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  1. Jason


    Yo, I am going, going before I become a marytr or some shit, My account might get banned, but is that my life? Is it fuck! Some total losers on here can just get to fuck. My work is done, fuck you all.
  2. No means any, depends how you interpret it. Idiots never have the mental capacity to get that right.
  3. Jason

    Hot topic

    What are you, a saddo with type 2 diabetes in his mother's basement?
  4. Jason

    Hot topic

    Because my beliefs are STRONGER than yours, you sad pathetic loser!
  5. My real name is Alex Benson, but do not tell no fucker
  6. Jason

    Hot topic

    I need a cold shower
  7. Jason


    Was never my intention
  8. Away from here, what do you really do? Pack boxes? Make sandwiches? If anyone is cruising for VR, it's you.
  9. Jason


    Your comprehension needs assessment
  10. For what? Who for? Who are you? Who am I, pal!
  11. Jason


    I was just messing, I'm actually from the future, but don't ask me the lottery numbers, without cheating, can you tell me what last night's were?
  12. You have had your fun, the sun is out, let me have your magnifying glass
  13. Is that you? Where the other musketeers shuffle off to? Crush me like a bug now, please just do it FFS!
  14. Jason


    No, I just do not give a shit, understand?
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