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  1. My thoughts exactly, a sort of bluff and double bluff, those cold blooded things who planned the scamdemic are trying to scare us shitless with even more horror scenarios culminating in a fake alien invasion designed to hammer us down even tighter! I'm going to move in with Prince Andrew, if the FBI can't snatch him, aliens have no chance
  2. Now they've planted the 'Prince of Darkness' I for one am keeping all my windows and doors locked tonight, and, sleeping with garlic under my pillow and a wooden cross / stake handy! I advise everyone else to do the same, Nosferatu Windsor may get restless around midnight!
  3. When they buried Thatcher I toasted her by drinking a pint of milk in memory of the free school milk supplement that she had stopped, 'Iron Lady' my arse, she was just another pedo protector, end of!
  4. The amount of wankers who say it's sad she has to sit at her husband's funeral all alone! What about the many thousands of widows and widowers who have had to sit all alone at their loved ones funeral, because of a fake scamdemic?
  5. It makes me think that Galapagos penguins aren't as 'engangered' as we've been told they are, they are uniquely marked though aren't they? And well fed too by the looks of things!
  6. Qheenie has called anyone who won't get the jab 'selfish' this prompted me to produce this meme, hope you like it!
  7. Sorry if you've already seen this, but it seems so apt I just had to stick it on here!
  8. Sorry, I didn't recognise you with your clothes on, how're keeping?
  9. I think, as a nation, the only clapping we should be doing right now, is clapping Bungling Boris Bunter in irons, along with the rest of his murderous crew of cycle paths { sorry but I couldn't spell psychopaths, or should that be sociopaths? } there isn't a single strand of empathy in the entire nest of vipers!
  10. I live in Brighton and was shore fishing from the beach one night when I met a dyslexic alien shambling past with a bottle of beer, I knew he was a dyslexic alien because he said 'I'm from Mars, take me to your dealer'! Probably realised he'd get a better service from a dealer than he would from our so called 'leader' 'Blundering Boris Bunter!
  11. Here's the one for Hancock and Whitty.
  12. Oh dear, I forgot to post Boris Bunter's Xmas card, and it was a lovely one too!
  13. Of course there is no agenda, have you all lost the plot?
  14. I was thinking today how thick the general sheep population is! We get innundated by adverts with voice overs by 'Famous celebs' about sending money to help the kids in Africa and other third world countries, meanwhile Bill Gates is 'immunising' thousands of them to death! What a completely evil and crazy world we live in! This 'virus' isn't a 'virus' of the body, but a 'virus' of the mind! The main symptoms are, blind obedience, lack of critical thought and the overwhelming need to wear face nappies, constantly washing your hands whilst singing 'Happy Birthday' and leaping away from anyone invading your two metre safety zone! The only known cure is by having the scales removed from your eyes by specialists such as David Icke and his forum members! Then getting a 'shot' or two of commonsense and, hey presto, you're cured! Merry Christmas!
  15. I loved that man, his humour was far in advance of the times he lived in, it's such a sad thing that he committed suicide when he still had so much left to give to the world of comedy!
  16. Today we were in B&Q and a bloke looked at me and my wife, both of us maskless, and then he tapped his see through visor, pointed at us and then tapped his visor again! I just couldn't resit it, I said, really loudly 'Oi mate, if you're looking for welding stuff to do your car, try Machine Mart two shops down from here, they've got a bigger range of welding stuff there'! He screamed back 'I hope you die of the virus you c**t'! I said 'gee thanks, if I do I'll be the only one who has, open your eyes as wide as you do your mouth, and you might see the truth for once'! Then an eastern european B & Q worker intervened and said 'we can only advise you wear a face covering, we can't force anyone to'! I just said 'that's right mate' and walked off after my wife! My wife has an exemption card due to being an asthmatic and a couple of weeks ago the door Shepherd at Tesco asked if she had the card because of asthma? I couldn't resist it, I said 'no, it's because in 1973 she was trapped in a lift with Jimmy Savil for four and a half hours and she can't stand anything that makes her feel enclosed, I do hope this won't go any further'? He said 'so, where's your mask?' I said 'in the car mate, which is where I'm going now, because I'm not wearing a muzzle for you, or Terresa Cohen'! To be fair though, my wife said 'oh bollocks to it, I've changed my mind, let's go to Lidl' and left the trolley next to the door shepherd and off we went to Lidl! She said to me that whenever she see's anyone in a mask now, she wants to slap 'em until they wake the f**k up! She's right of course, and she didn't even have the benefit of a Roedean education!
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