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  1. https://brandnewtube.com/watch/fear-of-germs-george-carlin_rdWwPsRUlnsuBSx.html
  2. https://reclaimthenet.org/youtube-scrubs-thousands-of-dislikes-from-joe-biden-videos-on-official-white-house-channel/ This has happened several times before, even view counts were manipulated. Wearechange investigated this years ago and found so many glaring anomalies. Be sure to check out alternative platforms like Bitchute, banned.video, Signal, Telegram, Duckduckgo, etc.
  3. Been going through it for a while now, some pretty chilling stuff in there, use a laptop for best results. https://file.wikileaks.org/file/ This one was particularly interesting - https://file.wikileaks.org/file/masonic-cipher-grand-lodge-faam-district-of-columiba.pdf
  4. Angels, demons, etc. All over the place influencing all of humanity. We will never know, apparently its supposed to be 'fun' this way. Its like this reality is just a big movie, full of drama, suspense, betrayal and love. Just enjoy the ride.
  5. I was an airline pilot for over over 10 years, the things we saw and the corruption/cover-ups were very prevalent. Many pilots who saw these things would also never officially report it in fear of ridicule. We only cared about our reputations and salaries. Once you have seen dimensional openings and craft that follow you then accelerate away at literal warp speed, you will never see the world the same way again. We humans are not exclusive to creation, there are way bigger things out there are we are caught in the middle of all this. Sometimes I think it doesn't matter what we all think, we ar
  6. Yes it was an excellent film, the production quality was exceptional. 10/10.
  7. Surprised to have found this video, I never knew these two met and shared similar views! Probably one of the reasons Jim Carrey is no longer fully endorsed by mainstream hollywood.
  8. Man, I've owned a Ford and a Chevy before. Most unreliable cars I've ever owned, lost a ton of money trying to keep them on the road and a whole lot more in depreciation. Just like old mercs, only the older models will be more reliable. My last 2 Hondas and a Mazda were just excellent, totally bulletproof in terms of reliability and quality. As for David Icke's current car, I highly suspect its a Mazda 2, from the screenshots in some of his films. The Infotainment system, HUD and low ride height it a dead giveaway. As I've said I'm looking for a new car now but the Mazda 2 I tested was simply
  9. I think the people will generally become more powerful. Millions of people are protesting all over the world (not covered by msm) and even the average person becoming fed up and is aware of this scamdemic. When we the masses get over this scam, there will be hell to pay, and will give birth to a new generation of people who will never trust the government again. Because of this massive acceleration of Orwellian society, me and my wife have decided not to vaccinate our first child and he will be fully homeschooled/non-govt education centers.
  10. LOL I love how there are so many dislikes on the vid. Personally I only wear the mask at the bottom on my mouth at the checkpoint where we have to 'register', I write the name down as 'SCAMDEMIC' and put '696969' as the phone number. When I got in, me and my wife then take off the masks and shop. Where I live, people dont really care and wont force us to put it back on. When I speak to the cashiers or staff about the scamdemic, how so many people are fighting and protesting against it, they totally get it, but said that they're forced to wear their masks/face shields by management. Just like D
  11. Awesome article with videos I found today, though I'd share it here. Join the fight! https://prepareforchange.net/2020/11/22/law-enforcement-across-the-u-s-overwhelmingly-refusing-to-enforce-covid-orders-will-the-public-follow/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=law-enforcement-across-the-u-s-overwhelmingly-refusing-to-enforce-covid-orders-will-the-public-follow
  12. Sorry I dont mean to sound stalky lol, but my 2012 Mazdaspeed 3 is getting kinda old, and I'm looking for a new car right now. If I could get the same make, model and colour of his car, that would make me happy hehe.
  13. Was watching the film Renegade last night, what an awesome film! Great production value too. Anyways, the part he was talking to Alice Walker, they both said they drove the same car, and the same colour too! I know David had a first generation Mazda 3 sedan years back, and i'm pretty sure his current car is also a Mazda, the interior was shown abit in the film. Does anyone know the exact make and colour of his current car? Personally I also have a previous gen Mazda 3.
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