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  1. Ian Brown posted this on Twitter. It was in reply to someone called Martin Rossiter who as far as I can tell suggested that Ian Brown didn't have the qualifications to talk about the "virus" He's one of the few " celebrities" who isn't scared of losing their career if they question the narrative. The silence is deafening and I can only guess that the reason the celebrities aren't talking out is because they are compromised in one way or another. More power to him. This is a fight between good and evil as simple as that.
  2. What a patronising bitch that Sarah is!! Have you noticed how all the TV pundits and MP's seem to really get off on spouting the same old nonsense. This whole "pandemic" thing is a wet dream to them. I'm sure they go home and have a good wank afterwards or immediately the cameras are off (usually haha).
  3. Dan Wootton and Labour MP Chris Bryant (MP for Rhonda) have a disagreement over the effectiveness of coronavirus lockdowns. Props to Dan for holding his ground. Bryant when challenged started calling anyone who went against the narrative a "crackpot"
  4. Tool's Maynard James Keenan Opens Up About Coronavirus Battle & After-Effects: 'I Survived It, But It Wasn't Pretty. https://www.billboard.com/amp/articles/columns/rock/9463589/tool-maynard-james-keenan-coronavirus-battle-after-effects?fbclid=IwAR0lz1PQ2c-D98r411roJFWw0zopcC7xjaiv7mMyk7U1TISNQxGcSvnekJ8 He gets a quick plug in for wearing masks.
  5. You have to hand it to Sky News Australia for speaking out. This entire segment is warning about the great reset. https://www.skynews.com.au/details/_6199544116001?fbclid=IwAR2VpvjBOH2EwG4yhLdNaO3hmRUK5El9DIutdt9yohJGEyDBgt7cNVvR478
  6. Enjoy COVID-19 The Musical by Frankie Goes To Nowhere! https://www.brighteon.com/5ab0718c-9a3b-4861-98ed-17c560185476
  7. Just went to Lidl this evening and no panic buying there and plenty of stock.
  8. Not even September yet and my GP practice is pushing the flu vaccine via text message. At least they are giving me the option to opt out which I will of course as I have never had a flu vaccine in the 68 years I've been alive and don't intend to.
  9. Looks like he's not doing very well at the moment "Radio host reveals cancer in kidney, spine, brain and lungs" https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-53804942
  10. I noticed it a few times the other week. They slid it in during the ad breaks usually in the early morning. Some guy in a creepy mocking voice warning against conspiracy theories about Covid-19. Obviously government funded. I'm not sure if it's still running as I listen to talkSPORT a lot less than I used to and that ad kind of put me off listening even more.
  11. Anyone heard that creepy conspiracy theory warning on Talksport ? It's pretty weird.
  12. I don't understand I just watched what was supposed to be a live interview. David was wearing his pink jumper and there was a black backdrop. Brian Rose posted on YouTube this morning he was going to the Isle of Wight for the interview. But at the end of the interview Brian Rose gave the impression David had visited him? Or was it a studio in the Isle of Wight?
  13. If this is woman is genuine its truly shocking. New York Undercover Nurse Confirms COVID-19 Criminal Hoax https://www.brighteon.com/bf73cb16-4d16-4c4c-a809-86792ed416e1
  14. https://twitter.com/LucaDivesDeep/status/1263956840095809537?s=20
  15. Anyway good news if you get damaged by vaccine you can get £120,000 from the UK government! https://www.gov.uk/vaccine-damage-payment
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