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  1. Can you imagine if they had wanted to condition society to be shit scared of the flu? All over the Internet you’d have been coming across someone that knew someone that died of that as well. People are that dumb though they can’t grasp how easily they’re brainwashed.
  2. Video unavailable, any alternative link available?
  3. Kicking off with police at protests in Bradford.
  4. https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/19188139.newlywed-bradford-teen-drowned-dales-beauty-spot-inquest-hears/?fbclid=IwAR2kA3MijlXe75GttqkIrYlJUdheHJLHoT9C2bT0NUFyBJNU3VIy5t2RMD0 local lad drowned but look how they’re straight up telling you he’s down as a COVID stat. Mf’ers.
  5. I’m a member on a football fan forum from my earlier days. I’ve tried on a couple of threads to start a reasonable discussion but they just ban me from the threads straight away. Only the government narrative can flow, it got me thinking they probably do have some sort of influence over the major sports forums out there. B****s.
  6. My friend went a few days ago to take his mum to have her vaccine. When he was there the nurse asked him if he wanted one, mentioning that many people in Bradford weren’t taking them so they had lots of spares. The idiot went and took it, the next couple of days he was bed bound but he’s ok now. Still though, it’s a good sign. Hopefully there’s millions out there refusing.
  7. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1442967402734041&id=100010623851984&scmts=scwspsdd
  8. Most People where I live in Bradford have been living life as normal for a while now. If corona was as legit as they say, there’d be so many more deaths here. That itself is enough to show me how bs it all is. Hundreds of lads play football everyday just around the corner from me, where the fuck does corona go?
  9. Asian chicks are the bomb so go for it, the guy clearly isn’t stable in the mind.
  10. You just have a dislike towards Muslims pal, from the story you told that could just as easily have been a Atheist/Christian/Jewish parent and child. There’s good and bad everywhere, there’s plenty of westerners living in Muslim lands happily.
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