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  1. I find David Icke does make some interesting points and has dedicated his life to research. HOWEVER, I do not agree with his '7 day free trial' where you are required to pass over your financial details. With this in mind sometimes I do question motives...
  2. @THESTRONG-THEVALIANT yes thank you very much for sharing this - after reading all 5 interviews in order, I do feel that the explanations provided by Dr Jamisson Neruda are true. Ok, interview 5 was incredibly deep. Ok so here are my thoughts... - I am struggling to not demonise Anu in my mind along with the sirians and Marduk. - I am curious as to what form Atlanteans took - the theory of evolution from black/white plumes on the ocean floor doesn't seem that far fetched now... - When will Anu return? It seems like it will be fairly soon that a global governance will be p
  3. yes, I have to agree with you here about Alex Jones, after conducting more research and reading into different areas myself - the more theatrical he appears.
  4. it seems bit petty and insignificant to hack a social forum...... they could at least do something useful and hack the government to give every citizen a nice tax rebate! ??
  5. Is it saying that god is the creator at the centre of the central race? I am only part way through the first interview so far. It's an interesting read however, not really sure what to make it. Thanks for the link ?
  6. yes, just ufology in general really. Its an avenue I have not yet explored - thanks for the recommendations @A-chan ?
  7. Ok thanks @A-chan I will keep this in mind. If you have any good reads on that subject feel free to let me know ?
  8. Dr Steven Greer was a guest the other day on Infowars with Alex Jones. I was curious to find out more about him... I am currently reading one of his books called: Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge I was hoping to get other peoples perspectives on this. Thanks :)
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