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  1. He's been deleting all his Icke interviews & anything else a London Mayor would not want to associate with.. Ro$e is the king of skammers no question.
  2. Divaldo Franco, Brazilian medium , channelled essay on the subject: CRIMINAL ABORTION Nothing can justify it. An abominable crime, criminal abortion is a cowardly means used by weaker spirits to flee responsibility, incurring a grave and not easily erasable state of guilt. Nevertheless, some countries have legalized all cases of abortion with and without a fair reason-and we consider fair reason all those cases of therapeutic abortion, medically approved to save the mother's life. Statistics in such countries show an unexpectedly high index of offence against the laws of nature. Yet it continues to be a criminal attempt against the life of a defenceless creature. That is why it should be considered one of the most hideous aggressions against a human being .... Senseless advocates of criminal abortion come up with the allegation that in the first few months there is no existence. Yet, they fail to recognize that human life, in process of development, is deserving of high respect. With the passing of days, the fetus will be transformed into a man or woman who deserves the opportunity of a bodily life, by divine decree. No one has the authority of cutting short the phenomenon of life without incurring in painful debt from which he will not be absolved without paying a heavy price .... No process of re-embodiment happens at random, nor is the fertilization of sexual cells the work of chance. If this were the case, it would be permissible for man to accept or reject the situation. It is also claimed that the legalization of abortion is a healthy measure, considering the great number of criminal practices that endanger women's lives. A crime does not, in any way, justify its legalization to make its illicit practice disappear. Life is divine property and cannot be lightly squandered. Since people consent in bodily communion, it is expected that they accept the responsibility of their act. Every action generates natural reactions, which gravitate around their author. In considering further the problem of legal abortion, the laws are indulgent whenever the fertilization occurs through rape .... But even in such cases, to expel the fetus by means of abortion does not, in any way, correct the damage that is already there .... Many times the Spirit that arrives under such painful circumstances becomes a great blessing to the mother's agony and oppressed heart. Self-denial with the purpose of saving another precious life brings excellent ground for redemption to the victim of such tragic destiny .... T he truth, however, is that the victim is expiating a debt and advancing on the trail of abnegation and sacrifice to the pinnacles of happiness. There are no incidents of injustice in the framework of Divine Law, reaching some and excluding others .... Abortion, therefore, even when accepted by human standards and legalized, goes violently against divine laws. It continues to be a crime for the person who practices it or submits to it. If legalized, it becomes accepted yet continues to be immoral. A Spirit whose return to Earth was blocked, will try again. A re-encounter will take place in the future between the would-be-mother and the one whom she tried to avoid. The previous commitments between them, requiring adjustment without delay, magnetically attracts them towards each other. If there is lack of love, a process of mental illness will take place, accompanied by other disorders of a complex nature and difficult diagnosis. Thus you must favour life, no matter under what aspect it manifests itself. Consider the liberating door of reincarnation. Advance to higher levels of spiritual progress by offering the opportunity to Spirits who seek your help, and trust in God. The Author of Creation, Who watches over the birds of the air and the flowers of the fields, will also watch over you, who are more valuable than they. You are not forsaken or deprived of divine assistance. There is no excuse whatsoever for a person who practices criminal abortion, not withstanding the moral chaos that is sweeping the Earth today. Every child is trusted to parents, who should love him and prize this sacred opportunity to help him progress spiritually. In due time, this being should be ready to return to his Celestial Father. The criminal act of abortion should not become a stumbling block in your spiritual progress. It should be avoided, even when it results in difficulties and afflictions .... Every spiritual ascension demands a sacrificial task. But at the summit's height there are promises of peace and beauty, as a compensation for all your struggles. You will be honoured with peace after liberating your conscience from debts and guilt. To kill, never!
  3. Listen to Silver Birch the famous spirit guide , give a talk on the nature of the great spirit:
  4. video up again , although I not watched yet myself
  5. United on any forms of criminality. Nobody is divided because someone has been exposed as a con man.
  6. as they say , you can't make this stuff up
  7. People with hearts of gold are never jerks, & they would never in a million years con any one person out of even a penny.
  8. you won't thank me for posting the latest on the skam artist
  9. Ro$e won't miss the opportunity , that's for sure.
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