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  1. I hate it when forums turn into preaching platforms. Same with youtube vids, the comments are full of people preaching. Jesus' mission was to turn Hebrew sinners back to God, as well as take political control of the country to which he had a claim through his mother.
  2. It could have been two but one could be overloading the system while the other breaks in
  3. I have said this myself. If they tar them all with the same brush then that is going to cause problems. Then again, some people are happy to stir the pot if they can get a big reaction, regardless of the truth of something.
  4. And I still cant post new topics!
  5. Asmallperson


    What if he is stuck in a hospital with covid 19?
  6. Asmallperson


    Are there unpaid MI5 agents?
  7. He must be sensible then. Blind belief is the way of a fool. The truth doesnt fear being challenged.
  8. So if all other objects in space are spherical to some degree, which is easily observable, then why should the earth be flat? the church tried to suppress astronomical information because it challenged their control so why are of trying to go backwards? It's clear that many are motivated to attack anything they think challenges the bible.
  9. This just makes things inconvenient. People will always have says to share information.
  10. He is not God, that is a church invention. He said he has no power without the father, which shows where the real power is.
  11. But not all jews think alike, nor agree with what other jews are up to but anti semitism treats them all the same way regardless of what they stand for. There are jews who think Israel is doing a bad thing, jews who dont accept the Talmud, etc. Now if people dont want to acknolwedge that but keep posting anti semitic material then its clear that there problem with with jews as a whole, not what jewish groups or individuals stand for.
  12. And I have no idea who you are on about. By your other posts though I guess its somebody jewish?
  13. Actually I didnt attack you. I was asking you a question. Your behaviour is very typical of the reptilian brain.
  14. Just had it too while trying to start a new topic
  15. Definitely. There are two problems with it. 1) It causes people to blindly attack jews and their assets, which will cause a legal and maybe a public backlash 2) It makes people look like they are perpetrating nazi ideaology, which again will create a negative effect in the public mind.
  16. I find it a bit odd that you said you were trolling people on another forum then complain that others troll this place. Maybe that person was actually just winding you up? why would any really competent, professional hacker want to argue with you? also, it just so happens that they have played right into what you believe, that Israelis are doing this. Dont you find this a bit too convenient?
  17. A vpn would conceal their location
  18. I think a massive factor is the mainstream scientific attitude. They act like they have the answers while trying to distance people from their spiritual roots, leaving them disconnected. This has so many negative effects on body and mind.
  19. I chose to address your post because I think its a bit silly. Look at your reactionary behaviour, hardly the work of a sound mind.
  20. The rozzers are in top form at the moment, lol
  21. But you've only been a member for a short time yourself. The most dangerous person is not the one who is obvious in their acts but one who externally embraces the community they are attempting to undermine.
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