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  1. We just had two days in Bournemouth at the seafront Travelodge in West Cliff, and parked next to us on their carpark was a pregnant youngish lady with three little lads. I remarked to her how bright the kids were and she said she home schooled them herself as she didn't trust schools and there was no way her kids were getting jabbed or, wearing masks either! I told he that my wife and I weren't jabbed either, and before I knew it, we were exchanging website info etc! Apparently she'd been born in Bournemouth, but now lived pretty near G.C.H.Q. and as her husband was away for two weeks with his job she'd decided to bring the kids to her hometown for three days to see friends etc! She was well in tune with us lot about the old bollocks they've fed the sheep for the last few years, although she did say she wore a mask for a few days before realising it was all bullshit!🤭 Her lads were as bright as buttons and the youngest lad Samuel told me all about 'false widow spiders' and how you had to be very careful of them as they could make you ill if they bit you!🤔 She was well up on stuff like 'THE U.K. COLUMN' 'Aangirfan' this site and people like Neil Oliver, Vernon Coleman etc! It was such a pleasure to know that there are people in the unlikeliest of places with the sense to smell the bullshit { it's easier without the masks to inhibit you 😏} So, if you're reading this yong lady from the Cheltenham area, it was a real pleasure to meet you and your lovely kids!👍

    1. webtrekker


      Interesting point you bring up there Steve ...


      Could it be that the ones with Covid couldn't actually smell (or taste) the Bullshit?



    2. Steven Tansell

      Steven Tansell



      A CLEAR CUT CASE OF 'bullshit baffles brains'!🤭

  2. I remember the days when us kids played outside, and swung on ropes and old bike tyres slung over the lampost arms, as soon as the streetlights came on, we all trudged off home to our little nests, very tired, very happy and, safe and sound, yet again! There were no computer games back then, the only graphics were called trees, woods, fields and sky, when the sun was out it was play time, and when the moon came out it it was bed time! Words had a simpler meaning back then, gay was happy, and a blow job was something your mam and nan had done at the hairdressers! Kids played lorries and trains in old cardboard boxes, long before those boxes got upgraded to inner city dwelling for the homeless. The schools had someone called 'The Nit Nurse' who came occasionally to check your hair, your finger nails and your teeth, and every kid received a bottle of milk a day, until Margaret Thatcher stopped it all! When 'Thatcher The Milk Snatcher' turned her toes up I toasted her passing with a pint of fresh milk! We were the last family in the street to get a T.V. because my granddad called it 'The Idiot's Lantern' and didn't want one in the house! He relented eventually so that he could watch the 'Armchair Wrestling' on a Saturday afternoon compered by Kent Walton!

    All in all, even with rickets and polio, measles and chicken pox running riot through our childhood, compared to the kids of today, I truly believe us baby boomers had the best of the deal!! I'm 74 now and often wonder what sort of world it will be if and when the kids of today reach their seventies and beyond?

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    2. TetraG


      sorry I still don't get it.....The word "compared" is not it?

      ...but then you know how does this relate or be interchangeable with a person named Kent Walton if I don't understand even the word?... hmmm.

    3. Steven Tansell
    4. TetraG


      btw, on the subject of TV brainwashing, read what you see in this video in frame 9:09 and 9:45.... https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/28910-brainwashing/


      ^^^ you will know this by instinct, but its good to get confirmation this subliminal stuff to some extent is scientifically knowable as far as the neocortex (of brain) going offline during passive TV gazing.......and as the brainwaves get altered from Beta to Alpha.

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