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  1. 1 hour ago, alexa said:


    I doubt this very much.........



    If you did why don't you shed some light on it ?

    Your doubt doesnt change truth. What this does prove is that you choose to live in a delusion. Thats your choice but all you are doing is clouding your mind.

  2. 1 hour ago, smashstuff said:

    Someone always seems to pop up in discussions about these fake events that knew someone who knew someone who died there.

    Well if you want to live in that sort of delusional mindset its up to you. What would you like for christmas, a lobotomy and sume rubber wallpaper?


    Why would you want to believe its fake? is the real world too scary for you?

  3. 19 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:


    I personally went to school with loads of other people, but I don't neccessarily know them personally now.


    Do you have any information about these people that might be of benefit to this particular investigation?



    What do you mean? Im not going to just drag shit like that up for people to satisfy somebodies curiosity, especially if the goal (like usual) is purely to discredit the accepted version of events. 

  4. Just now, theo102 said:

    What's your point?


    No. It's simply a descriptive title for their pre-eminent deity, it doesn't mean that it was the same deity for both groups.


    They're not going to care that someone in the future couldn't distinguish the context.


    "God" is ambiguous. 

    You would think that they might have used something to ensure their own people were not confused by the same names then.


    Personally I dont see why its a problem. Religion evolves as peoples minds develop.

  5. 7 minutes ago, Tinfoil Hat said:


    I'm meaning a 3rd party. They are all living when the harvesting commences, as previously discussed. 


    It would be different though if one my children needed an organ which I could donate - I'd go to hell for them. 

    Its preferential for them to be brain dead though as the heart can still be pumping blood around. A living donor isnt really the same as somebody who is brain dead.


    Thank you for answering that. I was curious if people who are against donating would do it if put in a difficult position. I suspect most would do it if it would save the life of somebody close to them.


    There will always be ethical issues and grey areas where things go wrong but personally I think that if people get a chance for another shot at life then its good if they can take it.

  6. 29 minutes ago, Tinfoil Hat said:


    It doesn't work that way though Asmallperson. People are normally on a waiting list already. When someone who's considered a suitable donor crops up (not dead, mark you, otherwise they would not be suitable to take organs from) the decision has already been made, and that's the scenario when I would be distrusting the medics, balancing one life against the other. So because I would not feel comfortable donating, I would be equally loathed to accept a donation on behalf of someone else if that makes sense.

    Are you talking about a living donor in the case? its not unusual for a person to give a kidney or piece of liver to a relative if they match.

  7. 13 minutes ago, Tinfoil Hat said:


    I find the attitude that it wouldn't matter what unanticipated agony another person suffered for your sake to be offensive.

    If you were somebodies next of kin and you had to make the decision for them, accept or reject a donor organ, what would you do?

  8. 10 minutes ago, JackJohnson said:


    As a matter of fact, I do. Not as something that can have it's organs plucked out just to satisfy some rich prick's wallet.

    So what use are your organs when you are dead? does your spirit still need them to exist?


    The point of organ donation is saving lives. People do get rich from it, but they do in so many ways. 


    Its one thing to opt out because of some religious belief but I think saying no just because somebody might make cash out of it is bogus.

  9. 2 minutes ago, Basket Case said:

    lf it meant taking the organ from a live person who was fully aware and could feel the pain of the operation because they get no anesthetic, only a paralysis drug (as repeatedly explained in great detail by ink in several posts), then no.

    From your comments after inks posts l see that you're either callous, stupid or lazy. IE:

    You don't care about the implications of the info.
    You cannot comprehend the info.
    You didn't read all the info.

    Which is it ? :classic_dry:

    But you wouldnt know where or how that organ became available. It wouldnt matter really if it came from a person who felt it in their final moment as they would be dead and they would still be a chance of somebody living. 


    Any need to be offensive?

  10. 1 minute ago, Kala Namak said:

    My hones answer is...I believe "death" to be an illusion, so they're not going to "die" anyway.


    Their soul will decide when it's time to leave this physical plane.


    For me personally I will hopefully not be so desperate to "hang on" or be so shit scared of dying that I'd want imported cadaver organs either for myself or my loved ones.

    How lovely that you would base another persons period on what you think is right.

  11. 3 hours ago, TrueSon said:

    I see signs of infiltration.

    • What if illuminati agents slowly rose up the social hierarchy of this forum to become a moderator and delete admins and the forum contents?
      Or, was this forum hacked by social engineering? Humans are the weakest links in any security system.
    • I saw a forum member cite lucifer as an entity that tries to help human. David Icke probably knows already that lucifer is also known as demiurge which David Icke already knows deeply about.
    • Some forum members tried to paint all or most jews as the global controllers or people who knowingly help the global controllers.
      According to David Icke, the vast majority of jews are victims to ultra zionism also known as sabbatean frankist cult.

    lol, dont tell them Im illuminati whater you do.


    The fact is there are various points of view on these matters. 


    David says question everything, so I ask why a spirit called the light bringer is somehow the devil and an evil spirt. In the Roman ritual Jesus is also refered to as light bringer.

  12. 3 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    If we are to know them by their fruits, what does 'Luciferase' tell us?



    Jones being a Christian seems like an act to me as he never calls out those that want rid of Christians.

    Such vague comments. Lucifer has been sidelined in the bible and only gets small mention as a bad guy. When St Jerome translated the bible he had a contemporary called Lucifer and its thought he might have used that name deliberately in a negative context.

  13. 1 hour ago, Kala Namak said:

    Stealing organs from people who didn't explicitly say they wanted to have their organs recycled is bad form imo, and shouldn't have been changed.


    OK, well lets look at it this way. If you donor haters had a close family member who was told they could live if they got an organ donation would you be grateful for that or would you tell that person its wrong and let them die? honest answers please.

  14. 2 hours ago, JackJohnson said:


    Why are you so supporting of this practice? It's just another piece in the PTB's plan, that everything is able to be turned into cash, that nothing is regarded as sacred anymore.

    I think its every persons right to make that choice. I dont base my thinking on some persistent theme of thinking that bad guys are trying to force me into something I dont want to do.


    Do you consider the dead body sacred? some cultures have used sky burial, which they consider sacred. What people think of as sacred depends on your viewpoint.

  15. 4 hours ago, TrueSon said:

    Well, illuminati serve lucifer and are luciferians. Bill Gates serves lucifer because the name of the enzyme in his quantum tattoo is luciferase and his nano machine patent contains 666 in its number.

    God created lucifer to help intelligence species such as humans, but it went rogue after it found out God's plan to get rid of lucifer after enough numbers of intelligent organisms graduate this 3D reality into hyperdimensional reality. It wants to live as long as possible, so it wants to get rid of humans or keep them spiritually dead.


    Illuminati love inversion of truths. They portray devil as the lightbringer.


    Alex Jones and various other conspiracy theorists believe illuminati are luciferians. I agree because they love lucifer and 666. Are you a freemason or an illuminati agent? As far as I know, many freemasons have no idea what the secret elite club in freemasonry is doing.


    Lucifer is synonymous with 666 which is a symbol of devil.

    I supect you are deeply igrained with traditional christian ideas of God and the devil. Lucifer is latin for light bringer. 666 isnt the devil Also, as I said before some versions of revelation use the number 616. 666 is Ceaser Nero. Lots of the symbolism of revelation relates to Rome as well but the writer would have been in great danger had he just said it.


    There will always be some form of evil in the world that somebody can then pin onto 'the devil' when in reality most evil is due to human nature.


    Jones and others believe the illuminati are lucefarians. So what? isnt Jones a christian and as such will hold loyalty to his religious beliefs rather than things that might contradict them and cause a crisis of faith.


    You said they love to invert things so why arent they inverting the lightbringer to make him evil? what if thats the whole point, to make people afraid of the being who is trying to help them become conscious?

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