic and test the vials before they jab her. First dose was ok so far, no magnetism. On a related note my dad in law did get a stroke after the pfizer 2nd dose, but the family are refusing to discuss or report it. They are spineless like most people.
  6. My aunt in California knows a colleague who took the shot, apparently she's much angrier and shouts alot now compared to before. I've read on natural news how some people who took the shot suffer from a syndrome whereby they are in constant pain permanently. Very believable since my dad in law's chest and arms were in constant pain for a few weeks after he took the 2nd dose, which led to a stroke. His left arm is now disabled but he can still walk. My brother in law called me an anti-vaxxer and boaster how his arm attracts magnets, he called himself 'iron man'. Literally less than a week later, his wife miscarriaged and they highly suspect it was the covid shot she took recently (she didnt know she was pregnant at the time). Before this she had 3 boys, all healthy. I've been silent.
  7. Yes this is not new, alot of hasbara trolls also stalking many videos on brandnewtube. But once they are called out, they disappear for good. Some posing as doctors but dont know anything when questioned. It's a maze out there.
  8. Yes lots of platforms now, we're still out there all over the place mate.
  9. Agreed with OP, its so obvious.
  10. Nah he still travels to the mainland without wearing a mask, where there's a will, there's a way. Recently I used a ferry to cross a river not too long ago, nobody cared that I didn't wear a mask, another guy was smoking on the open deck too.
  11. This is also an interesting video - https://banned.video/watch?id=6082f195c9b4870550bfe53c Pedophilia in netflix. I have never subscribed to netflix and never will.
  12. Oracle films was recently hacked and their videos deleted too, after they made the film 'The Pushback', featured on David Icke. I see it as a good sign. Keep fighting the good fight.
  13. https://www.golokaproject.org/documentfiles/Analysis-of-test-sticks-from-surface-testing-in-the-Slovak-Republic.pdf It is not 'plastic'.
  14. https://brandnewtube.com/watch/fear-of-germs-george-carlin_rdWwPsRUlnsuBSx.html
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