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  1. A bit obsessed with small things arent you? you projecting some inferiority or something?
  2. Persistent repitition. Isnt that how AI's work?
  3. Im just so hurt by your little attacks
  4. Let me answer you with a question. Why are you harrassing me with questions crafted to attack?
  5. There could be more coming though, you never know
  6. Im sure if we all stick together we will be able to find them
  7. I think you are all three if you dont mind me being honest
  8. Nobody knows everything. Trial and error is how knowledge is generally advanced. Its not like that are nazi doctors who carry out surgery without pain relief or try bone grafts on victims to see what will work. How many people here think this life/ body is just an illusion and yet people are afraid to donate organs from this 'fake' body?
  9. Here is the article that your pic seems to come from: https://scientists4wiredtech.com/wireless-at-60-ghz-has-unique-oxygen-absorption-properties/
  10. The body is active after death in that the body goes through the process of decomposition. All physical sensation is brain related and if the brain stem shows no activity then how can the body react to pain? There are also various subtle bodies that have different decomposition rates. The etheric double remains close to the body but its just a fine shell, not the person. If all this is so bad then you have to consider why Egyptian elite went through mummification, having their brain and other organs removed for preservation.
  11. I see the UK govermnet have 'accidently' double counter the figures. They take a nasal and a throat test for each person but count it as two tests. Very misleading way to achieve testing targets.
  12. Well I wont be opting out. I will be leaving this world in one way or another so might as well leave something behind to help people.
  13. lol, I love the name dropping. I think their motives are genuine.
  14. lol. I notice the comments are turned off on the video. Probably to stop people trying to correctly inform the poster. If people are happy to try and view it as a disc then why not as a globe? what is your interest in flat earth? what drives your belief?
  15. https://www.livescience.com/46694-magnetic-field-weakens.html
  16. I watched a Wilcock documentary on Gaia last night but it was about the rainbow body. Really interesting stuff. Will have to see what else he has got.
  17. Firstly its not my video. The woman presenting it is a professor of religion.
  18. Again this just shows how easily you people are decieved in your quest to 'find the truth' I shall leave you lot in this little pool of self deception.
  19. Lol, you dont. You want something that tells you what you want to hear.
  20. Not to you as it might make you doubt your beliefs.
  21. Whatever keeps you believing the fantasies about fake, I mean alternative, news man. I will put money on it that he exposes nobody.
  22. As if. All this is showing my is that you lot are prepared to listen to any shit that questions an official story and to dismiss the fact that people might actually know some of the victims.
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