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  1. Now they've planted the 'Prince of Darkness' I for one am keeping all my windows and doors locked tonight, and, sleeping with garlic under my pillow and a wooden cross / stake handy! I advise everyone else to do the same, Nosferatu Windsor may get restless around midnight!
  2. When they buried Thatcher I toasted her by drinking a pint of milk in memory of the free school milk supplement that she had stopped, 'Iron Lady' my arse, she was just another pedo protector, end of!
  3. The amount of wankers who say it's sad she has to sit at her husband's funeral all alone! What about the many thousands of widows and widowers who have had to sit all alone at their loved ones funeral, because of a fake scamdemic?
  4. It makes me think that Galapagos penguins aren't as 'engangered' as we've been told they are, they are uniquely marked though aren't they? And well fed too by the looks of things!
  5. Qheenie has called anyone who won't get the jab 'selfish' this prompted me to produce this meme, hope you like it!
  6. Sorry if you've already seen this, but it seems so apt I just had to stick it on here!
  7. Sorry, I didn't recognise you with your clothes on, how're keeping?
  8. I live in Brighton and was shore fishing from the beach one night when I met a dyslexic alien shambling past with a bottle of beer, I knew he was a dyslexic alien because he said 'I'm from Mars, take me to your dealer'! Probably realised he'd get a better service from a dealer than he would from our so called 'leader' 'Blundering Boris Bunter!
  9. Here's the one for Hancock and Whitty.
  10. Oh dear, I forgot to post Boris Bunter's Xmas card, and it was a lovely one too!
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