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  1. Awesome video I wanted to share. The tide is turning. https://summit.news/2020/09/09/spain-citizens-stop-police-from-arresting-a-woman-for-not-wearing-a-mask/
  2. Thanks for sharing, I thought he was only on Bitchute...
  3. I find all his interviews are awesome, no matter the topic.
  4. All black uniform, appropriate. Reminds me of the movie V.
  5. After David Icke was banned from Paypal, there is no more donation/support option for the website. It's been months since the hacker attacks, please get it back up. Maybe use the same system London Real uses, they accept all major credit cards. Unfortunately 'money' is still a thing here, and alot of us want to support this movement. Please get the donation function up and running again, thank you.
  6. Personally I put on my mask at the shop entrance, write 'SCAMDEMIC' on the shop registration book with the phone number 69696969, then immediately take it off when I enter. So far no shopkeeper or other people have cared.
  7. Children as young as 4 are being sent to government institutions where they are immediately conditioned to shut up, get in line, do as they are told, listen to authority, eat when told and use the toilet only when allowed. It continues all their life. This type of conditioning, plus the fluoride in the water, etc dulls the brain and creates worker ants. Drugs like ritalin are the coup de grace to young children's minds. When they get promoted to 'adulthood', they are already zombies, ready to receive commands and do as they are told. It amazes me how people still manage to break o
  8. I disagree. The universe is made up of many types of races. Some good, some bad, some advanced, some not. Do not think that there is only 1 type, its like saying all Americans are fat, that is clearly not the case. The term, 'fallen angels' is a very old and flawed aspect, mainstream religion is simply a brainwashing tool. Also, dont get into the mainstream habit of labeling people for their beliefs, its like calling you a 'Karl Mollisoner cult member', and saying that beliefs are in error.
  9. I dont think there will be an official 'disclosure' from the government. Ever. Its already happening in small groups and on a 1 to 1 basis. But mass revelation? No way, many humans are still violent and irrational. I have encountered many people who have threatened us over family issues/money, etc. Humans are simply not evolved enough to join the intergalactic family. For every 1 peaceful and intelligent human, there will be at least 5 monkeys/religious extremists/supremacist with world domination agendas. I was on the bitchute comments recently where they were discussing this topic, and 1 per
  10. Just had my SCAMDEMIC t-shirts made a few days ago, I dont leave home without them.
  11. Never. I have a laptop connected to the TV that plays only movies and tv shows I want, also 4 external hard drives to keep more. The other day I watched 2 episodes of 'Bob's Burgers', in those 2 episodes, there were strong themes of infidelity, pedophilia, necrophilia, and incest, all directed and acted out by Bob's children. This sickened me to the core and reminded me why I dont watch new shows anymore. On a related note, everyone should have a laptop with a VPN, and dont forget to cover the camera and mic with a tape. I have a friend who specializes in cyber security with a bank, with conne
  12. I have a laptop that I connect to the TV via hdmi cable, I watch it like that. I dont subscribe to any mainstream streaming services either. I download all my tv shows and movies via torrents/vpn, everything is getting censored and deleted by the msm now like Little Britain, Scrubs, etc.
  13. This planet is not all about love and light. Anger has its uses.
  14. I'm sure in the future there will be. Its still growing, but the programs and information are pretty good. Right now we just gotta stick with it. I bet they're still very busy cleaning up this whole mess with the hacker attacks.
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