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  1. He's been deleting all his Icke interviews & anything else a London Mayor would not want to associate with.. Ro$e is the king of skammers no question.
  2. Divaldo Franco, Brazilian medium , channelled essay on the subject: CRIMINAL ABORTION Nothing can justify it. An abominable crime, criminal abortion is a cowardly means used by weaker spirits to flee responsibility, incurring a grave and not easily erasable state of guilt. Nevertheless, some countries have legalized all cases of abortion with and without a fair reason-and we consider fair reason all those cases of therapeutic abortion, medically approved to save the mother's life. Statistics in such countries show an unexpectedly high index
  3. Listen to Silver Birch the famous spirit guide , give a talk on the nature of the great spirit:
  4. video up again , although I not watched yet myself
  5. United on any forms of criminality. Nobody is divided because someone has been exposed as a con man.
  6. as they say , you can't make this stuff up
  7. People with hearts of gold are never jerks, & they would never in a million years con any one person out of even a penny.
  8. you won't thank me for posting the latest on the skam artist
  9. Ro$e won't miss the opportunity , that's for sure.
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