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  1. I'm personally trying to take a positive attitude towards what's going on at the moment. Being angry just lowers your vibrational level anyway and being pissed off all the time leads to frustration and anger which doesn't really get you anywhere.


    One thing I've noticed is more and more people are waking up. I'm not saying they are fully awaken but even if they get to a level where they think 'something doesn't add up here' then that's a start. For me, that's the spark that lights the fire.


    Those negative entities running the show at the moment are hell-bent on keeping people locked down and dumbed down when in reality they are rapidly doing the opposite - and so they are exposing themselves in a rush to get their 'plan' into place. With so many people off work it means more opportunities to look into things from alternative sources rather than watching the Tell-Lie-Vision.


    My point is (and I can't remember who said it), if you can get just 1 percent or so of the world population to wake up and truly smell the coffee then you have succeeded. 0.01 percent of the population have succeeded for centuries to try and destroy and control the world so just 1 percent outnumbers them exponentially as more and more people are waking up too.


    The only snag is that so many people have been brainwashed for so long that it will take a lot for them to push-back and that's why I think we are at a tipping point right now.



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  2. On 5/23/2020 at 7:18 PM, Mikhail Liebestein said:


    So why not something a bit less than the 1THz components demonstrated 20 years ago and the 1THz CPU built in 2014? I do think this is economics/market manipulation rather than trying to hide something like alien tech. 


    Can you imagine if those super-high end CPU's did hit the consumer market? And how much they would cost the consumer? CPU's like that would be over-kill for what consumers use their PC's for on a daily basis. CPU speed is not the be all and end all though as there's all sorts of other factors like bus-speed, cache, memory, bandwidth.


    Definitely agree with market manipulation though.

  3. 12 hours ago, Messenger said:

    Also, have you ever seen the centaur? Half man, half horse? "Mythical" creature. Maybe a myth to people who are not awake but I believe this creature actually existed back during the times of Atlantis. They do some really weird stuff but to them it is normal. This is why we see them messing with humans so badly with the transgender and transhumanism agenda. It's fun for them.


    There is also the half man, half goat (Baphomet) aspect I think too. These satanists who are so prevalent in TPTB worship Baphomet and just want to twist and warp humanity and create chaos and confusion. With this current plandemic being a good example. The fact that they keep creating new sexual orientations all the time just adds to the madness too:



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  4. 8 hours ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:


    Is this why PC clock speeds have also stalled the last decade? Intel had 3GHz CPUs over 10 years ago and clicks have largely stuck there, they could have gone faster but instead focused on multi core despite having the technology - they demonstrated 1THz components nearly 20 years ago and DARPA built a 1THz CPU 6 years ago.


    My theory is that they knew the issues with the higher frequencies over 10GHz and because having a 60GHz system under your desk directly causing you illness would be too obvious (can’t have new PC buyers just dropping dead after their purchase), they decided to take a different route.


    Also the whole AI takeover would have been damaged if they weren’t able to develop the AI because the coders kept dying. So they decided to skip those frequencies in computers and solve that issue another way, and instead put the population suppressing technology in the 5G instead.


    I would say this is more to do with Moore's law slowly becoming obsolete and the fabrication plants not being as efficient as they could be. This is why multi-core processors are the norm - to try and try and increase raw computing power.

  5. 8 hours ago, TruthSeeker27 said:


    I relate to this so much. My mother also believes deep down that something is rotten, but her fear is clouding her judgement. And yeah, if it meant getting back full freedom (such as it ever was), my whole family would go for the vaccine if they really had to. 


    That is exactly what my 80 year old mum thinks too. It was bloody hard trying to convince her to what's going on as she is stuck between a rock and hard place on this one. Her memory isn't too good either so that's made it harder.


    The way I've turned her around (not fully) is sitting down and talking to her. Not lecturing her. I've shown her a few David Icke videos, Andrew Kaufman videos... and a few others. Then I've basically said compare that to the government/mainstream media narrative. She's watching fear-porn all day (the TV) and that's not helping. Basically, I'm putting the ball in her court and letting her question things and make her think... planting the seed, if you will.

  6. One thing I've learned a long time ago is bad publicity can actually turn into good publicity... exponentially.


    You only need a spark to light a fire. Even if a few people decide to look into it and red-pill then that will spread.


    Strongest weapon at the moment is the internet.


    So, people have the gun... choose your bullet.



  7. 15 minutes ago, GenzuBlades said:

    Ugh... just a little frustrated here with these constant attacks on the site.  From now on I will have to remember to copy/paste my responses (last one give me the "you've been blocked" right after I was allowed to like this post, and then I lost what I posted).  Anyway I just finished watching (throughout the day) Jerry's first video at the top of his video page (just over 3 hours long: https://www.jerrymarzinsky.com/videos).  Very prudent and relevant to what's going on in the world right now (that is beyond the five senses).  Plus, I think it will be really helpful for people with mental disorders (of any level, myself included... I'm only a little crazy though).   Thanks!.

    I do that on a lot of sites/forums I post on now. It's nothing against the sites/forums either as so many are being attacked and what not.


    Nothing worse than spending a while typing out a response, checking it, checking it again. Then you post it and then BAM! some error comes up or whatever

  8. 16 hours ago, northern star said:

    Strange about the Madeleine McCann suspects photofit too, that looked exactly like the Podestas. This was used on an hour long Crimewatch special on the subject





    I know it's a little off-topic, but it's related to your post and some might find this interesting. Madeleine McCann's 'mother' was TS by the looks of it. This makes me think Madeleine was being groomed until she was of a certain age to be conveniently 'kidnapped' by these satanists (skip to 23:11 for a breakdown of Kate McCann). The rest of the video pretty much sums up the satanic way the gender agenda is going in children/youths today:


  9. I can second the use of ProtonMail as I have had it at as a second account for a while. It started out as a beta and there were a few issues but they've sorted most of them out now. Just make sure your password is as strong as possible which is pretty much a no-brainer anyway.

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