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  1. Debate is good as it allows us all to reach greater comprehension. Sadly, it's a skill that is disappearing.
  2. I believe planes struck both buildings. The aircraft are canards used to deflect any debate on what really happened. It's still working very well to this very day as you so eloquently illustrate.
  3. These holes that you keep bleating on about are utterly moot. All buildings came down in a manner that is simply not consistent with the official line or "reality". So, what kind of word salad are you serving up today? I await.
  4. He did bolt right on the hour. Coincidence or not?
  5. Who cares? Laws of physics were violated in the aftermath.
  6. The case is only closed to you. A plane hit a building.
  7. Mr. Comedy, please elucidate exactly how 1/4 mile high buildings, designed to take a Boeing 707 impact, fall into their own footprint after being struck by a vastly smaller aircraft. Do you have an excuse for WTC7, yet? Your gaslighting skills need some work.
  8. It does not matter. The building was pulled, same difference. FYI: Pulled has been in use well before the farce of 9/11. I do hope you're not a lemming. Please do not tell me WTC7 was brought down by burning furniture.
  9. There was not a plane shaped hole. Aluminium/Composite does not fare well against steel I beams. These buildings were all pulled. The planes were only for the lemmings.
  10. Threats to the well being of his loved ones will have that effect.
  11. Intriguing, I'm definitely interested and best of luck. Getting banned on YouTube means you're on target somehow and in some way. I did hear a statistic from last year that 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every hour so one may be able to hide in the weeds for a while.
  12. Let us suppose that this was a real shooting. Then, why was the video CGI enhanced? It's pretty obvious there is CGI in that purported live stream.
  13. They ran many of those controlled mass shootings here in the States too. All of which failed to achieve what the elites wanted, or did they really fail?. The Las Vegas one had so many holes in the official story that it disappeared from the controlled media's news cycle in mere days. If you watch the video, you will note that the ejected brass cartridges from the weapon do not make a tingling sound when they hit the pavement and do not collect there either. They just disappear into thin air and are obvious CGI work(Point #4- This was the first one I found as I know the sound of brass hitting pavement). There are even loaded magazines strategically placed and waiting for him(Point #2). Every time I view that video I find new discrepancies. The guy who passed through a window like it was some UFO abduction was sort of weird too. I can see why they banned it so aggressively down there. If you're in Australia or New Zealand, heed his advice. Another discrepancy was a photo in the NZ media after the, ever so late to arrive, Christchurch police pulled the pit maneuver on his car had three holes in the car's windscreen that were Photoshopped(Point #5). Car glass is made of safety glass so it would have shattered not left three clean holes. The video never had any holes in the windscreen when he was firing the shotgun in the car which sounded like blanks to me. Very interesting work, Haunted, a man who was on site after the fact for real. You were in a very unique position to have had that opportunity.
  14. Nuclear weapons, especially tactical nukes, do not spew as much radioactive debris as a nuclear power plant. They contain way less radioactive materials. I believe they used multiple technologies to drop those buildings. The incident was very, very well engineered along with the subsequent psyop. One goes through multiple layers to obscure the true origin of any misdeed. In Lakeland, Florida, they recently found a live air to air missile, origination Jordan, that was designed to be fired from a French fighter jet. There also just so happens to be a private company in Lakeland that has the World's largest non-governmental collection of fighter jets including a few of the French fighters the missile was designed to be mounted and fired. It begs a few questions as it's a mercenary air force. https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-08-22-private-company-offering-contract-air-support-lakeland-missile.html
  15. This is beyond creepy. They don't have my DNA, but cousins put the entire family tree in it. Information is extremely valuable. Blackrock could use it for anything they want. They said nothing about third parties having access to it. I'd be crucified for what some of my ancestors shipped across the Atlantic. I could see Blackrock getting into the extortion business. They seem to be above the law.
  16. After cogitating, a hand line would be less conspicuous. Get tha Geiger right to the bottom of the pool. They used the nukes to take out the foundations. Manhattan is built on Appalachian granite making it a perfect place for anchoring really tall buildings.
  17. My inner voice when I watched WTC-7 fall on live TV said "That was a controlled implosion.". It was the first crack in the facade of lies for me. Number two was the rapid passage of the "Patriot" Act. Gee, how convenient was that. At least I can go around 19 years later telling people 911 was a false flag, and not have people wanting to fight me.
  18. Get a water resistant Geiger counter and a fishing rod. Water is an excellent radiation shield for alpha, beta, and even gamma so maybe a detector to catch the resulting glow whenever the water stops something would be better. They don't like people from my State so I'd get a free one-way pass to Riker's Island.
  19. We call them the Uniparty and a perfect example right there. I'm seeing zero Trump stickers and signs. Who could blame them as one could get one's car or house torched for the display. I also see more Obama stickers on cars from 2012 than Biden stickers on the cars in my heavily Democratic city though the County is very Republican say 50:50 population split. I could go on for weeks with the jokes we make about "The Villages". It's a massive blight on the landscape. Their advertisements make one seriously consider suicide as a valid option.
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