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  1. So just keep people in machine for infinite periods on the off chance they might recover? you do realise there are limited bed, machines, staff, etc?
  2. Its not if they have the choice. You just want to make out that it worse than it is
  3. Maybe he is trying to refer to the kundalini force, which is said to lay dormant in three and a half coils? It could be that he is just afraid that even when he is dead his body will still feel pain. Some people have a fear of being buried alive also.
  4. They are both just perspectives. The male God comes from the idea of the point of creation being an explosion of dynamic force and energy, with the female being receptive and formative. There is no need to jockey for the top slot as both are needed. Cant say Im really into sexual dualism and stereotypes as you are.
  5. Lord (Ba'al) is also a title but how many people use that to call to God? Dont you find it odd that the Hebrews who invaded Canaan used the name/ title of the chief Canaanite God as the name/ title for their own God? why wouldnt they use something else to avoid confusion? Why does the bible call God the most high God? this implies there are lesser gods, which is exactly as the Canaanites viewd things.
  6. Lucifer is the bringer of Light. Its not the devil as per church creation. His mention in the OT is a falsehood too. Isnt it odd that TPTB vilify all those who wish to help people? Lucifer is similar to Prometheus, who gave fire (which is also light) to mankind and was punished for this. Are you on the side of those who try to help man or those who want to keep you in the dark? its the gods/ god who wants humans to remain servile but these rebels try to help people become self conscious. In kaballah one of the visions (Yesod) is 'the vision of the machinary of the universe'. The universe does have its 'mechanical' aspect to it and the development of consciousness help people to see that. This is directly behind the material level. It is that automatic consciousness that keep the world running, or in human terms keeps your body working without having to think about it.
  7. There is also the fact that many people chose to ignore good health advice.
  8. Living with people can be difficult, especially when the escapes routes have been closed down. This is why people have been saying mental health will suffer under lockdwon, as well as things like domestic violence, etc. I tend to do spiritual work when I have time and space and its really effective and reducing stress.
  9. Sometimes he is interesting but there are times I think he seems to avoid obvious explanations. I watched him a lot on ancient aliens and there are times when they just jump straight into an alien theory before considering something a bit more realistic.
  10. Well I would say most of the conspiracy world seem to think it involves magic/ demons/ sacrifices, etc that are done covertly Occult does mean hidden but its a loaded term with a lot of associations so context is needed to give clarity. I think these people can only control others who have become dependant upon society rather than having independent means. And there are sick greedy assholes up there too, probably most of them, who put their own greed before the lives of others. Its easy for them because they are so far removed from the people they screw over that they never really understand that there are actual people suffering. Often they just dont care because they are so self obsessed with their own world.
  11. Well that is a big factor. Some of the problems are due to peoples lifestyle choices, such as chronic alcoholism. Personally I think there are more factors than can be easily dealt with.
  12. Just found this interesting article https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-38733131 Operations are risky by their very nature and even the anasthetic can kill you, which is why you have to consent to the risk before they operate on you, unless there is nobody to take responsibility for the decision and its an emergency.
  13. I agree things should have solid ethical rules but the problem will be that not everybody agrees with what those ethics should be. Spiritual people will see things very differently to purely materialistic people. The easy thing at the moment for people who think that organ removal is a big issue is to opt out of it.
  14. That is a good point. If everything can be controlled by such high tech then why does there need to be some sort of occult conspiracy then?
  15. lol, thats a bit defensive. So are you saying people who need organ donations shouldnt get them because some rich shit make money out of it?
  16. So are you saying people should be left to die because there are loads of humans?
  17. Look at what you are saying. The pregnant women was artificially kept alive. Its like a machine having to be manually operated because the automatic control is not functioning. Its not really living is it. Historically it has been shown that dead bodies can be made to move limbs and make facial expressions purely by use of electric current on nerves. Would you then argue that these people are alive?
  18. What tosh. The medical world wont accept things to do with spiritual concepts officially, so why are they going to leave a body for long enough for the organs to be useless to another person?
  19. Its not body snatching if you give consent. Also, if its simply a matter of opting out its still not body snatching. So the medical science behind it is not perfect but few things are. Things can take time to improve and evolve. Doesnt mean people shouldnt strive.
  20. No, Im talking about the egregore giving the the impression of an independent, self conscious being.
  21. Lol, Judaism is rooted in paganism, mainly Canaanite. El is used in Judaism. I guess I have the benefit of not being tied to a particular theology though so I dont have to try and dismiss these connections
  22. Cant see any reason to opt out of organ donation unless you think they are needed in the afterlife or you are a christian who thinks they are going to be physically resirrected, even though their bodies will have totally decayed. Think of organ donation as a gift of life to somebody else. What can be more noble?
  23. It just means your account has been attacked by hackers, not necessarily that they have broken. Good time to start changing passwords then :)
  24. Sounds like an excuse to treat your opinions as facts. A fact doesnt need a certain viewpoint or belief. It is what it is. If a fact is disbelieved then the person is deluded. Apparently the Dalai Lama himself said that if science proves something contrary to our religious beliefs then we need to re-evaluate them.
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