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  1. 1 hour ago, Seeker said:

    I just wanted to have a quick check of David Ickes channel on bitchute to see if there had been any new videos over the weekend. However the search for David Icke on ‘Channels’ no longer brings up his account. To find it I had to go to find one of his videos on ‘Videos’ and click on his account that way. I thought bitchute was fair? 


    It's (still... hopefully) here.

  2. I've got 2 threads which I've being trying to post since I signed up here (not long ago).


    All backed up with links, pictures, videos, URL's etc. ... just to get a conversation going.


    Can't do it... so did it on other forums.


    Here... keep coming up with I'm banned :(... absolutely no disrespect to the mods.

  3. I've had a few numbers popping up on my computer screen and the TV screen (always the time) over the last few months that have some meaning. I'm not purposely looking for them especially as they are starting to freak me out.


    1234 (12:34)




    The other one is with words. You could be thinking of a specific word, daydreaming for instance, and somebody will say it on YouTube, BitChute or the TV for instance a few seconds later/a minute later.



  4. The clapping nonsense is rediculous, and I'm sure they will think of some more madness that is our 'civic duty' to comply with.


    From the Express:






    How long should the clap last?

    There is no designated timeframe for how long you should applaud.

    Instead, you should continue for as long as you like beginning at 8pm.

    Most people seem to clap for between five and ten minutes, however some continue for as long as 20 minutes or more.





  5. I used to listen to Steve Penk on the radio back in the day. The one at 13:46 was a short one but he played it on a few people. He managed to drag one out for about 5 minutes and the bloke at the end of it went ballistic and slammed the phone down ?



  6. I (painfully) watched today's broadcast and did notice that he said that there will be exemptions - although he was vague. It prompted me towards looking into this:




    Dealing With Maskaphobia or the Fear of Masks

    Maskaphobia, or fear of masks, is surprisingly common, especially among children. However, it is important to note that this fear is often a part of normal childhood development. Therefore, like most phobias, it is not diagnosed in children unless it persists for six months or longer.


    A precise cause for why a person develops maskaphobia is unknown. Although, maskaphobia is believed to be related to automatonophobia, or fear of humanoid figures. Some experts believe that these phobias (maskaphobia and automatonophobia) may be rooted in our expectations of human appearance and behavior.

    Masks distort the wearer’s appearance, causing him to look strange and unusual. Also, most masks do not feature moving mouths, so when the wearer speaks, the sound appears to come out of nowhere.


    Wearing a mask may also change the wearer’s behavior. Many people wear masks as part of becoming a character, causing the wearer to act in accordance with that character. Additionally, some people love the freedom that a mask’s anonymity provides. The wearer might behave in socially unacceptable ways while hidden behind the mask.




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  7. On 5/18/2020 at 10:51 PM, motleyhoo said:


    I will make a prediction right now.  It's not even being talked about by anyone yet, but I predict in 10 years nanotechnology will be the new "plastic" in terms of environmental impact and finding it polluting our waters everywhere.  It will take many more years after that before mainstream admits to the problem, because it is mostly going to be an invisible problem.


    Good point about nanotechnology. Like so many inventions, they can be put to good use or used against us... a prime example being smartphones.

    An example of how nanotechnology can be used for good:

    But what happens when they start putting it in the food and water? They are already using it in food packaging:
    https://www.safenano.org/news/intheknow/in-the-knowon-food-packaging/#:~:text=Nanomaterials are increasingly being used,can bring to packaging materials.&text=For example%2C silver nanoparticles and,oxygen or UV scavengers%3B and

  8. I think these people will eventually get the message. When so many people are now out enjoying the sun, not falling for this plandemic, and are just getting on with their lives then these mask wearing, side-dodgers will have to learn to wake up. I wouldn't converse with them. If they become abusive, then ignore them. Leave them be.

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