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  1. has anyone what you reckon, looks fake af but can all these videos be the work of a few bible bashers, ive seen them from hospitals,aerports and even disappearing from a police car, they're calling it the rapture..
  2. About – The Medium Centre Wales south wales.
  3. i knew lucy...very sad. and maddening when i tell family its russian roulette and they just go well they said its safe so...
  4. watched it live last night, cant find the third part anywhere since they deleted from my facey. in that part they went into the fake studies in the lancet and science journals one dr said he was scared for his family saying these things, they called out fauchi and gilliad , followed at the end with lawyers giving info for drs if they go against the who's advice, was gold. oh and an impassioned speech by the texas doc to all the other drs out there to stick to the hippocratic oath and bow down to the money men. was great to watch live. if anyone can find it its worth watching although its about three hours long
  5. https://www.alibaba.com/showroom/adrenochrome.html
  6. have you looked into Ely Rips and his theory on the bible codes.hes a jewish mathmatician. and since alot of the koran and the bible are similar it may help you find deeper syncs
  7. thanks. book burning beast mode
  8. i can only find the general page. is it the same for everyone, have they took his website down fully?
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