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  1. Well this document states there was no word for a sphere in Hebrew at that time. It seems plenty of religious people can accept a globe earth! http://www.eternal-productions.org/PDFS/articles/Does the Bible Teach a Spherical Earth.pdf "Does the Bible Teach a Spherical Earth? Many believe that the Bible teaches that the earth is flat (or a flat disk). Both assumptions are incorrect. There are a number of Scriptures that indicate a spherical earth. These Scriptures were penned centuries before a spherical earth was confirmed. Isaiah 40:22 states that Go
  2. But some things can only be seen from a certain perspective. The eyes are limited to what they can detect. This is why technology is used. If we relied only on what our eyes could tell us then we would know very little. Do you accept the idea of subatomic particles?
  3. Zoom is actually pretty good for online group meetings. Maybe the forum should organise some zoom sessions?
  4. You do realise that genesis is metaphorical? Big bang doesnt ridicule genesis. Let there be light could mean a blinding explosion. The last days are when you die and see your full life before you. The bible was written by people who didnt have the knowledge we have today. It is not the infallible word of god in writing. I guess for many religious people questioning the bible creates a lot of problems, as it could be seen as doubt, which brings feelings of guilt and shame, etc. God gave you senses to see the world around you. He also gave you a brain so you
  5. I think there is a difference between washing with an alcohol based cleaner and actually drinking the stuff. Their ban of alcohol is because it intoxicates and causes lack of control, which can lead them to 'sin'
  6. lol, good pic. Proving my point too!
  7. And you have proven yourself quite the bully, or at least you try to be.
  8. Probably not. I do love the films though, especially the Colour of Magic
  9. I have said something similar before. You can tell some of these objects are rotating too by their features, so its not like that are presenting one face, as if you were looking down onto a disc.
  10. Maybe thats their starting point? maybe if you engaged with them more positively rather than abusing them as all sorts of enemy then in time they would be more open? at least they might respect what you stand for a bit more. When 'believers' just gang up to stomp on somebody for questioning it makes it look like a belief cult. Worst comes to worst and they keep triggering you then put them on ignore!
  11. Doesnt work like that. Its all about higher vibration bro
  12. So negative. You will attract those lower astral beasties if you're not careful
  13. Im a Terry Pratchet fan too. Discworld is great
  14. But even David Icke himself says we should question everything, even his information. If we fail to actually question what he is saying then isnt there a danger it just turns into a belief cult?
  15. Whhaaaattttt Icke wrote a book some time ago where he talked about the Lion people from Sirius. People stopped talking about them after a short while it seemed.
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