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  1. Quarenteen camps are on their way for those who aren't vaccinated. You will be re-educated to have it.


    Got my text yesterday from today I will tell people I'm all booked in.


    I did hear there was a loophole in the system, book your appointment and don't show, keep doing this till they call you. When they call get histerical and tell them you did turn up the first time and can't understand why you are still being harassed and don't want the first jab again. Tell them the person who gave you it did seem confused about the process so they must have not updated my record on the computer or something. They will then do it manually for you.


    Apparently lots of people have done this already.


    Good luck and stay safe (unvaccinated)

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    We are the 1MillionTradeMarch




    Time to change the game...


    We plan to mobilise the masses and strike when they least expect us.


    This isn't about making or losing money, this is about showing the establishment that we hold the power and are no longer lambs to the slaughter. 


    We have been pushed too far, all races, all religions, political affiliation, regardless of your income or status if you aren't one of the 1% then you are now one of us!


    Time to fight back.


    Spread the word!





    A stock is chosen based on certain criteria, we have some of the top private trade investors on our team who do this for you.


    It is selected after the market closes.


    It is then released to the whole group. At 8 am we begin buying that stock. Spend as much as you are willing to lose (every little helps) we collectively HOLD that stock, shorter then start to get charged interest-based on how high the share price goes, eventually, they are forced to close their positions they do this by BUYING shares at the current market value.


    The group will then be told when to mass sell. If enough people hold and buying pressure is constant this works, if people panic and sell it doesn’t work and the shorter WINS.





    Shorter buys a stock for £1 hoping it will go to £0.50.


    The masses buy that stock and raise the price to £3 Shorter panics and buys out the position at £3 (BURNT)


    Everyone then sells and the stock returns to just above £1 due to the shorter’s mass holdings pushing up the base price.


    If you buy and don’t HOLD then small-time investors will get burnt it will drive the price below the £1 start figure and the Shorter WINS!





    1.       The share will be ANNOUNCED after 5 pm the day before on t.me/ukchatforwallstreetbetsnews  


    2.       At 8 am BUY that share


    3.       Hold that share


    4.       At 5 pm the day before on t.me/ukchatforwallstreetbetsnews  a SELL order will be issued


    5.       At 8 am SELL that share





    1.       Share, Share, Share – not just on telegram, everywhere – send everyone to telegram groups: t.me/ukchatforwallstreetbetsnews  t.me/ukchatforwallstreetbets


    2.       Please don’t share stock ideas, please by all means if you want to discuss things great but we won’t consider any stock suggestions.


    3.       Buying stocks is a risk you could lose every penny you invest so please don’t put money in you can’t afford to lose.


    4.       Use a broker that charges you to trade, this will stop the “RobinHood” effect. Paid brokers need permission to sell your shares unpaid ones don’t.



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