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  1. We'll end up looking like these clowns (from the film 'Dude, Where's My Car') and wrapped in bubble-wrap to 'protect' us from Covid, socializing, world government descent, touching money, and anything else The Clowns That Be want us to adhere to. All to worship Global Government.


    Clown Fauci, the other day, saying we should wear goggles... what next... you have to stand on one foot, rub your tummy and pat your head?








  2. About 9 years ago when my daughter was born:

    • How desperate the nurses were to vaccinate her when she was first-born.
    • How social services were hounding us asking why we didn't vaccinate her.
    • How the school were/are pushing sinister agenda's like teaching about transgender, masturbation, sex in primary school and politically correct BS.

    This then lead us onto the system and how corrupt it is and how it is all connected with Common Purpose, socialism and other nefarious agendas. I was already a skeptic after 9/11 but as more and more things don't add up you start wanting to connect the dots. And now I don't trust anything until I've checked it out myself which I'm sure most people on here do.

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  3. On 7/27/2020 at 1:24 PM, chocomel said:


    Do they actually examine the card?

    What if you laminated a card that says I AM HAPPY? Just flash the card at the security guard. lol


    I think they just see the lanyard in bright red saying 'MASK EXEMPT'. Then they must then look at the message on the card and the logo. You are right though as the card could say ''COVID IS HOAX AND I'M NOT WEARING A MASK''. The security guards round here are not the sharpest tools in the box either.




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  4. Like father like son. I'm sure KillBill is trying to outdo his dad. Notice the standing ovation that this child-killing monster gets. All the zombie sheep clapping don't realize they will be vaccinated with death, illness, diseases etc. Notice also, KillBill and his dad's mannerisms? Both cross their legs, wave their arms about, smirk, and speak in double-speak.



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  5. I've watched a few of his videos on YT and I have mixed thoughts. I think he's bang on the money with free energy. The trillions of $$$'s at stake though which would destroy the petro-dollar and then what they did to Tesla back in the day.


    They have the technology but they don't want to give to us. - they would rather enslave us and have us dependent on gas, coal, petrol, diesel etc. These all fuel (no pun intended) the climate change hoax which is more $$$'s.



  6. 2 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:


    Did you start frantically waving your arms about, just like Bill Gates does when he's trying to make a point? 😄


    Actually, I was tempted when I was outside Iceland on Saturday. I honestly couldn't understand what he was saying because he had a mask on - which is like putting your hand over your mouth and talking at the same time.


    I just wanted to talk to him and say something along the lines of do you realise this whole mask thing is a complete and utter joke. I would have happily spoke to him but I prefer to see a face... their lips move... their expressions etc.

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  7. I posted in another thread about the exemption card attached to a lanyard that I put on before I go shopping.


    It's a near-fluorescent red lanyard saying 'MASK EXEMPT' with the exemption badge attached. While the security guard on the supermarket door is busily examining it I put on my Bill Gates smirk, tilt my head sarcastically (like Bill Gates) and imagine a big fat middle finger in my head.


    Job done.

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  8. Couple of points:


    - How long will this latest mask insanity go on for? Until a 'vaccine' is available?

    - You have to wear a mask in a shop yet in a pub/bar/restaurant you don't despite being in close proximity to people.

    - People who are deaf and lip read... how's that going to work Mr. Johnson?

    - I'm assuming the larger shops/supermarkets will enforce this through their not so bright robotic security guards as there is no way the Police can do it. How much backlash will there be there I wonder.


    Anyway, there is no way in hell I'm wearing a mask.

  9. Are they getting their 'furniture' from these camps I wonder?





    According to the petition, the sale would outfit a facility to detain up to 3,000 migrant children seeking asylum in the U.S.


    So many kids going missing each year without a trace. Who is going to miss these kids to be sold off to whoever.

  10. rideforever, I've read a few of your posts recently. I get the feeling you want to just 'get it out'.


    Please don't take that the wrong way. There's a lot of genuine thoughts and truth in your comments. Some of your comments are like Haiku or poems that don't have to rhyme...




    Blind is not the word.

    This species is blind deaf dumb and does not learn.

    It just keeps talking.



    Anyway ?

  11. 1 hour ago, SovereigntyOfMan said:

    Does anyone have any quotes that can answer this or any numerology that would point to dates the elite would want to use as far as ritual goes?


    See what you think of this:





    With regards to numerology, they have already done it recently:


    COVID: type in ANY random number between 100 and 999 on Google Search followed by ''new cases'' and look what you get.

    RACE WARS: https://www.bitchute.com/video/VIR4XBSqQbFy/


    They are slowly building up to their NWO/WW3 event.




  12. Jordan Maxwell is doing a LOT of interviews at the moment. 60 years of knowledge and he's not getting any younger. I've been archiving a lot of his stuff recently. Long may he live.


    Simon Parkes is another. At 6:30 he mentions some of the usual credible researchers Gareth Icke and Laura Eisenhower:



    Simon Parkes called out Covid before it went mainstream and in another video recently he called it out again (the 2nd wave) about a month ago saying mid-August/September.

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  13. 9 hours ago, Storm in the garden said:

    Unfortunately she's estranged from her mother (both girls are) for a number of years now and that would've been a help for her, but it is what it is.

    She took the decision to take a long career break so she could be with the child right up to school age because she believes that's more important.

    The only thing she wishes for is that all this crap would end so she could mix with other new mothers in a "mother & toddler" type setting (trade notes and experiences type thing)

    It just shows how the covid scam has affected peoples lives in so many small ways as well as all the big stuff. 


    Similar to my partner. Estranged from her mother, gave up her career (but still work part-time) and wishes she could mingle with other mothers again.


    She misses just simply standing outside of school waiting to pick our daughter up or drop her off so she could have a good gab and put the world to rights.


    You are right about this Covid affecting things which we took for granted. More and more I'm convinced Covid was to divide and rule us and is f' all about some stupid virus.

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  14. I've spoke to a LOT of people over the last 3 months (no choice) who have moved on about 40/50 years.


    They are referring to WW2 and even WW1.


    They've never seen anything like what this 'silent' WW3 that is going on at the moment.


    This is why they are trying to kill off the elderly 'silently' (under the guise of COVID 19, NHS, and care homes).


    HIS-story is created by the dictators.

  15. On 6/26/2020 at 11:26 AM, rideforever said:

    I'm 48 have no kids and totally given up on human beings.

    I really wonder what to do.  I'm a bit tired of all my neighbours building extensions and incessant angle grinders and whatever.  

    Just never ends.

    I'd like to go somewhere quiet and live cheaply and simply, I'm really not interested.

    But where ?

    Best bet I have is going to N.India in some lost and unpopular towns or pilgrimmage towns like Gangotri and settling in.

    Or walking into a monastery or ashram - which is not idea I suppose, but at least it's quiet and organised - I guess they make you do things.

    Anywhere else?
    Possibly somewhere in Egypt might work.

    Nepal is quiet and cheap it's true but difficult travelling.

    Don't know anything about Central Asia, it could be empty for all I know or not.




    Not promoting this video, but reading your post, at least consider this:




    At least it gives you options and makes you think ?

  16. 23 minutes ago, Athenry04 said:

    I think September, it's always September for these cunts. I've told anyone who'll listen that this is when they will bang it in. Especially so they can attempt the ultimate fuck you, by having people isolated and locked down on Christmas day. If the people accept that, then they know they've won.


    +1 ?


    These satanic bastards are child-murdering sociopathic satanists, hence they are the anti-Christ.


    They would love the 'mark of the beast' being injected into people through 'vaccine' and people not being able to properly celebrate CHRIST-mas day due to another lockdown.


    And speaking of September, when they deliberately brought down the 2 towers and replaced them with these Satan/Saturn cubes... they are taking the piss:




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