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  1. I misunderstood. Maybe Rose had a specific time period in mind and was just killing time, who knows. But I agree, he was being repetitive at the end.
  2. Sorry to disagree again RP. I think it's a good format - David covers the new developments, and then goes over the basics for the benefit of new viewers. It's repetitive for us, but these videos aren't really for us. He needs to do exactly this - keep up to date with new developments while explaining the reasons why. Again, and again until people start paying attention. Ah I love me some Icke on a Sunday night. He's the only one I ever believe when I hear people say, "I don't give a shit what other people think".
  3. Please share the link as much as you can...
  4. To be fair, when he shuts up, he shuts the fuck up and lets David talk for hours.
  5. I can't stomach any more Alex Jones clips.
  6. It was at least half an hour late last time. Don't worry I'm sure it'll be on soon.
  7. It doesn't matter. Whether he was black or white, or even real, or if the police and families are all in on it or not, is of no interest to me, and it shouldn't be to you either. What does matter is that it is the spark to ignite the tinderbox and to cause a problem that requires a solution to the public reaction. Which will come soon enough I suspect. There is major social unrest going on, spreading to other countries too it seems, and the media are paying FULL attention to it. That fact alone is all I need to know. That tells me they want it. And *that* tells me I won't want it. It also tells me it's part of a much bigger plan. So stop talking about the cops and the families, and the dead guy, and black, and white, or dermocrat or publicans etc. It won't get you anywhere. We are all being fucked up the arse together. Focus, ffs. Let it go, an innocent man died - now move on and think about what happens next. Many more innocents will die too. These are very serious times; if the Americans fall, with all their guns and tyranny-hating/freedom loving bullshit, we're all fucked.
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