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  1. First “we” were trying to save Christmas now “we’re” trying to save the summer lol. These bastards must chuckle to themselves at how fucking stupid people are.
  2. They’ve probably got the flu and are scared out of their minds. That’s probably the case with most of these admissions. 3 years back I had a flu so bad I couldn’t get out of bed at all for a week. Literally was lifeless, thought I was gone. Still I just saw it off at home and eventually recovered. In a time like this where most of humanity are sadly braindead fools it’s obvious why most would now think that’s COVID. Also the nocebo effect must kick in for a lot too.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10165058459095553&id=608685552&scmts=scwspsdd This is the type of passion we all need. Balls of steel.
  4. Took a trip to white rose to do some shopping with the wife yesterday, the severity of how f****d we are hit home hard. There was security at the entrance, making sure you’re safe and masked up like a good sheep. Neither of us have ever wore a mask before nor do we intend to ever wear one. If we’ve ever been asked anywhere we’ve just replied with “I’m exempt” and that would usually be that. This “hero” was having none of it though, and as I wasted 5 minutes of my life calling this guy an idiot my wife got a friend to send over a screenshot. Basically a pass for those that are exempt. I’l
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