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  1. 'COV-19' found inside 5G equipment... apologies if this has been posted already... I couldn't find it on the forum. Having major problems posting this tweet so shortened it:



  2. I'm not psychic, but I have been following this circus show since it started (in China apparently) back in November. More and more I'm thinking October/November/December. December in particular will coincide with the seasonal flu which I'm sure they will milk more than ever.


    I think they will give us a few months to put us back into a false sense of 'normality' (June/July) then really hit us towards the end of the year.


    It just seems to me that the whole world is against Trump and governments are following his lead and watching what he does. The deep-state are already backed into a corner (Obamagate for instance) and desperate people do desperate things (like releasing Covid mark 2).


    They are hell-bent on him not being re-elected and ever-more locking the world down. Trump is going against BigPharma and BigTech and wants to open up... this goes against the Gates, Fauci, Birx, Neil Ferguson nutjobs. So much money has been invested in a 'vaccine' and lucrative deals with the NHS/government/BigPharma that they will do anything to keep the gravy train going and ruthlessly oppose anybody that get's in their way.


    People in the UK will think ''what has Trump got to do with us?''...


    A lot.





  3. 18 minutes ago, mohammed said:

    some annimals can see these creatures like the dogs and the donkeys and wolves ....


    I totally agree with that. Just like cats can see in the dark:



    I've read stories with cats where they are just snoozing away in your living room, for instance, and they will suddenly perk up and start staring into space. You will instantly think was there a noise outside or did someone just knock on the door for instance. You then look at your cat and think ''what's is he/she looking at?''. I've personally  learnt that we can only see and hear within a tiny spectrum range. We have 5 senses so just because we can't see it, hear it, taste it, touch it, smell it... it doesn't mean it's not there.


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