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  1. We just had two days in Bournemouth at the seafront Travelodge in West Cliff, and parked next to us on their carpark was a pregnant youngish lady with three little lads. I remarked to her how bright the kids were and she said she home schooled them herself as she didn't trust schools and there was no way her kids were getting jabbed or, wearing masks either! I told he that my wife and I weren't jabbed either, and before I knew it, we were exchanging website info etc! Apparently she'd been born in Bournemouth, but now lived pretty near G.C.H.Q. and as her husband was away for two weeks with his job she'd decided to bring the kids to her hometown for three days to see friends etc! She was well in tune with us lot about the old bollocks they've fed the sheep for the last few years, although she did say she wore a mask for a few days before realising it was all bullshit!🤭 Her lads were as bright as buttons and the youngest lad Samuel told me all about 'false widow spiders' and how you had to be very careful of them as they could make you ill if they bit you!🤔 She was well up on stuff like 'THE U.K. COLUMN' 'Aangirfan' this site and people like Neil Oliver, Vernon Coleman etc! It was such a pleasure to know that there are people in the unlikeliest of places with the sense to smell the bullshit { it's easier without the masks to inhibit you 😏} So, if you're reading this yong lady from the Cheltenham area, it was a real pleasure to meet you and your lovely kids!👍

    1. webtrekker


      Interesting point you bring up there Steve ...


      Could it be that the ones with Covid couldn't actually smell (or taste) the Bullshit?



    2. Steven Tansell

      Steven Tansell



      A CLEAR CUT CASE OF 'bullshit baffles brains'!🤭

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