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  1. Just now, Kala Namak said:

    tbh I haven't followed any of your posts. 

    I haven't been following your posts, but it would appear that you've been posting in a dodgy fashion. 

    No more dodgy than some

  2. On 5/17/2020 at 7:20 PM, megatron3 said:

    Which are your favourite places to visit 'up there'?

    First time I astral projected, all I could see was my bedroom full of blue electrical beams that I was floating in, like a sea. Has anybody had a similar experience?

    Other times I simply had fun flying around and talking to my Grandpa etc..,,but when I even think of visiting the Moon I get goosebumps! Very weird, so I wonder if any of You have been to the moon before, or is it best to avoid it due to shadowy stuff that goes on up there...,



    What you are describing is called lucid dreaming.

  3. I don't agree with them harvesting the organs of people who never opted out, but most people would want one if they needed one or more. If I ever needed one, I would rather have the organ or organs of somebody who opted in, that way it was their choice. Most people who do not opt out don't even think about it either way, so when they die they just take what they want.

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