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  1. @THESTRONG-THEVALIANT yes thank you very much for sharing this - after reading all 5 interviews in order, I do feel that the explanations provided by Dr Jamisson Neruda are true. Ok, interview 5 was incredibly deep. Ok so here are my thoughts...


    - I am struggling to not demonise Anu in my mind along with the sirians and Marduk.

    - I am curious as to what form Atlanteans took - the theory of evolution from black/white plumes on the ocean floor doesn't seem that far fetched now...

    - When will Anu return? It seems like it will be fairly soon that a global governance will be presented and perhaps he will be the leader. I am bit dubious of the Incunabula and who they are/what they are truly serving. They have the power to fix world poverty for example - but yet millions die with no intervention. 

    - I agree with the set up/structure of the incunabula - I think the likes of gates/rockafellas are just pawns and sit in the military/Isolationist forces tier of the hierachy 

    - Elon musk is definitely part of building the synthetic humanoid 3.0! lol

    - My feeling is that the vaccine/microchip plans they have will be to change our DNA to not access this spiritual oneness and the reference of de programming becoming more difficult will be true.

    - I think that during the next 40 years where more and more people wake up and accept oneness - the Annunaki will present a false ET experience/projection to the world and the population will be programmed to believe it. 

    - I don't think that we are jacked in like the Matrix and everything is code. I feel our inner pre-quantum core looks like light molecules that are vibrating and moving around that are suspended in miniature magnetic fields. 

    - I am curious to find out about the earths core in more detail and the electromagnetic forces that somehow connect us. 

    - It would be nice to get to bubble 3 in the end! ;-)




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  2. 13 hours ago, RobinJ said:

    I believe Alex Jones started out with a good heart and intention to expose truth, however, somewhere along the line in recent years I feel the 'powers that be' got at him and turned him, ( probably with death threats) which in turn makes his stuff less credible now and of course it then makes it easier for folks to cry 'conspiracy theory' to everything rather than to follow the thread to proof with a 'what if...' mindset. Use your own judgement, dont rely on others, because EVERYONE will have their own opinion and biases no matter how enlightened they are. Even me ;-)

    yes, I have to agree with you here about Alex Jones, after conducting more research and reading into different areas myself - the more theatrical he appears. 

  3. 10 minutes ago, A-chan said:

    Do you mean Dr Greer's work specifically or Ufology, the Secret Space Programme etc.? Project Camelot have numerous video interviews with many in the field; John Lear, Richard Hoagland, Professor Richard Alan Miller (who is a brilliant mind and has written many books) to name just a few. Jim Marrs wrote many informative books and his work was very well regarded by many. 

    yes, just ufology in general really. Its an avenue I have not yet explored - thanks for the recommendations @A-chan ?

  4. 5 minutes ago, A-chan said:

    There are many people who think that Dr Greer is a "disinfo agent". I have even read people refer to him as the "reptilian Steven Greer..." for what it is worth. I watched his Project Camelot interview with Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan years ago. There was obvious hostility and an aggressive atmosphere in the room. Kerry didn't seem to think his information was accurate, if I remember.

    I am not sure what to make of him. I might watch his Valuetainment interview, I was not aware that he was interviewed on that channel. The host isn't an intellectual, however, he has interviewed some interesting people lately.

    Ok thanks @A-chan I will keep this in mind. If you have any good reads on that subject feel free to let me know ?


  5. 11 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:


    Probably a text-vote on Sky News, or Good Morning Britain.


    I know a lot of people among my Facebook friends have been commenting and sharing posts warning about ending the lockdown 'too soon'.


    All suckers, taken in and successfully social-engineered by the constant media fear-porn.

     That Pierce Morgan is a bloody good comedian though hey! @Grumpy Owl ?

  6. 10 minutes ago, motleyhoo said:


    The vote they cast by going along with the sham as if it was all real and legitimate.  Myself, I have not complied with a single rule, and I have been living my life normally with the exception that I cannot do certain things because the rest of the world is acting like trained seals in a circus.


    I agree with you @motleyhoo I don't wear a mask when I go out - the amount of people that shake their head at me in disapproval is amazing. Initially, I was outraged by that reaction - but now I just hope they end up seeing the light. 

  7. 6 minutes ago, Tinfoil Hat said:


    What vote was that? :classic_wacko:

    @Tinfoil Hat- I think I stand corrected on that, from my previous comment with @Grumpy Owl No official vote, I was listening to a Watson/Alex Jones podcast and Watson was had stated there was some kind of poll/vote where the  British public had wanted an extended lockdown. 


    However, I do feel the UK might be one of the first countries to follow China's regime of the following mentioned above:  extreme track & trace/ AI through the massive network of CCTV / cashless society / decline in christianity. 


    South Africa is not much better, there is a lot of corruption and at present the Chinese continue to come in and buy up government owned companies. On the bright side - due to the high levels of corruption - there are still a couple of loopholes to use as technology is still a little behind in some areas. 

  8. Dr Steven Greer was a guest the other day on Infowars with Alex Jones.


    I was curious to find out more about him... I am currently reading one of his books called: Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge


    I was hoping to get other peoples perspectives on this.


    Thanks :) 

  9. 1 hour ago, awake said:

    China...  what a shit place to live


    well I am not sure if the UK is much better....... didn't most of the UK population vote to stay in lockdown?


    - Plus UK is one of the top countries with an extensive CCTV infrastructure - perfectly set up for AI facial recognition 

    - UK track and trace scheme almost in full swing...

    - UK advancing quickly in getting rid of cash 

    - UK has a Massive decline in Christianity..


    I moved to SA a couple of years ago, I know things are not perfect here - though I am praying the strong christian community survives here. 


    I won't be getting tested, I won't be having a vaccine. #givemelibertyorgivemedeath! 


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