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  1. No, not at all. (like many here, I've been doing this a very long time)... But I'm not talking about wikip or blanket fact checking sites - I'm talking about specific universities and research centres (as in the link I sent) where names, dates and specifics are given. There's a difference between, as one fact check site said "the Chinese isolated the virus from the first cases" (no data, details, evidence given)... And, as I said, full details of the process. Even with my cynical and very aware eye, I find it hard to think a prominent university or similar would just outright lie on every paragraph. They, as we, are too scared of being caught out at the mo, you cannot just blanket BS your way through such a claim.... Even if they are sponsored by the Gates of Hell.
  2. Hi, Double checking evidence has become important, as I am losing friends and even close family members to my belief system. Many of the sticking points are simply googled by them and the mainstream argument is thrown back in my face... OK, whatever. But when something as vital as the "the virus has never been isolated" comes up, it is a big one. A quick Google from me came up with several answers - some easily written off - others not so. For example :https://theconversation.com/i-study-viruses-how-our-team-isolated-the-new-coronavirus-to-fight-the-global-pandemic-133675 There seems to be a list of people that have claimed the isolation and are showing very convincing evidence that I wouldn't argue against. What is the picture now? That the Chinese researchers never isolated from the beginning and therefore the PCR is redundant (as the required 'settings' came from that alleged first interaction) but since then, many have isolated it...? Or.. Are we still at the stage of "no one ever has isolated it, ever.." Because I have to say, the evidence to the contrary of the second is very strong. Thx.
  3. Interesting. There's is also the theory making the rounds, and I've heard David talk about it but not exactly endorse, and even Dr. Buttar mention it as "a model" but nothing more, that viruses don't actually cause illness and only transmit disease because our internal bodies 'talk to each other in the same way trees communicate if there's a disease nearby' . You may have heard of it. I can't help thinking that this is the flat earth of virus theory. As in - if that was the case, then every single other doctor, virologist, scientist etc etc who's ever been - is either lying or wrong. I've only seen that in 2 vids, however.. .
  4. Hi, I can't find this on another thread. I understand well all that is going on, as well as anyone can, and have been following David /Corbett /Igan for many years. But, I understand that many, including David, thinks that there is no virus at all. And I have no problem accepting that - but I would just ask what are the "strange and unexplainable symptoms" that were reported early on. I remember specifically 2 doctors who were talking of high altitude - like symptoms and extreme but never before seen breathing difficulties... What was the thinking there?
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