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  1. Has anyone had any experience with Dicyanin? It was briefly unbanned in 2010 then banned again in USA, for those that don't know it is a dye derived from coal tar that when placed between 2 sheets of glass allows normal people to see other peoples auras. I'm curious to find out if this stuff is for real or not, like the goggles from X-files and the glasses from "They Live" its strange that a chemist can apparently get clearance to obtain LSD, Cocaine and Heroin but not Dicyanin, Maybe they don't want us to "see" or maybe it contains some form of Cyanide which would be understandable why its banned!
  2. Has anyone here ever had first hand experience with Dicyanin dye to see Auras ? its seems that its banned everywhere, or is there a legal way to get some in the UK ?
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