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  1. Hello everyone. Hope you're all doing well. As you can tell by glancing at my profile, I'm a relatively new poster on here. This whole bloody plandemic has opened my eyes to so many things, and this forum has been a good source of comfort in recent times. The recent attacks against David, this site, and everything connected to that wonderful man have made me feel both helpless and optimistic. I do believe that the powers that be are afraid, I feel that they know that many people are waking up to this massive scam that's occurring. But at the same time, I feel that we have to be on guard at all times now. They're trying to divide and conquer among us, and literally trying to destroy information on this forum that could have helped other people wake up. You can't even find this site on a search engine anymore, and the list goes on. My latest problem is in regards to my own family. I'm a 26 year old guy, and most of the year I live alone in North Wales in a static caravan where I work. But since the lockdown here happened, we were all forced back to our main homes, and that is back in England with my mother and grandparents. The problem I have is that I feel as though within my own house, there's no escape from the mainstream media. I mean, don't get me wrong, I do stay plugged in to what they're saying, as it's good to see what lies they're spouting because that way we can confront it and try and reveal the lies. But my family terrified by all this. My grandparents believe the media narrative 100%. My grandmother is aware that manipulation is occurring (messing with the figures, etc), but she just thinks they're doing this to make us feel more aware of the virus. But on the whole, she believes it all. My mother is the one that's really getting me down. You see, she is one of 1.5 million in the UK who are classed as extremely vulnerable (as she suffers from a rare auto immune disorder), and she received the special shielding letter. What gets me down is that my mother is usually so very awake to media manipulations. She's been listening to David with me and agrees with a lot of what he says, but on the whole, she does believe that the virus exists and that if she gets it she will die, and as such, she's preventing me from fighting back in the way I would normally do. I love my mother a great deal, and if there's even a 1% chance that this is legit I would do anything to protect her. Because of this, I'm not living life as I normally would, I'm not seeing those from outside my home. But it takes a toll on you when you know in your own mind that this whole thing is BS. I don't want to live my life as normally, but...I would like to see some friends of mine. And yes, truth be told, some of these people are friends with benefits (as they say), but she keeps emotionally blackmailing me because she's so scared of dying. Maybe I'm in the wrong. Perhaps I'm being selfish. But it makes me feel so helpless because, if they, the powers that be can even make my mother so afraid (a woman who knows her own mind) then what hope really is there for the large majority. Apologies if this comes across like a rant. I just need some words of encouragement here. I'd also like to know how things are going with your families. Have you experienced strains within your families in regards to the lockdowns?
  2. Actually, you'd be surprised. When it comes to the average person, this world isn't black or white. It's just varying shades of grey. All I'm saying is, people can very often surprise you as well as themselves. When I look into Brian Rose's eyes, I see a good man trying to fight back against his natural, selfish impulses.
  3. I concur. I think part of the Brian Rose bashing is based on the fact that deep down, it is ALL about him. From small tell tale signs that actually aren't that small (huge portrait of himself in his office, calling himself a leader) to outright promotion of himself and his content, and all the while keeping his own opinions firmly to himself (note how he never outright says that he agrees with David, or anyone who he interviews, for that matter. he just seems to nod along to keep everyone sweet). I do appreciate Brian for getting the truth out there. He's played his part for the "good guys", if you will. So yes, I don't agree with people bashing him. As I stated once before on here, the perfect description for Brian would be, "jerk with a heart of gold", because I'm sure that in his heart he does believe that something rotten is going on, and actually did put his neck on the line when push came to shove.
  4. They are successful, but only on Earth. Despite disagreements with the church, I do still believe that Jesus Christ was/is God Incarnate. He spoke of love, and his message was light years ahead of its time. And even if I cast aside my own personal beliefs in regards to my Christian faith, I know in my heart that good and evil forces exist. They are all around us at all times, in a world beyond comprehension. What we are seeing play out before us right now aligns not only with my personal faith, but also with my common sense one. We are seeing evil operating before us now, in so many, many different guises. But the force of good, the Light, if you will, is what existed at the beginning of time and gave birth to...everything. The Light, not the Darkness/Satan (in my opinion, the orchestrator of the world's evils), is the supreme ruler. The Light/love is our only way to salvation. David sees this. I know that David isn't a Christian himself, but his message is very loving and whole, bereft of any badness. Yes, the Catholic church has been overrun by evil forces in recent times. This too was foretold. That's why we must now, above all else, look for the truth in our hearts and not within the faux authority of others. But essentially, my message is this. The immoral people are only successful here on Earth because they are being aided by dark forces. If I am right in my beliefs, people like Bill Gates are being fueled (perhaps even manipulated, too) by the Darkness. In time, at the end of all things, those evil people will pay the price. It may seem like seeking comfort within my religion/within a fantasy, but my life was transformed many years ago now, and I believe in my heart that this is the truth.
  5. Honestly, at this point, nothing surprises me anymore. I am a recent member of this forum. My awakening only came about due to this plandemic, and day by day it's like my whole world keeps getting more and more turned upside down. But I must echo what other posters have said on here...this is actually, when you really think about it, a sort of compliment from the powers that be. They know we mean business, they know that David means business, and they know that more and more people, day by day, are waking up, and it absolutely terrifies them.
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