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  1. 18 minutes ago, sickofallthebollocks said:

    One totalitarian tiptoe to the next isn't it truthseeker? 

    This (I hope) doesn't lead to wearing face masks in supermarkets or - bloody absolutely everywhere!

    We need to stand up to this shit, it's becoming 1984,
    Mass disobedience on a grand scale.
    We did it with the poll tax
    can we do it again.....?


    It really is, yes. The tiptoe itself is so obvious when you know it's there and is actually happening. I hate to give them any credit (because the ones masterminding all this are all psychopaths), but they really know how to keep the majority distracted, to keep their attentions away from the gradual loss of our liberties.


    We do need to stand up to this, yes. I still believe that trying to wake other people up online is our best hope, but there are other options on the table if we are left with no other choice. We're already in The Village (from The Prisoner, see my profile pic), we have been for some time now, but yes, sadly, we're actually moving towards an oppressive, 1984 type dystopian society. Pretty soon, even vestiges of freedom will be gone. And the pity of it is, due to the tiptoe effect, so few of us will even realise it's happening/happened. 

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  2. Well, that's my recent travel plans scrapped. Really can't believe how so many people fall for it. If ANY of this was even slightly legit, why now? Why make this mandatory in the middle of June (to be made mandatory on 15th of June), why not in March or April? Why can't people see this is about control, not health? 


    I seriously wonder just how much of the George Floyd and Madeline McCann stuff is being put out there to distract us from the fact that literally, in just the last few days, our liberties have been hit mega hard. From the sex ban (is now actually illegal to make love to someone outside your own home), to Government reviews of lockdown been shifted from 3 weeks to 4 weeks, and now you must lose your identity, your face just in order to travel on public transport... But the protesters and rioters are A okay, aren't they? No law breaking going on there!...





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  3. Just about to go to bed, so will not be able to respond to any messages in the meantime, but feel free to comment on what I have to say (for it will spark strong reactions from some, no doubt)... This whole idea of yours (and Fluke's, who I spoke with before) is nonsense, in my opinion. It is, quite frankly, ridiculous. These may seem like strong words, but I'm afraid they're necessary. Let's look at the four steps and analyse them. But before we do, let's all agree on something.


    What is playing out before us, on a global scale...is all part of the plan. All of it. I'm not God. I'm not some almighty, all-knowing being. I don't know how each piece of the puzzle fits. In my time I've gone from believing that COVID is real but being overhyped and used to scare us, to agreeing completely with Mr. Icke in thinking that there is no new, unique Coronavirus at all (it would explain a few things, while also adding some more questions, and thus that's why I flip flop between the two). I sometimes think that George Floyd's death was planned. Then I think they're just taking advantage of an extraordinary slice of luck that's come their way (a psychopathic cop), and sometimes I wonder if the WHOLE thing was staged, and that Floyd is still alive or was killed afterwards. But all that matters is that we all agree on one thing... The large majority of humanity are being successfully conned. We're moving towards the endgame now. We only have pieces of the puzzle, but even so, we have a good idea what the picture will look like when it's completed. We may not know how to fit the pieces together, but we still know that the ending (if they get their way) results in a truly horrifying picture, and our world will be changed forever... Now let's tackle those four points.


    1. Give up ALL possessions.

    To do this indicates to cut and run from, essentially, pieces of yourself. True, they are meaningless in the large scheme of things, but they are things that bring me hope and enjoyment. Why should I abandon them. What is the point?... Which moves us onto point number two.


    2. Give up your job/trade?

    Again, to do this, indicates a desire to flee. To flee for what? Your lives? Well, you're already destroying your lives by running out on your job, possessions, and, let's face it, family members as well (you don't mention family, but my family wouldn't be going with me if I did this, so I'd be leaving them behind as well). Again, what is the point?... Onto point number three!


    3. Turn your back on the medical system you know?

    Again, I ask, what is the point? I don't fully trust our NHS (especially not at the moment), but why, if we're to run away from such things, are we fleeing from the health service? Sure, in some form they're part of this, but I refuse to believe that every single doctor and nurse is in on the scam. It just isn't possible. I'd be far more likely to run from the police (who are corrupt through and through in the US and Britain, in my opinion) than I would from the health service.


    4. Be at peace with death.

    I am. On this, we agree. To fully live. we must not live in fear of death. I faced death many years back now (at least it feels like it was many years ago). He isn't so bad... When my time comes, I shall embrace him like an old friend. But in the meantime, I'm going to fight.


    Which brings me to the core point of my message... We MUST fight. Is it foolish? I don't know, maybe. Is it pointless? I don't know, maybe... But trust me, there's no alternative. I know it, David Icke knows it (and that's why, whether you think it's pointless or not, he urged us to share his messages with EVERYONE we know), and deep down, so do you. You see, you can give up all those things and try and run. But where are you running to? The world's a small place these days, and it's only going to get smaller and smaller. In the end, they will come for you, and whatever band of rebels are with you, they'll bring you to heel, because you'll have no one to stand and fight with you.


    So yes, you could try and strike out and enjoy some final months of true freedom, before the net closes in...or you could stand and fight. Stand and fight with me and everyone else who still believes in the force of good! It embodies itself in so many different ways, in hidden ways that sometimes must be searched for in the heart, not with the eyes. From Mr. Icke himself (his awakening a gift from the force of good itself) to those around us who are slowly but surely, finding pieces of the puzzle. We may not know how to put all the pieces together, but they don't even know how to make a start. It's our job, our duty (I feel that strongly about it, yes) to help them to realise what those pieces mean, and how some of them fit together. Of course the average, "normal" person will not understand, and some of them never will... But here's the thing...some of them will get it. You may have tried and failed, but you may have just been pushing for success too soon. Quite recently (around two weeks back), I spoke with a black American friend of mine about COVID-19 and how it was, one way or another, a scam. I spoke of the cult/cabal that runs this world behind the scenes, but I also touched on how they keep the world divided through feeding the divisions and creating hate within us... And now, thanks to the seed of truth I planted, she's seeing the George Floyd situation for what it is. Yes, she's angry, and she supports BLM (and so do I, to a point, I just believe they're being manipulated by evil forces, just like their opponents), but she's now in full agreement with me in regards to COVID-19, and is questioning the narrative and looting and rioting. She's questioning all of it and is going through the early stages of awakening...


    To sum up. Yes, it may seem like a mammoth task, but it's really not. Not when you realise that when you wake someone up, they themselves have the potential to wake someone else up. And that's how hope, true hope, is born.


    Finally, to quote my favourite line from Cloud Atlas (brilliant book and a fantastic film adaption to boot).


    "And for what? For what? No matter what you do it will never amount to anything but a single drop in a limitless ocean!"


    "What is an ocean...but a multitude of drops."

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  4. 2 minutes ago, KingKitty said:

    Again, taking a few steps back to get a better look that things...


    Let's look at the virus BS, and now this "protest" BS. Not by dissecting the minutia of either...like arguing over race, bad cops, or going over charts and graphs from the Covid production. That's all the crap that want us bogged down with so we don't look at the other hand.


    What are the similarities the two have in common? First and most obvious, would be keeping the herd in constant anxiety/panic/fear. Secondly, it appears They want us at home and indoors.


    With the highley publicized accounts of Rodeo Drive designer house being broke into, along with luxury car dealerships. Target stores burnt to the ground...all good reasons to shut finally shut down traditional brick and mortar retailers. Can't loot online stores.


    If everyone of us had microchips from Uncle Bill, it would be easy to bring justice to future looters, as well as keeping track of virus ridden folks.


    And, as mentioned before, all these (and future "events" to come?) are laying a good foundation for Marshall Law.


    Just a few thoughts, is all. Of course, we could just go on blaming the jews and debating racial issues. That's worked out pretty good so far.


    Seriously, I'm pretty sure most of us here are aware both these are staged. Even if you believe it's a genuinely virus and you believe a man was killed by a cop, you still know a majority of these current productions/shows are staged, exaggerated and fabricated.


    Look no further than this forum to see how Their magic works on us. The last few pages of this thread are more about bickering with each other. Perhaps we should start focusing on Their next move, using clues or insight on these two global "events", is all I'm sayin'.





    Would like this post a thousand times if I could. We really do need unity now. Infighting amongst ourselves is what they want.

  5. 57 minutes ago, awake said:


    It was very easy to understand. If you continue to parrot such words then nothing changes and you are glorifying the division. I said before all you have to do is change your wording to the proper meaning. In fact, you knew instantly i was talking about your comment because you know you are guilty and tried to defend yourself


    The answer is very simple to understand. Referring to someone as a colour or a label or whatever is division. We are all exactly the same except for our minds and what we have been taught or programmed to believe. I denounce such division because it's absolutely childish bullshit propaganda designed purposely to keep us that way. Even those fucktard politicians are humans, but their mentality is less than human which is why i call them that, and rightly so. The one thing i almost never see or hear is anyone calling them out for using such labels. Ask Mr Icke, he knows what labels do


    I must admit, I have missed crucial parts of this conversation, and do not agree with abuse being thrown at other forum members on here. I'm totally against that, so you must (even if it's hard) control your anger... But I have to say, you are right. Referring to people by colour or label is division in ANY form. I have always believed that we were merely spending a very small amount of time on this Earth. I believe that we are infinite beings. My existence now (as myself) is but a mere stop in my journey. It's the beginning of the adventure, that's all... We are ALL the same. We are ALL connected. They (the evil forces, totally seperate from us and exist within another world altogether) have invaded this world (indeed, I believe they have always been with us, actually) and are using, manipulating, if you like, other human beings to do their will... If humanity comes together, we will be unstoppable. It's the way to making this Earth a paradise... But they know that. The evil forces know that. And that's why the divisions must be fed.


    The moment when David touched on this during his interview with London Real (the most recent one, I believe), it just touched my heart. It was like a higher power spoke to me and said..."now do you understand why I led you to this man." He truly touched my soul with his words. And yes, Mr. Icke is correct. 100% correct.


    Unfortunately, though, we are currently constrained by our human bodies, so I can't ignore that and neither should you. There is nothing wrong with referring to another person as being male, female, black white, gay or straight, etc, etc. That's just life. The crucial point is this. We should NEVER be defined by it. And we should never take pride in what we are. We should only take pride in the good we do, and the compassion we can bring to this world.


    To remain kind and steadfast in the face of such evil, well...that's something to be truly proud of.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Tinfoil Hat said:


    I can't trust any of them very far, but there are things he's said in the past that make me think he is more human than many - such as Hancock. That one gives me a very bad vibe. He seems to have more genuine empathy. 


    Bojo commented before he was PM about excessive scrutiny of the public being bad as it would lead to the future being  tyrannical nightmare. I think he's on our side, but none of us knows what hidden pressures are being applied to corrupt that.


    I remember years back, his sister did an experiment by living for a while on the basic wage, or JSA or something, through choice. At the end, she said (paraphrasing) 'Don't let me hear the privileged slating the poor for their smoking and drinking. On that income, your life's like that of a battery hen, so any small luxury you can afford to indulge in is a mercy'. Some may find that patronising, but I tend to think it shows a will to understand.





    Yes, I feel the same way about Johnson. I think he does seem more human than most... And YES, Hancock does give off a really bad vibe. Do not trust that man at all. 


    Didn't know that about Rachel Johnson (Boris' sister). I know her from The Pledge, but didn't know she'd done such an experiment. Always got a good vibe from her (even though she's often for the MSM causes and narratives). Find that pretty interesting and will have to look into it.

  7. 4 minutes ago, Tinfoil Hat said:

    Trump was telling people at the outset that it was just a cold.


    I concede that I might be very wrong, but I do think he resisted pushing the virus scam, and was coerced into it because of the models being presented, and the multitude of enemies preparing to leap all over him when anyone died of the alleged covid, and blame him for the deaths. I think he was cornered. 


    I can't begin to guess what goes through Boris' head.




    I'm guessing the exact same thing. I also found it REALLY strange how Boris was left at death's door because of the so called "COVID-19". Really strange. Of all the people to get it really bad, it had to be our PM... I don't think so. If Johnson was in on it, the whole thing was staged. More likely, they slipped him something to make him genuinely believe in the virus, because Boris is a libertarian at heart, and I don't think he believed the lockdowns were fair or necessary. Putting him close to death probably changed his mind about it, he probably believes it's legit now. Pehraps he even knows that they did it to him and now he's afraid for his life. Something has definitely changed about him. He hasn't looked the same since, and we rarely see him at all. Before lockdown, he was at the breifings every day. Now we barely see him once a week. It's as though they've got him tucked away for the most part.

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  8. 3 minutes ago, Velma said:


    So you actually believe Trump and Johnson believe the coronavirus is real and had our best interests at heart? Funny, my sister thinks that about Nicola Stalin as well!



    Genuine question, as David also pointed out, what was the purpose of Neil Ferguson's computer model, which predicted up to 500,000 UK deaths? Because Boris was resising the narrative. When the model came out, he crapped his pants and worried for his own political career, and that's why lockdown happened.

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  9. Just now, Velma said:


    So you actually believe Trump and Johnson believe the coronavirus is real and had our best interests at heart? Funny, my sister thinks that about Nicola Stalin as well!



    Of course. I don't believe those dudes on the TV are really running our two nations. I have no doubt in my mind about that. We never see the people who are really in control. They are the 0.1%.

  10. 5 minutes ago, Velma said:

    Trump warned State Governors that if they are “weak” and do not mobilise the National Guard, he will do it for them! These words came from his mouth, not a ventriloquists, but he is an actor and convincing a lot of people that he is against the “Cabal” when he is best pals with the Clinton Crime Family and was a close associate of the Mossad's Epstein, whom he said is a “terrific guy.”


    There hasn't been a President of the United States, who was not appointed by the bankers since William McKinley got shot for introducing the Gold Standard Act in 1900. All presidents thereafter were “Skull & Bones” men, or of the 'Bloodline Families.' Trump is no exception, bought and paid for by the Jewish Lobby and working for his Mossad son-in-law, Israel Firster, Jared Kushner.


    Beijing is pushing ahead with the exact same force as Trump, to crush dissent in Hong Kong, arguing "law-based and forceful measures" must be taken to "prevent, stop and punish" such protests in the future. This will include arbitrary detention, severe sentencing and eventually executions. It's the same modus operandi globally, that's why it's called a “One World Order.”


    And for the record and to piss Trump's supporters right off, his wife is an abused MKUltra Presidential Model.


    Do you think that mysoginistic old dotard could pull a 'chick' like that in real life... by “grabbing her pussy?” :classic_rolleyes:


    Trump pulls women like that because of his $.


    Still, you make an interesting argument, but I still don't believe Trump is connected to any cabal and potential NWO. I know genuine stupidity when I see it, and Trump is stupid... Also, TOO much effort was put in trying to stop him getting elected. Of course, it could be a double bluff. I do question everything these days. However, I don't think Trump is "in" on what's really going on. He may have some suspicions, but I don't think he's heavily involved. And I don't think that's what David really means, either, as I recall him saying to Brian Rose that he thinks Trump and Boris Johnson were both conned into the lockdowns, as they were both scared into it by the outrageous computer models. Although David may have rethought it since then, I'm not sure. Will be interested to see a video on his Bitchute channel about these riots in the US.

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  11. Glad to see David calling out Trump on Twitter... Too many people who are anti riots (like me) praising him for being strong today. I don't see it that way. Trump is a pawn, and I'm glad David realises that, too.


    Personally,. I have no doubt in my mind that Trump is NOT connected to the forces running (and creating) this chaos. But he is now being manipulated by the cult/cabal. So far, everything seems to be running according to script. Outrageous death (which I am sure was genuine, but find certain elements iffy and KNOW the footage going viral was part of the plan), followed by whipping up angry people who feel disconnected. Not just black people, but all those of lower classes. Encourage the riots, enable them to get SO, SO bad, thus force Trump's hand to, essentially, declare martial law... 


    The question is, what comes next? I honestly have no idea, but personally feel it's meant to cause a further disconnect. However you slice it, they need us (humanity in general) to be divided. That's why they keep feeding the divisions.

  12. Heart is breaking tonight. Sure, it was shaky already (what with my recent awakening and the COVID scam). I don't know, I just can't fathom how anyone can watch what's happening across the world (and yes, especially in the States) and not realise that they're being played... I sometimes feel like one of only a few sane people left in the world. It seems as though the whole world has gone mad. If not for Mr Icke, his family and this whole forum, I may have despaired long before this. It's a comfort to know that other people can see through the BS... But unlike you guys, this is still all so fresh to me and it makes me sometimes lose faith in humanity.


    This goes beyond the cabal. It seems to be human instinct to want to hate. It's just such a strong force... But I know that same force wants me to think that. Sparks of love remain, and I know in my heart that it's the only way forward. But the force of Darkness/evil/Satan/whatever you believe it to be, it knows how to manipulate like no other. It is turning good people into monsters with just a whisper in the ear, a sly hint, the odd stray thought in the mind... It is literally thanks to it that the cabal is in the position of power it is...


    But that's the whole point, really, and why this force of hatred appears to be the strongest in existence. Because yes, this world belongs to evil at the moment and is controlled by it. But even so, love shines through every once in a while. If it was an even playing field (and trust me, one day it will be), and no manipulation tactics were involved, I KNOW, KNOW in my heart that love would spread faster than hate/evil. And I would gladly bet my life on that. Right here, right now...


    Take care.... TruthSeeker27 signing off for the night.

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  13. 48 minutes ago, rideforever said:

    Society is in a lot of trouble.  I see very few people who are moving in a healthy situation, on all sides there is wide indulgence in misbehaviour.  What kind of future is there for such a world ?


    Floyd seemed to be a very disturbed man. Chauvin also a disturbed and angry man.  The history of Minneapolis is filled with violence going back to 1900, gangs, murder, civil unrest, protest movements, and the LGBT.  It's a chaos place with a history of violence, people become accustomed to it, and are drawn to it.


    As for the video, I don't know why Floyd died.  A man who can't breathe doesn't talk about it, so I don't think breathing was the main problem.  Chauvin was trying to let out some of his anger by hurting the guy.  Floyd seemed to be ranting like a very disturbed person.  Probably he died of a heart attack.  The knee pressure was at the back of the neck, but the trachea is at the front and Floyd did reposition his head several times.  But he was struggling while handcuffed and most likely cardiac arrest or something like that.  Chauvin will serve time.


    Nowadays it's filmed and then the whole planet can gawk at it and be "disgusted" meanwhile ... what are they watching tonight on Netflix? Don't ask.

    Is anyone in our society doing anything that benefits society these days?

    I think I'll read Revelation today.



    As far as I'm concerned, we're seeing the Book of Revelation playing out before our eyes (or at least some of it, as I believe the events to have a wide timeframe). This year, 2020, is of importance to the cabal for reasons I do not fully understand. They put all these events into motion, and it seems to always be in a desperate, fast way, too. The whole fake/deliberate pandemic also had MANY faults to it. It's almost as though holes are left behind for us to piece together, akin to a serial killer leaving behind clues. Either that is the case, or something forced their hands, because things are happening too fast. All over Twitter and Reddit people are waking up. Of course, nowhere near the majority, but more than I expected.


    My research into George Floyd is only making me more convinced that this is ALL just one big con/manipulation. There is concrete evidence now that Floyd and Chauvin worked together, and that both worked as small time porn actors (although the report on Chauvin is less conclusive as I have seen no visual proof as of yet). The rise of Anonymous is also very interesting. They've been gone for 3 years now but have suddenly resurfaced, attacking police websites, exposing Trump and Epstien's black book, throwing out more celeb names that were involved with him.


    All of this is overwhelming me at this point. I would be interested to hear your thoughts and everyone else's regarding all this and especially Anonymous. They come across like light bringers and truth bearers. But I get the feeling that they're being manipulated as well. They are hand in hand with the protesters and are encouraging their behaviour as far as I can tell. The question is, is it pure motives or darker motives behind them? 


    EDIT: For the record, I do believe with 100% certainity that Floyd is dead... The question or not if he died when he was supposed to have done is another matter, though. His life is of no significance to the cabal/the cult behind these dark forces. They wouldn't risk leaving him alive. But I am suspecting the very real possibility that the killing itself didn't happen when it was supposed to. More likely, Floyd was killed after the fact when he had served a purpose. It could have been legit, of course. But something stinks regarding the camera filming Chauvin killing him. To know he's been filmed yet still carry on feels weird. Chauvin would have to be a 100% psycho to think he wouldn't at least get some form of punishment. He must have known that the footage would circulate, even if Floyd had survived. Why carry on so brazenly? Even those with mental disorders don't do that. They like to induldge their darker selves when no one is watching.

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  14. 6 hours ago, Fluke said:

    Well I am afraid your "hope" is inappropriate. I take it you are not an empiricist.


    "If a man lives only for himself (and those he cares for) he acheives nothing. If we live for others, we acheieve everything, regardless or not if my beliefs in God are correct or not. If all of Mankind became more selfless, Earth itself would become a paradise".


     How does someone achieve nothing? I think this statement is flawed. Who wants to live their life hoping that the 'masses' see what is right in front of them but chooses not to either through fear, stupidity etc.. Mankind are not going to become more selfless, its not in our nature, and you can be as morally right as you want to be with that attitude you will be used as a doorstep. Earth is a paradise.


    If you live for yourself, your family, and surround yourself with decent like minded people, and do not engage with this nonsense you win. Timothy Leary said "find the others." The art of no contact with any pathological force I find works best. So when we evolve with each other, we can disengage from the control grid. We can let the masses take their vaccines, get their chips. We disengage. We create, we laugh, and we sing. That way the control grid doesn't get to our soul.


    "When I say "it may end badly", I refer to this being ultimatley a losing battle. If enough people don't wake up, it is over. Why do you think David recently asked us to share his work? He literally asked us to help spread his messages recently on Bitchute. He did that because he knows, like I do, that to stand a real chance we need numbers. We need more people to resist. Everything is going exactly as they planned at the moment. If it carries on like this, and we reach the grand finale, it will end badly. I don't advocate taking to the streets (not yet at least). All I ask is that we try our best to help others wake up. Show the truth and expose it. "


    I don't see it as a losing battle I see it as a new era of creation.. You say everything is going as planned, but I don't think that's entirely true. They have made some major errors towards the end of this lockdown, that I am sure the truth is starting to come out. Although I think we haven't seen the worst of it yet (so hold on to your chair.)


    Regarding David Icke, I think it is great that you have introduced someone to David Icke. I think we can test the waters to see if someone is receptive or not. If its the normies in general, be prepared for potential mass cognitive dissonance. Its why I don't bother, and one of the major problems with the truther community. It becomes a religion in the need to wake people up. Unfortunately you will never be happy with that mindset. If you can make people laugh, use humor, memes, it could help. But posting essays (not saying you do) and posting loads of icke and truther type videos on FB like I have seen a few people do, will only isolate you.


    Lastly, next time you go out, go to work, go to your local store, have a look around. Look at your neighbours. Ask yourself if you want these people to wake up. And if they did what would it look like. Some may wake up to certain truths and certain realities once their fear has worn down, but imagine what it would look like? Its easy to look at it through rose tinted glasses, but it wouldn't be sunshine and rainbows. And it will actually never happen, not in our life time. And that's okay. It doesn't matter. You are not superior to them, but you are probably on of the 20percent who saw through this bullshit when it all started. So all I would say to you is don't let the negatives on here convince you we are doomed. They are just sheep in the truther world looking for a new messiah. A new Russell Bland.



    Earth has the potential to be a paradise. Evil forces are preventing it from returning to its former (original) state. In that first paragraph, you give no reason for me not to try and wake others up outside of "you'll be used as a doorstep". So be it. It makes no difference. When you're fighting for something that's worth fighting for, and truly believe you have the power of love behind you it makes no difference. Even if I was to die it would make no difference. If I speak one thought that thought lives, even if only as a memory in the unconscious mind.


    Yes, by living for myself I do win, in a sense... But I also don't. Full disclosure, before my awakening, before all this, I was a gambling addict. A selfish gambling addict who got his heart broken, hurt those around him, lost everything, threatened (nearly killed someone), cheated and lied and then tried to kill himself... It was only when death called that I was given a message. It may sound insane, but this inner "voice" told me that I was living life wrong and that I should live for others. That was the turning point in terms of my soul changing direction. This fake pandemic and Mr. Icke awakened my mind, but God awakened my soul when it was dying... Now I know why. Because I believe I have a part to play in this. We all do. Yes, I appreciate my family more now and try my best not to fall back into my vices, but it's only through my selfless love of the world that this became possible. 


    Your willingless to let those who aren't awakened die (or to be left as good as dead) suggests to me that you are less evolved than you think you are. The whole part about  "Where the more evolved go on, and the masses, the normies will falter, wither and die out", that tells me that only your mind is awake, your soul isn't. I'm fond of the human race for all their faults. I'm not going to leave them behind just because they're not awake to what's happening. If we all had that attitude, no one would be awake. Some people just don't possess the ability to read between the lines without the aid of others.


    And no, when trying to wake someone up I never just go on and on talking about David Icke and my innermost thoughts. Not at first. I test the waters, throw out on isolated theory, see how they react, take it to chat or DM and then become more persuasive.


    I can tell you're a good person. I know that. And I know you mean well. But you're cynical in regards to the human race and in a way, have less hope than I do. I suppose that's the way it can be if you truly don't believe that victory is 100% assured. I believe it is. It's only a matter of time before the power behind all this (and no, I'm not referring to the Cabal, I'm referring to the actual force of Darkness that fuels them) is consumed by its own hatred.

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  15. 13 hours ago, Fluke said:

    That's Abrahamic religious nonsense thoroughly bad mindset that helps nobody. It's not your job to wake others up and it never will be. You don't waste the chance, what you do is something productive with your time , something artistic something spiritual whatever floats your boat. "We have to fight back... And yeah it may end badly". It will only end badly if you are talking about taking to the streets. 


    Being awake isn't enough as long as you are lusting to wake others up. And you will always be unhappy with that mindset. It won't work. 


    Well, considering I'm a Catholic, I don't dismiss it as "Abrahamic religious nonsense". What you view as a "thoroughly bad mindest", I see as our only hope of salvation. If a man lives only for himself (and those he cares for) he acheives nothing. If we live for others, we acheieve everything, regardless or not if my beliefs in God are correct or not. If all of Mankind became more selfless, Earth itself would become a paradise.


    It is not my job in a technical sense, no, but it feels that way to me. Perhaps the word "mission" or "calling" would be more fitting. You may see it as fruitless but I don't. From my online correspondences I can confirm that I have successfully awakened others. True, they were more willing to listen than some, but they weren't quite there. Most recently a Canadian woman and myself have been talking quite a lot about this and I have introduced her to David and his work. Please tell me in what way that is a bad thing?


    Sitting around doing something artistic or spirtiual, etc, "whatever floats your boat" doesn't cut it if you truly see things the way I do. I see it as a ticking time bomb. I honestly do believe that our world will be changed forever within the next few months to a year (at max). There's no coming back from what we're heading towards. I'm not willing to just sit and take it. True, I could just try and enjoy my last moments of real freedom (although I believe that true freedom was lost a long, long time ago now), but what would be the point in that? It would be going against my own nature.


    When I say "it may end badly", I refer to this being ultimatley a losing battle. If enough people don't wake up, it is over. Why do you think David recently asked us to share his work? He literally asked us to help spread his messages recently on Bitchute. He did that because he knows, like I do, that to stand a real chance we need numbers. We need more people to resist. Everything is going exactly as they planned at the moment. If it carries on like this, and we reach the grand finale, it will end badly. I don't advocate taking to the streets (not yet at least). All I ask is that we try our best to help others wake up. Show the truth and expose it. 


    Am I unhappy? Perhaps. But not when I'm working to help others and trying to expose the truth. Then I feel good about myself. I feel as though I am making a difference. Maybe I'm crazy, I don't know...but I think I am making a difference.

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  16. 3 hours ago, Messenger said:

    TruthSeeker27, the vid upload is not working, perhaps you can create a bitchute account and upload there...


    Have created a new Twitter account and the video is there. I don't know how long it will remain. I didn't use any hashtags to avoid detection because I think it's only a matter of time before they take it down. Here you go.




    Ah, finally I can sleep in peace now.

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  17. 53 minutes ago, Messenger said:

    TruthSeeker27, the vid upload is not working, perhaps you can create a bitchute account and upload there...


    Well, after successfully creating a bitchute account and uploading the vid, it seems to have got stuck in the processing page. According to a quick minute of research, this is a common problem on Bitchute. With it being my first video, it may take longer before it becomes avaliable. Going to bed now but will check on it tomorrow and see it if clears up. Here's a link to the page. It says "page not found" at the moment, but once it has been processed it should appear here.



  18. 13 minutes ago, Messenger said:

    TruthSeeker27, the vid upload is not working, perhaps you can create a bitchute account and upload there...


    Okay, good idea. Never had a YouTube or Bitchute account before but will give it a try. Have been awake almost 24 hours so may not be successful at the moment. Haha. Will give it a whirl. If I can't do it now I'll get on it tomorrow.

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  19. 1 minute ago, MrA said:


    Ive never followed anybody on social media officially 


    Neither can I explain how to upload vid but will share elsewhere when it arrives


    Thanks. I suppose it's nothing that we don't already know, but to see just how empty the halls are and all the rooms/wards, etc. It just really rams it home. I have no doubt in my mind that if Monica was more popular or if her account was open (she made it private after been trolled just after X Factor) to everyone, that video wouldn't be around. Those kind of videos get removed fast if "they" find out about them. If you could get in touch with someone more in the know about how I can get past this in order to upload it I'd be grateful. 

  20. Don't believe my upload worked and it keeps failing when I try again. Would really like to show you this footage from the empty hospital. If anyone could let me know where I'm going wrong I'd be grateful. Downloaded direct from her Instragram with FBDOWN.net video downloader, MP4. For some reason it won't let me upload the video here.



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