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  1. Anyone got a link to this? Hate that bastard with a passion so would love to watch it hehe
  2. Fuck me cant believe the lack of balls on people today. I’d be doing all I could to help that guy out there if I was on that plane, absolute mother f****s.
  3. My good mates elder sister is high up in West Yorkshire police. Before she said police wouldn’t approach people who were out doing whatever because they didn’t have the power to enforce it. Interesting what she’ll say now.
  4. Only a braindead sheep would believe that
  5. Absolutely crazy what happened today. My eldest two daughters (5 and 6) went to school today and not long after we got a call telling us that a child in my eldest daughters class had “symptoms”. I asked what the symptoms were and got told “the child has a persistent cough”. Deary f****g me if you thought this couldn’t get worse, they then sent home the entire class, even pulling my 5 year old out of her class and telling us to isolate for two weeks. I just can’t fathom how all these braindead question nothing zombies think this is normal. We’re all fucked.
  6. Asian chicks are the bomb so go for it, the guy clearly isn’t stable in the mind.
  7. has anyone got a link to the video compilation where different states are reporting the same figure of 33 deaths? I seen it last week but can’t find it now. Appreciate it greatly if anyone could link me to it.
  8. There is no virus, I’m sure there’s been flights from other parts of the world but let’s all blame it on the Pakistanis. If you can’t see the obvious tactic they’ve used here then you’re not as clever as you think you are pal.
  9. Lol if you actually believe that. They’re just fuelling the pot of hatred and division more and more.
  10. Anyone who still believes in this is a serious serious numpty. I live in Bradford Uk, I swear to god since week 2 there have been LOADS of people out. If this thing was real there should have been loads and loads of people that passed away in my locality. For the past few weeks it’s been more or less normal outside. Every other day I’m playing football at council ran footy courts that were left unlocked. Everyday around 200/300 people turn up to play footy at them courts. Where are all the dead bodies??? Why are these people not spreading this super virus all over the place? Since day 1 ive been out every single day without miss, not me nor anyone in my family has been ill in the slightest. The only person that’s actually had a flu was my grandad, who tested negative for it lol. An auntie tested positive and then her second test was negative. She’s kept herself isolated for a week for f**k al really, did mention if she did have this bollocks of a virus then she’d have passed it on to her family members anyway.
  11. You just have a dislike towards Muslims pal, from the story you told that could just as easily have been a Atheist/Christian/Jewish parent and child. There’s good and bad everywhere, there’s plenty of westerners living in Muslim lands happily.
  12. We feared my grandad would be lost due to this but thankfully he pulled through. He first started feeling ill around 10 days or so ago, many family members have visited him and so far no one has felt any symptoms or anything. Could just have been a flu, I still don’t fully believe COVID-19 exists. I mean, how often would you ever hear about a cousins friend or a mates 3rd cousin coming down with any illness? Nowadays if a person gets the cold they’d make sure the whole neighbourhood knows. It’s ridiculous, PEOPLE GET ILL. People ask why? Why would they do this? If you look at all the loony toon changes happening to society in front of our eyes then it’s right there in front of your face.
  13. My grandad is around 80 and he’s been very very ill for over a week now. We have a friend who’s a doctor, he came over and straight away said it’s COVID. He said there’s a particular smell to COVID and diagnosed him based on that and other symptoms. Doesn’t look like my grandad will survive this one, he’s normally very fit and healthy. Unlike David I think the virus does exist but it’s only killing a small percentage. Nobody including my parents have ever seen my grandad like this before.
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