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  1. https://principia-scientific.com/how-to-legally-decline-a-vaccine/ How To Legally Decline A Vaccine Published on December 10, 2020 Written by SGT Report STEP 1 Do not ‘refuse’ a vaccine otherwise you will be considered a belligerent ‘anti-vaxxer.’ Instead, pursue your natural legal right to have informed consent, which is explained in the graphic image below. LINK NOT COPYING STEP2.) Ask the doctor, “Does the vaccine have MRC-5 in it?” (THEY ALL DO). These are aborted fetal cells and other DNA. If the vaccine contai
  2. https://principia-scientific.com/12-reasons-to-reject-vaccination/ 12 Reasons To Reject Vaccination Published on December 10, 2020 Written by Dennis Stevenson Below, I’m pleased to share this page with you after research and compilation of about one thousand hours over two years. In my early life I got the usual vaccinations. Then I did some vaccination research. That was enough to convince anyone to become a strong advoca
  3. They all know it's a jolly jape to have UK funding the EU and UK is too supine to tell them to F OFF.
  4. If he has buckled then it means he has not got the intelligence to make a success of Brexit.
  5. So Northern Ireland effectively remains part of the EU? What a disgrace. This is not Brexit. Not only do they want our fish and money. They also want our territory. When are these idiots in Parliament going to wake up. The EU is NOT your friend. It is a MONSTROSITY. I'm beginning to wonder if Boris Has Buckled? I always wondered if his heart was really in it.
  6. The truth is the last 4 years have been a complete waste of time because the EU's position has always been if we don't negotiate properly they will have to remain and that has always been their position. So the truth is nothing of substance has been discussed so far because the door has been locked. UK government has allowed itself to be bullied and bashed.
  7. The problem we have now is thinking clearly. We have spent the last 3 years being pumelled psychologically by the EU to the point we can no longer think clearly. I would suggest taking a 6 month break with no negotiating (due to COVID) and then come back to finalize whatever is going to happen next.
  8. Anyone would have thought, given how much we have put in, the EU would be bending over backwards to help us with a good deal rather than trying to tie our hands. Their behaviour really is the height of ingratitude.
  9. We are entitled to a decoupling period up to 20 years as laid out in the Accession Treaty. The EU is not within its rights to threaten to withhold all future cooperation because it doesn't like what we are doing. It is behaving in a completely unreasonable manner. It's not honouring it's obligations. It's having a great big huff because we are withdrawing our cash. It still does not understand what is going on. And if our leaving means the EU in its current form is finished then I say Good. About time. The EU needs to make plans to revert to
  10. The EU needs to understand their project is unsustainable in its current form. The sooner they start reverting to the Trade Bloc model the better for all. In case they hadn't noticed UK has paid in a lot of money and had very little in return in fact our progress has been hampered. We are leaving, they won't like it.
  11. This is assuming that the current fishing arrangements are broadly just. If not, then the EU can expect what they are entitled to will be based on a policy that is just. That may mean that they are entitled to less than the amounts I have laid out.
  12. EU had better be careful how it treats UK or it could end up amassing problems for itself.
  13. And recent changes to protect integrity of UK re NI are not interfered with.
  14. Add At no time does UK have to abide by EU rules containing Socialist claptrap. Added expenses are reduced to a minimum. Once we have completed the transition and re-establishment process, ~20 years?, we can look at what we can afford in terms of better worker rights but not now. We will be standing on our own feet in the world and do not need extra burdens. The EU is not free to impose such burdens upon us.
  15. If EU want up to 10 years access to UK waters we can accede. This means EU boats have access to UK waters taking 10% less each year over 10 years. UK continues to trade with EU on current terms but aims to reduce trade with EU by 10% per annum down to the level it expects to exist once it has fully left. So for example, if current trade with EU is £100bn PA and in 10 years time it's expected to be £60bn then we have to reduce annual trade by 4bn£ PA, over a 3 year average. We continue to trade on current terms but are freed from EU constraints and can pursue Trade Agre
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