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  1. I know where you are coming from ? The way I did it was a search on 'David Icke' then went through the videos one by one. Then I clicked on this: https://www.bitchute.com/video/gDnQVKekJLpT/ ... then click on his avatar and you get to his channel... hope this helps.
  2. I've got 2 threads which I've being trying to post since I signed up here (not long ago). All backed up with links, pictures, videos, URL's etc. ... just to get a conversation going. Can't do it... so did it on other forums. Here... keep coming up with I'm banned :(... absolutely no disrespect to the mods.
  3. Sorry to cut your comment down to one sentence... but you f...ing nailed it.
  4. Good topic. Amazing Polly did a good video not so long ago which joins a lot of dots up. https://www.bitchute.com/video/1Z5VYqJqrtI/
  5. I've had a few numbers popping up on my computer screen and the TV screen (always the time) over the last few months that have some meaning. I'm not purposely looking for them especially as they are starting to freak me out. 1234 (12:34) 9:11 3:22 The other one is with words. You could be thinking of a specific word, daydreaming for instance, and somebody will say it on YouTube, BitChute or the TV for instance a few seconds later/a minute later.
  6. He's well out of his depth dealing with these murderous crooks...
  7. I did a simple search on: ''FBI agents found rags, gasoline, aerosol cans and weapons along with booby traps''. It's a pre-scripted press release, probably through Reuters or AP. Always the same... 'journalists' repeating and reading from the same script.
  8. The clapping nonsense is rediculous, and I'm sure they will think of some more madness that is our 'civic duty' to comply with. From the Express: https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1264194/Clap-for-our-carers-how-long-does-the-clap-last-clap-for-NHS-clap-for-key-workers
  9. I used to listen to Steve Penk on the radio back in the day. The one at 13:46 was a short one but he played it on a few people. He managed to drag one out for about 5 minutes and the bloke at the end of it went ballistic and slammed the phone down ?
  10. With the way things are moving so fast now, I bet he could double that and still run out of time trying to cover it all. I do miss his live tours.
  11. Conspiracy Theorist = Awake, and questions everything.
  12. I (painfully) watched today's broadcast and did notice that he said that there will be exemptions - although he was vague. It prompted me towards looking into this: https://www.verywellmind.com/maskaphobia-or-fear-of-masks-2671868
  13. Sorry... I had trouble embedding this video from my above post so sorry for double-posting:
  14. Good point about nanotechnology. Like so many inventions, they can be put to good use or used against us... a prime example being smartphones. An example of how nanotechnology can be used for good: But what happens when they start putting it in the food and water? They are already using it in food packaging: https://www.safenano.org/news/intheknow/in-the-knowon-food-packaging/#:~:text=Nanomaterials are increasingly being used,can bring to packaging materials.&text=For example%2C silver nanoparticles and,oxygen or UV scavengers%3B and
  15. I got my mate to load up the main page on his smartphone (got rid of my smartphone a bit back) and it looks great. Not cluttered, nothing is out of place and just looks clean and easy to read.
  16. I think these people will eventually get the message. When so many people are now out enjoying the sun, not falling for this plandemic, and are just getting on with their lives then these mask wearing, side-dodgers will have to learn to wake up. I wouldn't converse with them. If they become abusive, then ignore them. Leave them be.
  17. He could be called John Smith or Fred Blogs tbh. It's so tiresome, totally agree. It's not the first time this has happened and it won't be the last either.
  18. ''Royal crest missing from Buckingham Palace Gates after the Unicorn damage by delivery lorry'' https://www.newsflare.com/video/316271/royal-crest-missing-from-buckingham-palace-gates-after-the-unicorn-damage-by-delivery-lorry Gate damaged by Delivery lorry?... yeah right. Also: https://fliphtml5.com/qydua/fnyz/basic
  19. As usual, Russell Brand says it so eloquently:
  20. I wonder what's going on here ? According to one of the comments, his name is Jake Peterson (a cop)
  21. Something to let it all out...
  22. I'm personally trying to take a positive attitude towards what's going on at the moment. Being angry just lowers your vibrational level anyway and being pissed off all the time leads to frustration and anger which doesn't really get you anywhere. One thing I've noticed is more and more people are waking up. I'm not saying they are fully awaken but even if they get to a level where they think 'something doesn't add up here' then that's a start. For me, that's the spark that lights the fire. Those negative entities running the show at the moment are hell-bent on keeping p
  23. They used to say all roads lead to Rome. Now they lead to Bill Gates ?
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