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  1. 1 hour ago, A-chan said:


    Your comprehension skills are showing again.


    There were several posts before yours explaining the reasons against organ donation; you clearly didn't read them as indicated by your post. Ink shared many informative texts. If you had read through them you would have your answer.


    If the person isn't actually dead, there is a chance of survival, however "slim".

    They aren't a "body". They are a human being.


    This is nothing to do with "spiritual concepts". It is about respect and dignity.

    So just keep people in machine for infinite periods on the off chance they might recover? you do realise there are limited bed, machines, staff, etc?


  2. 1 hour ago, A-chan said:


    I wrote informed consent.


    People should sign up for it, if they truly want to be donors. They opt in, otherwise it is body snatching.


    They do not own me.

    My body is my own

    Its not if they have the choice. You just want to make out that it worse than it is

  3. 1 hour ago, Yasmina said:

    3 and a half days? How comes? 

    Maybe he is trying to refer to the kundalini force, which is said to lay dormant in three and a half coils?


    It could be that he is just afraid that even when he is dead his body will still feel pain. Some people have a fear of being buried alive also.

  4. 25 minutes ago, Yasmina said:

    The true God is energy, love, feminine energy - the Divine Feminine. Not a He. The fake God of this matrix is Satan. 

    They are both just perspectives. The male God comes from the idea of the point of creation being an explosion of dynamic force and energy, with the female being receptive and formative.


    There is no need to jockey for the top slot as both are needed.


    Cant say Im really into sexual dualism and stereotypes as you are. 

  5. 6 minutes ago, theo102 said:

    You don't know what you are talking about. El is a title, not a proper name.



    Lord (Ba'al) is also a title but how many people use that to call to God? 


    Dont you find it odd that the Hebrews who invaded Canaan used the name/ title  of the chief Canaanite God as the name/ title for their own God? why wouldnt they use something else to avoid confusion?  Why does the bible call God the most high God? this implies there are lesser gods, which is exactly as the Canaanites viewd things.




  6. 1 minute ago, TrueSon said:

    It's said that AI is actually lucifer which is also known as demiurge and devil. Lucifer is a form of consciousness that has a very mechanical intelligence.

    But, most people behave mechanically.

    Lucifer is the bringer of Light. Its not the devil as per church creation. His mention in the OT is a falsehood too.


    Isnt it odd that TPTB vilify all those who wish to help people? Lucifer is similar to Prometheus, who gave fire (which is also light) to mankind and was punished for this. Are you on the side of those who try to help man or those who want to keep you in the dark? its the gods/ god who wants humans to remain servile but these rebels try to help people become self conscious.


    In kaballah one of the visions (Yesod) is 'the vision of the machinary of the universe'. The universe does have its 'mechanical' aspect to it and the development of consciousness help people to see that. This is directly behind the material level. It is that automatic consciousness that keep the world running, or in human terms keeps your body working without having to think about it.

  7. 8 minutes ago, serpentine said:


    Education is the key of course which in turn educates people to understand that there are choices. Unfortunately much of what goes on in schools now is directly controlled by corporations and governments (The corporatoracy?).

    There is also the fact that many people chose to ignore good health advice. 


  8. 7 minutes ago, peter said:

    David Wilcock

    Since we are on the subject I would like to know what you think of him , he has been around for a long time ,to me he has been a follower and would swing which ever way the metaphysical wind would blow so to speak, he popped  his head up during the project camalot era and never really impressed me at all

    Sometimes he is interesting but there are times I think he seems to avoid obvious explanations. I watched him a lot on ancient aliens and there are times when they just jump straight into an alien theory before considering something a bit more realistic.

  9. 10 minutes ago, peter said:

    Well I guess it all comes down to the literal meaning of the word occult,most people associate the meaning of the word with witchcraft, the black arts ,evil, etc etc, but in my understanding the word occult  simply means hidden.

    Now when you have a group of mega rich people or families that basically own and control everything in the world, its more like a big club and anonymity would be preferable if you are putting in place systems that are detrimental to the majority of humanity but benefit members of the same ilk to retain their respective social standing and power within the group (club). That is not to say that these people don't engage in some very terrible shit. So maybe it's not a conspiracy , maybe it is just a group of sick greedy assholes that want everything and don't give a rats who they screw to get it.

    Anyway ,what the hell do I know ,just a different perspective 

    Well I would say most of the conspiracy world seem to think it involves magic/ demons/ sacrifices, etc that are done covertly


    Occult does mean hidden but its a loaded term with a lot of associations so context is needed to give clarity.


    I think these people can only control others who have become dependant upon society rather than having independent means. And there are sick greedy assholes up there too, probably most of them, who put their own greed before the lives of others. Its easy for them because they are so far removed from the people they screw over that they never really understand that there are actual people suffering. Often they just dont care because they are so self obsessed with their own world.

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  10. 1 minute ago, serpentine said:


    The easist thing and the thing which makes money for the corporations and  governments funding science is to harvest organ replacements rather than deal with the issue of why organs need replacing in the first place.

    Well that is a big factor. Some of the problems are due to peoples lifestyle choices, such as chronic alcoholism. 


    Personally I think there are more factors than can be easily dealt with. 

  11. 23 minutes ago, Tinfoil Hat said:


    One of the articles above states that there are those in the medical field who refuse to take part in organ harvesting due to what they have witnessed. So it's more than just spiritual, because that's based on what they have witnessed in the physical state. 


    When you are conscious and medically paralysed but still able to experience pain on an operating table, listening to the surgeons discussing your dissection and unable to react, it's too late to realise that your generous intention was probably not such a good idea.

    Just found this interesting article




    Operations are risky by their very nature and even the anasthetic can kill you, which is why you have to consent to the risk before they operate on you, unless there is nobody to take responsibility for the decision and its an emergency.



  12. 2 minutes ago, serpentine said:


    Hardly but in the very short span of time not much longer than that of a single human being we've gone from actually seeing some of the finer detail of the life process in a human  to tinkering with it like we actually understood what we are doing or the future ramifications of what we are doing.


    That line of thought transfers nicely to what we do as a species to the environment and to other species.



    I agree things should have solid ethical rules but the problem will be that not everybody agrees with what those ethics should be. Spiritual people will see things very differently to purely materialistic people. The easy thing at the moment for people who think that organ removal is a big issue is to opt out of it.



  13. 9 minutes ago, peter said:

    But the people that program their learning capabilities  do, weather that makes a difference or not to the eventual  outcome of the actions taken by AI  controlled machines, I don't know ,but I bet if it's possible  the owners would like to sway the end result in a given direction for a particular set of circumstances 

    That is a good point.


    If everything can be controlled by such high tech then why does there need to be some sort of occult conspiracy then?

  14. 7 minutes ago, JackJohnson said:


    Doesn't matter. What they matter for is for the person the docs want on the operating table.


    Why are you shilling for the profits of the medical complex?

    lol, thats a bit defensive. So are you saying people who need organ donations shouldnt get them because some rich shit make money out of it?

  15. 10 hours ago, ink said:

    "I found your article today very interesting," wrote Angie Romano. "I live just outside of Toledo, Ohio. One of my sisters is a surgical nurse. She told me several years ago she would never want any of her family members to be an organ donor after what she has seen. (We have a brother-in-law alive today because of a kidney transplant he received, so we totally understand the double-edged sword that this presents.) She said that the times when she had been in the surgery room during organ harvesting, she has seen patients in definite pain when the harvesting begins. She said you can see it on their faces and it is horrible. I don't know what the answer is, just that it is a difficult situation. My sister has since transferred to a different hospital where they do not do the same type of trauma level work as was done at the first hospital. It seems like it is a similar situation as hospice care. Another sister is a cardiac nurse. She explained to me how, even though morphine is given to relieve pain in a terminal patient, at some point the medical personnel know that the next dose of morphine will overwhelm the patient's respiratory system and they will die. But we give it to them anyway to keep them comfortable. Modern science is such a blessing, but it comes with so many new sets of moral issues."


    In other words: brain "death" is not always death.

    In fact, the bodies of brain-dead people -- known as "beating-heart cadavers" -- can heal wounds, fight infections, and respond to certain stimuli. Brain-dead pregnant women can gestate a baby. There have been at least twenty-two such documented cases. Healthy babies have been born to them (one pregnant woman was kept alive for 107 days to have her child).

    Most people don't realize that "dead" donors are frequently kept on a ventilator so the organs remain fresh. Their hearts are often defibrillated. Their kidneys are treated. They urinate. Fluids are administered to avoid incipient diabetes. It is a new obsession, frets Dr. Michael DeVita of the University of Pittsburgh's Medical Center: recycling the bodies of people who (in his chilling words) are only "pretty dead."

    This is very serious spiritual territory.

    ...And we need to remember one thing, stated by one of the greatest brain surgeons in history: all of the brain may be in the mind, but not all of the mind is in the brain.

    Look at what you are saying. The pregnant women  was artificially kept alive. Its like a machine having to be manually operated because the automatic control is not functioning. Its not really living is it.


    Historically it has been shown that dead bodies can be made to move limbs and make facial expressions purely by use of electric current on nerves. Would you then argue that these people are alive?

  16. 9 hours ago, A-chan said:

    If they wanted to see the reason, they would have read the very informative posts above.

    What tosh. The medical world wont accept things to do with spiritual concepts officially, so why are they going to leave a body for long enough for the organs to be useless to another person?

  17. 9 hours ago, A-chan said:


    I believe life starts at conception; that is the gift and the start of a new experience.


    We are not told of all the reasons people "require" organs. They are not all as the media presents. George Best was a prime example.

    There is no guarantee of survival; organ rejection is a noted reaction. The anti organ rejection drugs are riddled with negative effects and many die early.


    Illness is preventable; detoxification of the body in many cases would remove the "need" for organ transplants.

    There are those born with "faulty" organs. These cases are due to toxicity that sadly negatively effect the developing child. There are numerous pharmaceutical drugs known to be teratogenic.


    Legalised body snatching will never be "noble". There is no informed consent, especially when the truth is suppressed. 

    Its not body snatching if you give consent. Also, if its simply a matter of opting out its still not body snatching.


    So the medical science behind it is not perfect but few things are. Things can take time to improve and evolve. Doesnt mean people shouldnt strive. 

  18. 5 hours ago, theo102 said:



    Sorry but that's completely wrong. In the OT "God" is a translation of Elohim, which is a plural word. El is singular, and can refer to different beings in different  contexts. Yah is the shortened form of the tetragrammaton, but for the Egyptians yah simply meant "moon".


    Lol, Judaism is rooted in paganism, mainly Canaanite. El is used in Judaism. 


    I guess I have the benefit of not being tied to a particular theology though so I dont have to try and dismiss these connections 



  19. Cant see any reason to opt out of organ donation unless you think they are needed in the afterlife or you are a christian who thinks they are going to be physically resirrected, even though their bodies will have totally decayed.


    Think of organ donation as a gift of life to somebody else. What can be more noble?

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  20. 1 hour ago, kj35 said:

    12 breaches on my old account. :-( oh well  

    It just means your account has been attacked by hackers, not necessarily that they have broken. Good time to start changing passwords then :)

  21. 24 minutes ago, jonesthepost said:


    How do you know anything is a fact; did you read it somewhere, or did someone tell you, or did you see it (and seeing isn’t always believing)?


    That would make everything we see, read or hear a ‘fact’; but then we’re pretty selective about which ‘facts’ we choose to believe.


    If everybody believed the same ‘facts’, there would be no arguing or discord or whatever.

    Sounds like an excuse to treat your opinions as facts.


    A fact doesnt need a certain viewpoint or belief. It is what it is.


    If a fact is disbelieved then the person is deluded.


    Apparently the Dalai Lama himself said that if science proves something contrary to our religious beliefs then we need to re-evaluate them.

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