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  1. Just came across this on BitChute. I've been following the history of the world for quite a while as it interests me (I'm not being cocky) and it certainly filled in a few gaps. Definitely a download and keeper for the archives. If you can dedicate 2 hours to it then it covers the allegory of religion, the NWO, child trafficking, how they've tried with 5G... Guilaine Maxwell... all sorts... It's done in a methodical order and straightforward to understand too. Don't let the title put you off but sadly this is what the deep-state/cabal are into and this talk explains how a lot is co
  2. I'm in Manchester and all we get is plip-plop in the middle of the night for half an hour (if we are lucky). During the day it's sunny or a bit murky (LOTS of chemtrails though). Rain-dancing doesn't work so could you send some of those storms over here so I don't have to water the garden/flowers every other day?
  3. And like this too? https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/829007/ALIEN-DEATH-STAR-satun-moon-iapetus
  4. Back in the day: Personal favourites: Summertime and Night Of The Demon.
  5. I'm considering one of these: https://www.wish.com/product/vintage-retro-brick-phone-gsm-9001900-dual-sim-mobile-phone-with-ultra-long-standby-large-font-large-volume-low-radiation-function-outdoor-activities-phone-5cecce6edb0cf75b5fe5efda?hide_login_modal=true&share=web F*ck knows how I'll fit it in my trouser pocket I'd be walking around lob-sided.
  6. If it goes missing again off social media (or whatever) I'll re-upload it. I got a copy of it a few hours after it was seeded/uploaded. Every little helps, as they say.
  7. On the surface of it, to my knowledge, Zionism hides behind Judaism mainly and that's why they use the (Zionist-run) ADL and the coined phrase 'anti-semetism' to protect Zionism (see attached image to see how orthodox jews detest Zionism). You then have idiots like this who is actually a Jesuit (but for once, he's speaking the truth - and laughing too): Zionism isn't a religion... it's an evil satanic idealism that's right behind the end-goal of the NWO (good luck with that one). Zionism hide's behind religion, governments, politicians, banking and soc
  8. HMV, Epic, Apple and Amazon (as examples)... aren't they part of the problem? Moving us slowly to globalist corporations so we rely on them for EVERYTHING. Free at will to deny/allow us of whatever they see fit? Amazon being the obvious where Bezos has made his billions just buying up small-fry businesses, taking tax deductions/rebates, and generally monopolizing on the consumer market.
  9. Have a look at this and see what you think: https://www.health.com/condition/infectious-diseases/coronavirus/coronavirus-temperature-checks
  10. FFS.. I've gone through 15 pages of this thread and 15 minutes of my life to check somebody hasn't posted what I've now posted: Anyway:
  11. Raise awareness. Tell people about what's going on in the world and make them think. Do the inverse of what Tell-Lie-Vision is doing. Encourage people to question the narrative. And sometimes you can't tell people... you have to show them. That's why David does his videos and books.
  12. Speaking of Australia: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Bd-ulG4pdFI/
  13. Notice as-well how all the 5G masts/antennas were being installed in the middle of the night in schools, hospitals, streets etc. during lockdown. An 'essential' service during lockdown. SpaceX/Starlink and Elon Musk: https://medium.com/@drckangelo/are-starlink-satellites-being-used-for-5g-38df3b79ebf2
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