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  1. Ya true may be due to the age old poverty, people believe in the authority, they think that at least they can survive. Having come from starving child hood, I know how a poor man thinks. With my never say die attitude i fought through my own mindset to come out of this stigma. It took me nearly 5 decades of intense fighting with myself and the society to become free from the submissiveness.. as i could word my experience.
  2. The agenda is being implemented faster, at least in India. They even started brainwashing in main media about Elon Musk's Brain chip saying that it is going to help paralyzed people etc., all b.s. People are buying this and queuing up to get one implanted at the earliest. Even quantum tattoo is being promoted across the country in most dangerous way.
  3. See this video where in our farmers in Silicon Valley of India Bangalore. They are protesting against the corporates who are going to take over lands and farming with the help of government. A point in line with the agenda21 which is openly coming out in India. These protests are happening across the country. As farmers see that there would no life for them in future. Even health cards are being issued and our PM proudly says that country is ready for vaccination, any time it will start on illiterate people slowly forcibly. I am really worried and as you can understand being a conservative cou
  4. Hi, I am from India the age old land of 1.3 Billion people. Not even 1% of them woke up to #CoronaHoax. It worries me. My call to all fellow Indians. please please for your future generations sake, wake up and fight your governments misguiding rules and regulations. Don't be an Andh Bhakt, as they say in Hindi for Blind Followers of the prime minister. Lot of issues are being brought to the light, just keep 1.3 billion people busy, while bringing the healthcard and digital tattoo silently in to the main stream. People blindly believing that it is for their welfare. it pains. Wake up before it
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