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  1. I think in terms of accuracy Patrick McGoohan also did a good job with The Prisoner. TV series from the 60's that was WAY ahead of its time in regards to widespread surveillence and constantly being monitored and forced to conform, etc.
  2. 92673712_106460421024845_1810249686338796325_n.mp4 92673712_106460421024845_1810249686338796325_n.mp4 This video above is from the Instagram account of Monica Michael. I'm sure that 99.9% of you will never have heard of her before. She is an extremely minor celeb, but I was am still am a fan of hers. She appeared on The X Factor some years ago and I have followed her since on Instagram. Her account is private, so that's why I had to download this video she uploaded five weeks ago. I wish I'd checked her account sooner. Her grandfather has died recently and was left to rot on a COVID ward where he was badly treated. The video above was recorded by Monica's mother. Monica posted this message herself which I will transcribe here in full. "THIS IS MY MUM FILMING INSIDE THE COVID 19 WARD!!!! Let me show you guys what REALLY happens if you get sick and they take you away in an ambulancel!! This COVID ward is EMPTY!!! THERES NO NURSES THERES NO DOCTORS!! ITS A FUCKIN GHOST TOWN!! THAT WHOLE WARD WAS EMPTY APART FROM ONE ROOM IN THE BACK WHERE THEY STUCK MY DYING GRANDAD IN WITH ANOTHER 3 COVID-19 PATIENTS THAT ALL HAD TO SIT THERE AND WITNESS HIS DEATH! THE NURSES AN DOCTORS LEFT HIM DEHYDRATED, THEY LEFT HIM THERE TO DIE! WHEN THEY FIRST TOOK HIM IN THE HOSPITAL, THEY PUT HIM STRAIGHT IN TO THAT COVID ROOM WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING IF HE HAD IT! HE'S FIRST COVID TEST CAME BACK NEGATIVE!! YET THEY STILL KEPT HIM IN THAT ROOM!! IN THE MEDIA YOU ARE BEING TOLD THAT ALL HOSPITALS ARE OVER PACKED!! THE MEDIA IS LYING TO YOU!!! WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!! IVE BEEN TOLD(FROM A NURSE) NURSES AND DOCTORS HAVE BEEN SENT LETTERS TO STAY SILENT ON ANY INSIDE INFORMATION THEY MAY KNOW!BARNET HOSPITAL HAD THERE FIRST COVID 19 PATIENT BACK IN JANUARY!!! IF YOU DEVELOP SYMPTOMS THE LAST PLACE YOU WANT TO GO IS IN THE HOSPITAL!! TRY AND GET WELL AT HOME BECAUSE ONCE YOU GO IN THOSE DOORS THROUGH THE FRONT... THEY ARE BRINGING YOU OUT FROM THE BACK!! R.I.P BAPOU MOU ?I WAS WATCHING NURSES ALL STANDING TOGETHER NOT SOCIAL DISTANCING, LAUGHING AND SMILING SAYING THEY HAD NOTHING TO DO WHILE MY POOR GRANDAD WAS LEFT DYING ALONE UPSTAIRS.THEY COULDNT EVEN CLEAN MY GRANDADS MOUTH FROM WHERE THE MASK HAD MADE IT ALL CRUSTY.WHEN I WENT IN TO THE COVID UNIT TO SAY GOODBYE TO MY GRANDAD I HAD TO ASK FOR A MASK AND GLOVES TO PROTECT MYSELF.WHEN MY GRANDAD WAS SLIPPING DOWN THE BED, WE HAD TO BUZZ AND WAIT FOR SOMEONE TO HELP PULL HIM UP, SO HE CAN AT LEAST DIE COMFORTABLY, FINALLY SOMEONE CAME, IMAGINE WE WEREN'T THERE?I AM NOT TARNISHING THE NHS AS THERE ARE GOOD DR'S & NURSES HELPING, HOWEVER THIS WAS NOT THE CASE HERE.IS THIS HOW YOU IMAGINED A COVID 19 WARD TO BE?DIDNT THINK SO" I know I didn't get Monica's permission to share this, but I think it's too important to dismiss, and judging by Monica's attitude I think she'd be glad about me sharing this with you all on hear. I feel so very sorry for her, but am glad that her eyes are opening in regards to this madness. This footage is really damning. It really is a ghost town.
  3. Indeed it is. In fact, all the world is a stage, and all the men and all the women are merely players. We each have our entrances and our exits... But in some parts of the world, in some, darker parts of the world, the theatre goes much deeper. In that sense, our part of the stage is mostly filled with puppets, controlled off stage by those holding the strings... Many years back now (at least if feels a long time ago), here in Britain a woman called Jo Cox was murdered. It happened right before the Brexit referendum. The timing seemed...too perfect. For a woman like Jo (who believed in all her heart for the remain cause) to be murdered by a white, English man yelling "Britain first!" (or something like that) seemed rather staged... At the time I thought that. I really did, even though I was still asleep at the time regarding the true nature of the world. But my mother went one step further. I believed that Jo was killed to further their cause and make her into a symbol that might tip the scales in a very tight vote... But due to the very odd and strange behaviour of Jo's family members (who instead of being distraught seemed more bothered at pushing the agenda), my mother thought that Jo hadn't even been killed. She thought it was all staged, that it was all fake... Perhaps the same thing has happened with George Floyd. Because yes, something does stink here. I'm still conflicted, though. Evil exists in many forms and I have never trusted the police. It is possible that this is a natural event, with cops (drunk on power) believing they can do anything. Most likely it was planned. It does suit their agenda. I don't know the ins and outs (and how it all ties in with this fake, planned pandemic), but I think certain forces made it happen... However, unlike you and my mother, I still think that Jo Cox and now George Floyd were actually killed. Simply for one reason...why would they spare them? Why risk having to fake a killing when you could just do one for real and achieve the same goal? There's no humanity within the cabal. The death of George Floyd wouldn't bother them in the slightest.
  4. It's not about direction, it's about a way of life. Yes, fight if you must, but never in haste.
  5. If you feel as though you want to say something I think you should say it. I've been on this forum for a month now, and even though I don't post a lot, I do read a lot of stuff and the folks here are very understanding. This whole forum is our safe place, and we should feel free to post our thoughts here. So long as you put your point in a respectful manner all is good. But yes, it seems as though you went through a period of awakening like I did just long before me. I could see through the lies and spins in the media, but never realised just how deep the rabbit hole went. And yeah, it goes DEEP. Deeper than I ever believed possible. I also agree that they have made an error in rushing this through. Something about the early stages of COVID-19 feels wrong. When you exam it, lots of things don't add up, even if you assume deliberate steps were taken that look dodgy (China witholding info, etc), it still doesn't add up. I feel as though the Brexit situation and Trump pushed them into striking a little too quickly, and it could be their downfall. For some people it's been a case of too much too soon and they know something is wrong. That's why I think we must try and wake them up, because LOTS of people are on the fence and just don't know what to really think. Of course it's perfectly okay if you don't feel comfortable trying to wake up complete strangers. I get that. I just feel I can play a part because, even though I'm a loner, I do have a silver tongue when I need it and I'm putting it to good use, epescially when combined with knowledge... But yeah, in a way, this whole thing has brought the best out in me. It feels nice to use my powers of persuasion for something good instead of just for self-gratification. Haha. I know it's hard when you have problems in your family. I hope your partner can understand. My family unit has been rocked by this as well. Usually I'm living in North Wales at this time of year working, but the caravan site I stay at has been closed, so I'm back with my mother for now and grandparents. And yeah, we're having disagreements almost daily at this point. But I'm slowly winning my grandmother over to my side. Anyway, before I wrap this up, let me just say this. Don't despair, my friend. We ain't licked yet! And yes, even if they "win" and in 2050 everything is as they want it, it won't remain like that forever. The force of good itself will intervene if it has to, in order to prevent evil itself from taking over. It may feel tempting to just give up, but that isn't the way. Allow me to once again quote Tolkien (this time Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings). "So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. There are other forces at work in this world, Frodo, besides the will of evil." Mr. Icke himself is a symbol of that very force. His massive awakening didn't happen by mere chance... Take care and keep the faith.
  6. This this and this. Liked this earlier but had no time to comment. I have been up and down and left and right in terms of my religious beliefs over the years, but finally found peace and clarity a few years back. I believe in my heart and know in my mind that God is real and yes, the Devil/Satan/Lucifer is also. The first of the fallen, the first being to be corrupted by the Darkness (the opposite of the Light/God) is the orchestrator of all evil in this world and all others. And yes, as another poster suggests, the Mark of the Beast could very well be just around the corner. Revelation has always been the most fascinating aspect of the Bible. It's so rich, colourful and vague. But yes, I do believe we're living through the early stages of the end right now. Who knows how long it will take to play out, but I do believe that with faith, not just in God, but in ourselves and in humanity, we can conquer Satan once and for all. But just remember that love is the answer. Love is ALWAYS the answer. You can't defeat hate with hate, and you can't defeat evil with evil. It only creates more of it and it spreads like wildfire. But love spreads as well. Love is the only thing that spreads faster than hate. Always remember that.
  7. I'm in the unique position of "enough being enough" happening at the same moment as my awakening, or soon after. I had always had my doubts about this world, and just knew that forces existed beyond my comprehension. One way or another, I knew that the bloke or woman in Number 10 Downing Street wasn't running my country. I always knew that forces existed beyond that, pulling the strings on a global level. But I never gave it much thought. I am essentially your archetype loner. I love my family, but enjoy being alone and indeed, spend the majority of my time alone, isolated from the potential madness of the world, choosing instead to focus on my own little world, and how I can do my bit to help others in it, those who I see or interact with on a daily basis... But now everything has changed. Yes, this plandemic has forced me to sit up and take full attention of what's happening. But it's so awful because yes, it is like a tidal wave that's suddenly arrived before me. It had always been a distant speck on the horizon. But while you and clearly many others on this forum had noticed it creeping closer and closer, for me it went from being in the distance to being literally upon me, right on my doorstep. The world has seemingly gone mad... But now I know it was crooked to begin with. Filled with dark forces and so many fools willing to do whatever the state tells them to do. Enough is enough for me already. The week that changed everything for me was the week between the 17th of March to the 24th. Those days were among the most significant in my life. That's when the awakening happened and now it's just about planning ahead. It's getting to the point where I feel lost. I am determined not to slink away. I do not blame those who choose to flee from society. I actually envy you... But I feel it would be pointless. In time, "they" (you know who they are) will come for you. The powers that be will not let people break away unless they want them to. I believe the only hope we have now is fighting back from within and that's what I'm trying to do on a daily basis. Trying my hardest to wake other people up and I am having some success. If you're not doing so already, I do highly suggest that everyone who reads this tries to wake other people up. It may seem pointless and you may get mocked. Have patience. They don't get it. But they are more willing to listen now because they know that something is rotten somewhere. This whole global event has changed everything, for better and for worse. I honestly believe that these summer months will be our last of freedom (or at least, a certain, pathetic form of it), and our last chance to wake other people up. We can't waste this chance. We have to fight back... And yeah, it may end badly, but...to quote Thorin Oakenshield (from The Hobbit)..."If this is to end in fire...then we will all burn together!"
  8. Well, I'm a Millennial (just). Was born in 94. I don't think there's anything wrong with us per se, but we do get a bad name almost everywhere because we are most closely linked to the horrible "woke" brigade. And not just that, we're also looked upon as being selfish and materialistic. In my eyes, we are among the most likely to believe the media and what "they" tell us. However, I don't believe we're the most stubborn. From my experience, it's the older generation who are most set in their ways. When presented enough evidence (and perhaps because we're more likely to research ourselves because we're more plugged into the web) we can have our eyes opened. I always knew in my heart that something was wrong with the world, I just couldn't put my finger on what it was. It was a long journey to my awakening, but I've finally arrived... But yes, the older generations (of all kinds) are most likely to never change their opinions, at least from my experience.
  9. Hmm. Interesting. But I doubt that a convincing message could be displayed through a sticker or grafitffi. Not enough to fully wake someone up, anyway. Leafleting might be a good idea, though. But I still believe you can't get much better than direct communication. If not face to face, then online.
  10. Same here. I noticed that strange, gurning alien like face before the duck one.
  11. The trouble is, while all that sounds fantastic, in pracitice, how would it work without just abandoning society? The growing your own food and sharing it with others in your group wouldn't work, because eventually the powers that be would come calling for you, and then what would you do? You wouldn't have the numbers to resist. You may think it's too late to try and wake people up, the majority anyway, but I must disagree. This is the moment. This is our time. We're still going through the calm before the storm, it hasn't truly arrived yet. Some people, people like myself, this whole global event is what pushed me towards fully awakening, and the same can be said for others, I have no doubt of that. Basically, what I'm getting at is this. Before this crisis, most people would sadly dismiss you if you tried to wake them up. But now, most people will at least concede to hear you out, because they know deep down that something is wrong, they just don't know what it is and are simply blaming China or the fates for this pandemic, because they don't realise the full extent of what's happening. It's our job to wake them up. Indeed, I see it as my duty to try.
  12. I'm unfamiliar with this case and will have to look into it. But let's call it what it is, an act of revolution! Now while the idea is attractive, for this to work you would need the support of thousands if not millions of people! Even if I got a huge group of people together, the idea of just taking over a city here in Britain is madness and impossible, as it no doubt would be in most countries. You may believe that protesting plays into their hands, but that only happens if it's spun in a negative way. Over here, the brother of the fomer Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, Piers Corbyn, led a large protest that whipped up some good attention as well as negative attention. It did its job well and got people talking. So not all protests are doomed to failure, I just prefer the more individual effort. Perhaps this is because I'm a loner at heart, yes, but I do believe that one person can make a difference. If enough of us take part in it, our numbers will grow and grow. I am seeing this already in my personal corespondences.
  13. Welcome to the forum, Stone Lion. Well, your story brings out a lot of emotions in me. In the first place, I'm not at all surprised. A couple of months back I would have been (when I was still going through my final period of awakening) but not anymore. I am still saddened to read it, though. It's awful that you had to go through that, but I echo Yasmina's thoughts on it, as I'm also glad that you resisted. I would like to think I would do the same. And may I also say to Yasmina, I'm sorry something similiar happened to you. I am witnessing here in my country (Britain) things that I never thought I would see. I mean, I have never trusted or liked the police, but their true colours have really been exposed since the fuse was lit on all this. Every day a new video emerges of them behaving in a Gestapo like manner, yelling "you're killing people!" at those who don't comply with the insane new rules. From fear, manipulation to strong arm tactics, this is how they're currently winning. The media are playing a huge part in all this as well. In a few days time, Sky News are running a programme called "life after the pandemic, our new world". The only word missing is the word "order" after "new world". All of this is a form of conditioning. The endgame is here now for them. The reason this kind of behaviour by those in authority is becoming accepted (even by those who fundamentally disagree, some are becoming less outraged by it as it's becoming more normal), and the reason why the words "new normal" are being thrown out there all the time is because they want us to forget the world that used to be. The freedoms that existed in that world (such as they ever were, to be honest) will never return, and they're preparing us for that via soft forms of conditioning and scaremongering. Now, to answer the key part of your question, what do I, personally, intend to do about it... Well, I have always loved the TV series The Prisoner starring Patrick McGoohan. It was a zany, 60's cold war type programme about a secret agent who resigns and finds himself abducted and taken to this bizarre village where no names are used. Only numbers. He is Number 6. It was a brilliant show, well ahead of its time and is an allegorical masterpiece. Sadly, so many of the things it predicted (constant surveillance, rampant peer pressure and manipulation to get people to conform) have all come to pass. Like Orwell and Auldous Huxley before him, McGoohan also was a visonary. So yes, this show helped in my awakening, and was, in fact, my first real steps towards awakening when I was young boy in the early 2000's. Now, the reason I draw attention to The Prisoner is that my chosen way of fighting back is similar to Number 6's. It may seem tempting to try and escape, to try and run and live off the grid as you suggest. But ultimatley, this is pointless and might I suggest...a tad selfish. I'm not calling you out on this, as I too would like to escape... But here's the problem... There is no escape... The whole world has now become The Village. In the programme, Number 6 realises this when he escapes The Village and discovers that his superiors were most likely in on it. Indeed, the whole of London is hinted at as being a mere extension of The Village, and he is promptly sent back to his exotic prison (in actuality, the show was filmed in North Wales, but that's just a piece of trivia for you). He eventually destroys the Village from within, chipping away at the new Number 2's (the chief warden of The Village) and resisting everything they throw at him... That's how he wins. By fighting and rebelling from within. Now yes, his ultimate victory is questionable, as at the very end of the show, McGoohan hints that Number 6 will always be a prisoner, The Prisoner, no matter what he does. But in my view, that's a different debate altogether. Essentially, at the end of the show, it becomes completely allegorical and Number 6 turns out to be Number 1 (spoiler alert, I know, sorry). This was McGoohan saying that we are always our own worst enemy, etc. But aside from that extra message, the key theme of the prisoner, in the key battle, the power of the individual against authority, Number 6 does triumph, and he does so through fighting from within. Apologies for this being such a lengthy response, but I want you to understand exactly where I'm coming from and more importantly, what I'm getting at. Day and night I spend a lot of my time trying to awaken other people, and I do believe the tide is slowly starting to turn. I know it seems hard to believe, but people are waking up. Will it be enough for us to succeed and drive this madness, this evil away? Probably not... "But we shall meet them in battle nontheless" to quote King Theoden from Lord of the Rings. We must fight. Our weapon is our voice. We must not be silenced. Here are the options for fighting back. 1. Protesting. Do this with as many people as you can. This is a direct route to awakening people, and it does get people talking. But you need the numbers and you need to cause a fuss. The reason I believe this to be a lesser form of combat is because even if the message gets out there into the media and online, most people will not truly comprehend what is happening and they will view you as being foolish. It can work if it kicks up enough steam, but it is very dangerous and can backfire. 2. Online. The sneaky form of attack that I prefer. This is a real battle of wills and requires some strong amounts of will power. You will be banned, you will be silenced, but they can't stop you for good. As long as there's breath in your body and determination in your heart you can keep going. This may seem like a smaller way of fighting back, but in the end I believe it bears more fruit. You may have to keep your powder dry. Don't go all in at once, use pure logic to get to those who are more resolute. Some people will just not listen if you try and get the whole truth out there, so you have to play the more resonable approach, by pointing out that other issues are rising because of people focusing on the virus. Point out how more people are dying at home, of how mental health problems and domestic abuse problems are rising, of the damage to the economy. Try and convert them to the anti-lockdown cause using tactics like that. So yes, this is how I will fight back. These two options are the only real ways of fighting back when our numbers are so small... But please, please, please do not be disheartened. I know it's easy to despair, but you can't. They want you to do that. You must believe. Even if you don't believe, just play at it. Believe, believe, believe! Draw that belief into you and feel it. We will succeed, we will win! Even if I don't believe this in my heart, I still say it loudly and proudly. For belief, having faith in things when your mind tells you not to...well, that's real power. It's something they could never truly understand, and it's why we'll probably win this fight.
  14. As I have stated before, I haven't been around long enough to contrast and compare to any other previous incarnation of the forum, or to cast aspersions at anyone. But since the attack has happened, everyone does feel more on edge and everything feels more chaotic. But let me just say, the heart and soul of the forum is still alive. Yes, I know it's a shame that some information has been lost, but at the end of the day what really matters is that we're still here. We can still talk, communicate and just lean on this place (and each other) in order to combat the madness going on in the real world right now. So yeah, one way or another, we have to pick ourselves back up and carry on. EDIT: Oh, and just for the record, I don't believe that Muir had anything to do with this. They want us to be pointing fingers at each other. Divide and conquer is a good tactic and they know it.
  15. True, but said shady indvidual could figure out that you made the post for that very reason and thus change their behaviour accordingly. Of course, this could play right into your hands. It's a risky move either way, really, for both parties. Got to love a bit of cat and mouse, eh? I'll take my leave now. Keep fighting the good fight.
  16. Hmm. Some definite food for thought here. Although if you do suspect foul play here somewhere, ink, I highly suggest saying absolutely nothing in future (yes, even if said suspicions are directed towards myself). Give them no warning at all. Softly, softly, catchee monkey, an all that.
  17. Ha. Yeah, that's a good point, actually. You're probably right regarding management. I just think honest communication would be best in these circumstances, especially after such an attack. And I'm not exactly a computer whiz, either, but in most cases mods and admins have A LOT of weight. They have the ability to ban any user, to delete any thread they like, etc. But yes, perhaps this doesn't extend to the deletion of the site itself. At the end of the day I haven't been around anything like long enough to judge and can't recall interacting with Muir.
  18. I joined up to this forum not long before the attack happened, and I have to confess I did find it odd how it could happen in such a devastating way if it wasn't an inside job. But I have to ask, if this is the case, why don't management just fess up about it? And also, if you had the passwords to get to the operating system, etc, they could literally destroy this whole site. Why didn't Muir go that far? I wasn't actually here when the attack took place, but I just find it odd that someone would be a mole for all those years, for 5 years, only to mess up. Because what has he actually achieved aside from deleting some of the threads? I'm interested to hear yours and other peoples thoughts on this.
  19. Doesn't surprise me at all. Things like this are happening under the radar more than we realise and this plandemic is helping to distract in all sorts of ways. I recall some kind of security laws being changed in America (something regarding online anonymity, I think) a couple of months back. Normally it would have garnered media attention, but not with all this madness going on.
  20. http://youtube.com/watch?v=CdKVX45wYeQ A fitting, yet fun song for these crazy days we're living through. Take it away Hoff! EDIT: Apologies for only providing the URL. If anyone can fill me in on how I can post an image and instant link I'd be grateful.
  21. I relate to this so much. My mother also believes deep down that something is rotten, but her fear is clouding her judgement. And yeah, if it meant getting back full freedom (such as it ever was), my whole family would go for the vaccine if they really had to.
  22. Quick update guys. Apparentely, they were two phone calls. It was not the woman from the doctors who mentioned my mother had been spied on by her neighbours, it was the woman from the council. They were two seperate calls. Some "concerned" citizen, who somehow knew that my mother should have been shielding said that she kept going out with the dogs. Haha. She only walks one of them to the end of the street and back. Really scary stuff. Could have been a disgruntled person who one of us knows, but I doubt it somehow.
  23. Big thanks to you all. It's such a difficult situation to be in exactly because everything feels so unnatural, and it's harder to escape when you're living with three other people who all have conflicting viewpoints. Restrictions easing has, in a way, made things worse. The window of opportunity is small, as I KNOW that they're planning the second wave right now, and I just wanted to make the most of it and reach out to those I care about. And yes, one of my female friends (one who I've grown closer to through this period, as I have been able to convince her that this is all BS) does want to meet up and it just feels like a potential relationship is going down the drain. Already one potential relationship was ruined because of my caravan becoming off limits. Hang on a minute guys. Right now, just a few minutes ago, my mother receieved a call from the doctors surgery. They said she can no longer go the supermarket, and get this, it had been reported by some ruddy neighbour that she'd been seen out of the house! And because she's shielding that shouldn't be happening. It isn't even illegal to disregard the letters yet they talk like it is! I literally can't believe it, I feel as though the walls are closing in! I doubt it was one of my neighbours. Most of them hardly interact with us or know us. More likely they've guessed that she's disregarded the letter slightly. They're saying they want the council to come round and check on her, asking how many pets we've got, asking to do our shopping. Right now my mother is in floods of tears because she was just planning a day trip to the country side and now she's terrified out of her mind again! Gonna have to comfort her guys. Will check back later. So upset about this.
  24. Thank you. It is hard, but what really makes it so upsetting is to see her just so stressed about it. Even if this virus does exist, its mortality rate is about 0.3/0.5%. But to look at the media and social media, it's as though if you get it you're gonna die or that your odds are 50/50. It's just blatent scaremongering. I'm glad that she's open to listening to David, though. Before all this happened she'd wrote him off, but now she is listening to some of the things he says, particularly those regarding Gates and his involvment and she is distrustful of any vaccine.
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