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  1. And at Barnsley vs Stoke. What I don't understand is why the team medics have to sprint across the pitch to give treatment and when it's dealt with the crowd give rapturous applause? It all seems like theatre. Surely they should have medical staff on hand to deal with these incidents separately and not rely on the team medics sorting it out? These commentators just carry on as though it's normal although unless they are completely stupid they must by now be privately discussing why this is happening so often. Plus sports stations like talkSPORT have never questioned why this is happening. The only pundit that did was Trevor Sinclair a few weeks back and he was cut off abruptly. Also talkSPORT are still running ads during every break pushing the vaccine on kids which probably accounts the silence as all the media are bought and paid for by the government.
  2. My sister and her daughter run a dance school. I will ask her if it's okay for me to post the message she sent me about what happened. But basically they were visited by the Covid compliance team and they said the dance school wasn't Covid compliant because teachers weren't jabbed. She said it was a very unpleasant experience. But they changed their mind the next day because they deemed it as community sport (which is what my sister was arguing at the start). Apparently in Victoria community sports doesn't have a mandate for teachers to be jabbed. Then two days later she received a fine of $2726 because she wasn't jabbed. She reckons somebody must have reported her.
  3. I will get her to send me a photo although it's night time there at the moment. Thanks.
  4. First they came in to try and shut down her daughters dance school but that failed. But then she was hit with a fine for not being vaccinated. I'm not sure who dobbed her in but she reckons the whole procedure for giving her the fine was extremely dodgy. She's seeing someone tomorrow who might be able to help her. Failing that she will probably try AVI at Rebel News, Australia. The whole thing sucks.
  5. Thank you I will suggest that to her!
  6. Sorry I should have been more specific. She's been fined for not being vaccinated.
  7. My sister lives in Victoria, Australia. She is 71 and has not had the vaccines and is awake to what is going on. But she just got fined $2726. Apparently somebody reported her. She's pretty stressed about it. Does anyone have any suggestions to what she should do or how she should appeal.
  8. I seem to remember that Arteta was one of the first high-profile people to catch Covid. He also caught it again a few months back lol. I always thought he was a strange looking character and struck me as some kind of clone.
  9. Trying to watch Everton vs Borehamwood. It's like a political broadcast for Ukraine. Players walking out carrying Ukraine flags and commentators virtual signalling whenever they can. Ukraine has definitely knocked Covid off the top of the charts.
  10. I think HIV was a construct similar to Covid in order to sell the ridiculously expensive AZT which was the real killer.
  11. Well it's hard to say as I never had the vaccine and I'm now 70 and was never ill during the "pandemic". Never ever had a flu jab either. The only jab I've ever had was a tetanus jab when I got bitten by a Rottweiler in the mid-eighties.
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