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  1. Yo, I am going, going before I become a marytr or some shit, My account might get banned, but is that my life? Is it fuck! Some total losers on here can just get to fuck. My work is done, fuck you all.

  2. 6 minutes ago, ink said:


    Just collating data mate .... I am finding this interaction informative :)

    Away from here, what do you really do? Pack boxes? Make sandwiches? If anyone is cruising for VR, it's you.

  3. 6 minutes ago, ink said:


    There is another aspect to that currently .... one mod, yes, but no new accounts can be made and this helps to 'clean out' .... lets say 'problem' members who have multiple accounts?


    Nearly done .... maybe :)

    Is that you? Where the other musketeers shuffle off to? Crush me like a bug now, please just do it FFS!

  4. 4 minutes ago, ink said:

    I didn't call you personally 'stupid'!


    But I am interested in your actions and replies on this forum?

    You replied to my 'I smell a rat post' and called ME a rat, that was the thread I was "blocked" from posting what I was going to post and I took issue with that, more so than being blocked. Okay, let them breed, few become lots. 

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