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  1. They are going to film it in a secret bunker like last time, aka the basement of the rented London Real studios.
  2. Timing? America have been killing black people for 100's of years, this is just the latest one. No matter when it was, somebody could say ohh 'timing'
  3. Why is that an interesting timeline? What has when I joined got to do with anything? And why have you connected me and alizantil? I've posted ONE rebel wisdom link.
  4. I think he is probably terrified. Spooked. He was agitated and talking about imminent forced vaccinations the last time I saw him. He's probably paranoid after the forum take down.
  5. I've watched Brian Rose from the start when he used to do interviews in his kitchen with his mate, never a 'follower' as such, just kept my eye out for good guests. He changed massively when he went on Dan Penas course, then turned London Real into a business, by selling a load of shite, exceptionally over priced courses through the marketing shite he learned from Dan. I could see straight away when the first Icke interview was banned that he's seen an opportunity and basically decided to highjack the conspiracy audience to grow his business and make as much money as he could, the comments sections of his videos at the time were all sucking his cock. Not anymore, thanks to channels like CoffeeZilla, Rebel Wisdom and a bunch of smaller ones calling him out, and Brians public meltdown, the comment section seems to have done a 180, see below.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBglnc_YKS4
  7. The idea that Brian Rose gets a £million + in his bank account to start 'Digital Freedom Platform' is ridiculous. Free platforms already exist, why isn't he using them? The DFP is his, he decides what does and doesn't go on it. Brian Rose is consistently deleting questions and criticisms of him and the 'platform' ...that is censorship. Instead of Youbtube deciding what goes on, it's put into the hands of Brian Rose, there's no difference, it's not freedom. He's putting copyright and community strikes out against other Youtube channel who cities him, he's a massive hypocrite.
  8. That's an irrational fear response. That is not how it is at all. Many countries have had opt out systems for years, including Wales, go look how they are implemented. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-42213813 I have personally opted out.
  9. He's a blatant conman and rampant narcissist.
  10. What didn't they just install a new world order on day 1?
  11. Stop being so utterly gullible.
  12. Not sure... Although the whole pole and the metal box on the ground were burnt out as well, they could have poured a whole load of flammable liquid around the base, and the panel and it would burn everything going up inside the pole and then up to the top
  13. A 5G mast, (think it was) was built only a few days ago near me, it was burnt out last night.
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