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  1. I find David Icke does make some interesting points and has dedicated his life to research. HOWEVER, I do not agree with his '7 day free trial' where you are required to pass over your financial details. With this in mind sometimes I do question motives...
  2. @THESTRONG-THEVALIANT yes thank you very much for sharing this - after reading all 5 interviews in order, I do feel that the explanations provided by Dr Jamisson Neruda are true. Ok, interview 5 was incredibly deep. Ok so here are my thoughts... - I am struggling to not demonise Anu in my mind along with the sirians and Marduk. - I am curious as to what form Atlanteans took - the theory of evolution from black/white plumes on the ocean floor doesn't seem that far fetched now... - When will Anu return? It seems like it will be fairly soon that a global governance will be presented and perhaps he will be the leader. I am bit dubious of the Incunabula and who they are/what they are truly serving. They have the power to fix world poverty for example - but yet millions die with no intervention. - I agree with the set up/structure of the incunabula - I think the likes of gates/rockafellas are just pawns and sit in the military/Isolationist forces tier of the hierachy - Elon musk is definitely part of building the synthetic humanoid 3.0! lol - My feeling is that the vaccine/microchip plans they have will be to change our DNA to not access this spiritual oneness and the reference of de programming becoming more difficult will be true. - I think that during the next 40 years where more and more people wake up and accept oneness - the Annunaki will present a false ET experience/projection to the world and the population will be programmed to believe it. - I don't think that we are jacked in like the Matrix and everything is code. I feel our inner pre-quantum core looks like light molecules that are vibrating and moving around that are suspended in miniature magnetic fields. - I am curious to find out about the earths core in more detail and the electromagnetic forces that somehow connect us. - It would be nice to get to bubble 3 in the end! ;-)
  3. yes, I have to agree with you here about Alex Jones, after conducting more research and reading into different areas myself - the more theatrical he appears.
  4. it seems bit petty and insignificant to hack a social forum...... they could at least do something useful and hack the government to give every citizen a nice tax rebate! ??
  5. Is it saying that god is the creator at the centre of the central race? I am only part way through the first interview so far. It's an interesting read however, not really sure what to make it. Thanks for the link ?
  6. yes, just ufology in general really. Its an avenue I have not yet explored - thanks for the recommendations @A-chan ?
  7. Ok thanks @A-chan I will keep this in mind. If you have any good reads on that subject feel free to let me know ?
  8. That Pierce Morgan is a bloody good comedian though hey! @Grumpy Owl ?
  9. I agree with you @motleyhoo I don't wear a mask when I go out - the amount of people that shake their head at me in disapproval is amazing. Initially, I was outraged by that reaction - but now I just hope they end up seeing the light.
  10. @Tinfoil Hat- I think I stand corrected on that, from my previous comment with @Grumpy Owl No official vote, I was listening to a Watson/Alex Jones podcast and Watson was had stated there was some kind of poll/vote where the British public had wanted an extended lockdown. However, I do feel the UK might be one of the first countries to follow China's regime of the following mentioned above: extreme track & trace/ AI through the massive network of CCTV / cashless society / decline in christianity. South Africa is not much better, there is a lot of corruption and at present the Chinese continue to come in and buy up government owned companies. On the bright side - due to the high levels of corruption - there are still a couple of loopholes to use as technology is still a little behind in some areas.
  11. Dr Steven Greer was a guest the other day on Infowars with Alex Jones. I was curious to find out more about him... I am currently reading one of his books called: Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge I was hoping to get other peoples perspectives on this. Thanks :)
  12. fair enough - hopefully, my other points raised were accurate - to the best of my knowledge. @Grumpy Owl
  13. well I am not sure if the UK is much better....... didn't most of the UK population vote to stay in lockdown? - Plus UK is one of the top countries with an extensive CCTV infrastructure - perfectly set up for AI facial recognition - UK track and trace scheme almost in full swing... - UK advancing quickly in getting rid of cash - UK has a Massive decline in Christianity.. I moved to SA a couple of years ago, I know things are not perfect here - though I am praying the strong christian community survives here. I won't be getting tested, I won't be having a vaccine. #givemelibertyorgivemedeath!
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