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  1. The whole Boris affair throughout this plandemic has been really something to behold.


    I've never been a big Boris fan. Even when he was the Mayor of London, I always viewed him as being vain, ineffective and as a general clown figure. However, that being said, throughout the early stages of this madness, I sensed that Boris was...resisting against the narrative. I don't know what was going on inside his mind, but I got the feeling that he knew something was seriously wrong. Who knows, maybe he even doubted that the virus existed at all. I don't believe that Boris Johnson truly cares about the British people, but he no doubt wasn't best pleased that his entire Premiership could be defined by this crisis, so ergo he resisted to strip us of our liberties (because for all his faults, Boris is also famed for being a great libertarian)... Finally, the pressure became too great, and scared by Ferguson's model (as David pointed out), he crapped his pants and threw us into lockdown... But would that be enough?... No. They needed to do something else. Something more sinister. Not just to shock and scare Johnson, but also to convince the British people that COVID-19 was deadly... And so what happened?


    SUDDENLY, oh so suddenly, Boris tests positive. Within days he's in hospital, a few days after that he's in intensive care, and then just another couple more days after that he rises like Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday (or maybe Easter Saturday, I can't be 100% sure on what day he left hospital)... Nah. Nah, that's just too on the nose. Rising like the risen Christ! Far too symbolic to be real. Haha... The whole thing stank. It stank rotten... So now we have two choices. 1. Boris is in on it all and chose to go along with it, or 2 (which I believe to be the more likely)...they slipped him something. They slipped him something nasty.


    I find it very strange that Boris looks worse now than he did after his experience at "death's door". Because truly to me he does. We hardly see him at all, and when we do he never looks well. I don't know if they're continuing to feed him certain amounts of the poison or if it's had a bad, lasting effect on him, but either way there's something wrong with the man. I personally believe that Boris is now fully aware of what's truly going on and is afraid for his own life and the lives of his family members. That's why we hardly see him, and also why he seemingly nods along all the time now instead of leading from the front like he did at the start of all this.

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  2. 9 minutes ago, Tinfoil Hat said:

    @Golden Retriever

    No, don't be lazy - not surprisingly, it's still there, and all you have to do is just scroll back and read it, and then maybe you will realise that my post was not about your most favouritest topic at all. I have private messaged you with the examples of other threads you've derailed which you requested, and hope you will respond the same way instead of continuing on here.




    The length of time you have been a member doesn't make a difference to your expressing your opinion, and I actually agree with most of it. I do take umbridge at being challenged aggressively by someone about what they wrongly perceive I believe rather than what I have actually said (especially when the same person makes a habit of doing it on various threads) and if they keep going, I do feel the need to respond. I regret that contributing to the derail and apologise for it,  but even so, I will continue where I feel the need to defend myself.



    Back to the thread...


    Minneapolis City Council President: If You Call the Cops When Your Garage is Broken Into, You're a White Supremacist

    Sun Jun 7, 2020 

    Daniel Greenfield


    The Minneapolis experiment in recreating Escape From New York in real life is off to a great start.


    "If you are a comfortable white person asking to dismantle the police I invite you to reflect: are you willing to stick with it? Will you be calling in three months to ask about garage break-ins? Are you willing to dismantle white supremacy in all systems, including a new system?" Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender tweeted.


    Like abandoning your right not to have your home broken into it. Personal property, as we all know, was a concept invited in 1829 by dead white male slave owners, as will be shortly documented by the New York Times in a series of Marxist rants that will win a Pulitzer. 


    Obviously, if you do call the cops when burglars break into your garage or house, or are holding a gun to your head, you're a white supremacist and will get the Amy Cooper treatment. The residents of Minneapolis can look forward to a choice of losing their property or their jobs. 

    Now that's progress.




    Hey, you don't need to apologise for anything. I can just see that there's no resolution in sight and yet you've both hit an impasse. I'm just thinking in terms of what's best for this thread and this forum. that's all. 

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  3. I haven't been on this forum as long as some others that are currently posting, so apologies if anyone feels as though I'm stepping on people's toes here. But this display of infighting I'm seeing here doesn't seem productive at all. I don't believe that either party is deliberately trying to cause trouble or throw a spanner in the works, but either way, that's what's happening here and the thread seems in danger of getting derailed. And let's not forget that we all have a common goal here. We all know what the true nature of this world is, so don't feel that infighting over (ultimatley) small things like Tommy Robinson is worth it at all. 


    If we all agreed 100% on everything things would be pretty boring around here. I believe and champion individuality, so we MUST respect each others opinions as far as I'm concerned. Few things are truly black and white in this world, and discerning absolute truth is very hard (even for someone as plugged in/awake as Mr. Icke himself). So might I suggest we move on from this and agree to disagree. 

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  4. Another odd thing is the many connections between Floyd and Chauvin. I knew that they'd both worked together at the same place, but apparentely, one of the other officers, Tao, I believe his name was (the Chinese man who stood around doing nothing) is the brother of Chauvin's ex wife. The ex who, by the way, walked out on Chauvin one day prior to Floyd's death. Throw in Floyd's closed casket and...well...maybe I was wrong in jumping to the conclusion that Floyd is dead. Seriously starting to doubt that now.


    Again, I have the same problem as always. I have all the pieces, I practically know what the finished picture will look like...but I still don't know how the pieces fit together. Either way, there's more to this than we know. The connections between them all are too weird.

  5. Wow. Just looking at the mug shot of Chauvin compared to the camera footage of him with Floyd and...nah, this isn't the same man. Not sure how to make the tweet appear here, but here's a link to Twitter.




    If you scroll down, you'll see other shots of him from different angles. He does look A LOT like Chauvin. A very close body double, but I don't think it's him... And because of that, I'm suddenly guessing this man won't make it to trial. Another Epstien style "suicide" perhaps?

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  6. 2 hours ago, Fluke said:

    The thing is what its almost like they expect people like tommy to turn up. Its honestly a joke now how dumbed down msm is. I grew up watching the news and whilst it was always bias its the worst its ever been especially the last few years (10 years getting worse.) I can only think they want to rile up the public they cant all be that out of touch. Whether its brexit, trump, covid, there is absolutely no ironically diverse opinions whatsoever. And when you get islamic extremists killing civilians its likely similar attacks will happen to them from the natives. Confused, evil, and as moronic as it is. The mainstream media and the civil servents have let the people of this country down, and as far as i can tell its looking pretty incidious and sinister, and dangerous. Maybe they will get their race war? 


    I am sure many people here stumble upon a news broadcast and its almost like they are intentionally trying to wind you up? Its very strange. I wonder how a lot of ordinary black folk feel, and islamic folk who just want to get their heads down and earn a living. It pisses me off so much the madness they push its almost a form of mental abuse i should imagine. And the cowards who are well paid whoare in positions to counter the narrative crumble. I was always told you stand up to bullies, not many people are now are they? Scared of the trans lobby, scared of communists, scared of being doxxed so they crumble. 


    Then you observe the citizens (who to be honest have gone through their own torture and conditioning) although some might not realise it. You see how badly we have been led with the plandemic then you think of this is the kind of meat crawling across the british landscape do we really deserve to survive in evolutionary terms? Nature does bot have feelings. The grown ups are dying out, the strong men, they will be replaced. Pissed off with it all.


    Your post really hits home, Fluke, it really does. So much of it speaks to how I really feel deep down, when I'm not embracing my (sometimes)  hidden optimisic nature. Being awake in itself is almost like torture at times, because you see the manipulations when few others can. You see just how much is fake, how much is staged how much is manipulation. And it gets you so that you become suspicious of almost every single thing that happens. It's easy to give way to despair, and to believe that, as you say, perhaps we don't deserve to survive anymore in evolutionary terms... HOWEVER (and it was worthy of all caps, because it's a big however)...there is real, genuine light at the end of the tunnel.


    However you define evil (Satan, Darkness itself, human wickedness in itself, etc, etc, etc), its attempt to gain ultimate, everlasting victory all depends on one thing...that deep down, the force of evil is stronger than the force of good/love. If love is ultimatley stronger it's game over for evil. That's it. That's the ball game. Its  whole hope of winning relies on love not being as strong as the power of hate... But it is. Love is the stronger. And I can prove it... If hate/evil is the stronger of the two, why are the manipulations needed? Why do they have to cause the divisions? Because they need good people to further their cause, that's why the manipulations happen. Either to convert them to the side of something supposedly good and pure (BLM, for example) or to place hatred in the hearts of those who can't be doing with the protests. My mother has always been a tolerent woman, who believes that all races are equal, but today she was spewing racial slurs and saying "pick your side, there's a race war brewing!". All of a sudden, she seems to have a problem with black people, and all because of media manipulations. They do intentionally try to wind you up, and they succeeded with my mother... You see, that's how evil works. It has to corrupt good, because on its own it has no power. That's why (according to my beliefs) it had to infect Lucifer, because on its own Darkness was powerless. It needed to infect Lucifer (who became Satan) because it could do nothing on its own, it needed him as a vessel. Of course, that's just my beliefs, but even if you don't literally believe in God and the Devil, the story still works on an allegorical level. That's how evil always works, because it is the lesser of the two forces.


    Once you realise that, once you believe that and feel that in your heart and soul, everything else fades away and clarity washes over you. Even the frustrations fall away, as you realise just how powerless the force of evil is against the force of love, and why, ultimatley, it is doomed in the seemingly never ending war that's been going on since the inception of this world and all others.


    Yesterday, I escaped from the madness going on in the world and enjoyed a date with a charming, lovely young woman...who happens to be black. In all the time we spent together, we hardly mentioned the protests going on (she was in agreement with me regarding the manipulations playing out), or the COVID madness. We just enjoyed each others company as well as one or two gentle, intimate moments, completely ignoring the ridiculous, human rights breaking "laws" that are now in place to stop people even having so much as an embrace... 


    So yes, I do know in my heart that however much they try, they will fail in outright destroying humanity. They may come close before the end, and it is a bumpy road ahead...but they won't win. The force of love is simply too awesome.

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  7. 6 hours ago, Orange Alert said:


    Like in The Prisoner, IMO the greatest TV series ever made, it is important to be on your own side and not like most people who join the enemy on one side or the other, thus they are their worst enemy.  


    Absolutely agree 100%. And yes, The Prisoner is the greatest TV series ever made in my opinion as well. A real allegorical masterpiece. Wish more people knew about it. 


    Patrick McGoohan was plugged into what was happening to the world. He knew the direction we were heading in, even if he didn't have all the pieces of the puzzle in order to put it together perfectly, he still knew we were heading towards "the whole Earth as the Village", as Leo McKern's Number Two wanted. And yes, sadly, Patrick was right in so many ways. But I do believe that he injected a note of hope into Fall Out (the finale), which, to me anyway, suggests that even if we break free of society, you always are still a prisoner to yourself (hence the iconic ending twist of Number One being Number Six). But in realising that we're all prisoners, we do gain a modicum of freedom. A type of freedom some people will never understand.

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  8. 13 hours ago, awake said:


    That's a cop-out. The message needs to get out there and it ain't gonna happen by staying silent


    Perhaps our wires are crossed, but I'm not referring to those who are spreading the truth regarding this pandemic and the protests (and how they are, ultimately, all connected to the cabal/cult). I'm talking about the people who are attending the protests and taking pictures of themselves and putting it all over social media, as though saying, "look at me, I stand for racial equality, I'm such a good person". They're the types I'm talking about.

  9. 27 minutes ago, truther79 said:

    Thank you for sharing your journey. It has taken a lot of self evaluation on my part to see the world for what it is. Be assured you're not on your own. The last few months have been tough for all of us, and it's easy to think we are isolated but this forum proves that there are others awake who are willing to reach out. 


    Thank you. I absolutely agree. We're almost certainly not on our own. For the past few months I've been working towards waking other people up and am pretty happy with my success rate so far. Of course, you can't wake people up just like that, but, in my many interactions on the internet these past few months, I've realised that a healthy percent of people know that something is amiss. They may not have sussed it all, but they know something is wrong and these are the people who I have directed towards Mr. Icke, and many of them have thanked me for it. But absolutely, this forum is a blessing in these tough times.

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  10. 53 minutes ago, itsnotallrightjack said:


    Yes, I've noticed this also. The prevailing mood now appears to me that one must be an "activist" and that if one is not, and doesn't want to get involved in "protests" , marching, spouting stuff on Twitter etc then the view is that there is some sort of moral deficiency in one's nature!!!


    I wonder how many of these "activists" and "protesters" actually treat people around them with respect and kindness on a day to day basis? Help an elderly neighbour for example?


    Those who do don't tend to go on spouting how virtuous they are and condemning others who live quietly, decently and don't want to get involved with rioting and marching.




    Out of likes, but I absolutely agree. Very often, the ones who do spout about being so "virtuous" are very often doing it as a way of either making themselves feel better about themselves (as they may foolishly believe that they're making a positive difference), or sometimes just to make themselves appear good to outsiders in order to attract others to their cause. Truly good people never really talk about their good deeds.

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  11. 14 minutes ago, motleyhoo said:


    The thing about social media and the way many people use their phones is it manipulates people into getting emotional over things that happen no where near them and don't have anything to do with them and do not have any affect on their lives.  If the george floyd thing went down the way we were shown, then that's a tragedy, but it has zero anything to do with my life or anyone else's life here in North Carolina.  That's just one  example out of 1,000's of things happening on social media that far too many people get far too upset and emotional about.  Imagine what life was like when the only news people got was a weekly paper off of their town printing press, in the days when people in NC would not give one iota of thought about some dude in Minnesota getting killed.  But today, we're all supposed to have kneejerk reactions to everything that happens, even it happens 1,000's of miles away to someone we don't know and would never have known.



    True, true. That's what the internet is all about for them. Widespread communication and widespread brainwashing/manipulations to boot. 

  12. 12 minutes ago, Fluke said:

    I agree with the smartphones thing but isn't the BLM supporters a lot of posh white people? They are the communists aren't they? 


    @TruthSeeker27 feel the same way mate. I am 27 and I wouldn't class myself as anywhere near intelligent but a lot of people who are working class like i am that are of similar age group seem thick as pig shit. My step dads 25 year old son came round the other day and he was a nice enough fella but i couldn't have a conversation with him. His patter was more about 'slamming girls' and how good looking he was, which is fine banter for a pub setting, not quite appropriate in front of my mum ?


    Well, he sounds interesting in a funny sort of way. Haha. In a way, I almost envy people like that and I'll tell you why...


    Like you, Fluke, I am also working class (brought up on a council estate in Yorkshire). But I've always been...different. I think not going to school played a big part. I was home educated by my mother (father divorced my mother when I was 2 and I haven't seen him now in 11 years, and that's fine with me). People often associate the home educated as being super rich or something, but we weren't. My mother just didn't want me going to school because she was badly bullied as a child and she didn't want me to be bullied, either. My grades didn't suffer, I did pretty well in my GCSE's. But the biggest benefit for me, I think looking back is that I was never subjected to the school playground and the introductions to soceital peer pressure that the playground brings. I had a few friends, but not many, and this gave birth to my loner tendencies and that led to my deep thinking. It's because of these factors that I am now 100% awake. If you don't spend enough time alone, away from the peer pressures, away from the manipulations of society, etc, I think it's near impossible to gain the ability to truly think and analyse on a deep level.


    The reason I envy those, quite frankly, silly people who don't know how to think deep is that they seem more content/happy. They're more upbeat (or at least appear that way, I do wonder what really goes on in their minds when they're alone) and, as they say, ignorance is bliss. Even before my awakening, due to my deep thinking I have battled depression and it led me to the brink of ruin at one point... But, overall, I think it's worth it. I'd rather know the true nature of my own mind and the real world. I'd choose that over the bliss of being ignorant, because it gives me the chance to grow on a spiritual level and also the opportunity to enact some change in this world (however small it may be).


    Sorry for practically spilling my whole life story, but do believe it to be relevent, and do think, looking back, that it's because I never went to school that I've turned out the way I have/being awake.

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  13. 1 minute ago, motleyhoo said:


    I'm 60.  I wasn't talking about the COVID thing.  I know a lot of people my age and middle age that are afraid to do anything without a mask.  I was talking about the riots, the support of BLM, and the social justice phenomenon in general.  I didn't behave that way when I was a 20 something and I didn't know anyone who did either.  What's happening is something new, and there are definitely hidden players who understand how to psychologically manipulate these younger people through social media and their phones.



    Absolutely yes. I get you now. And yes, you're right. Of the protesters, the large chunk of them are under 30. People of this age are much easier to manipulate in regards to alleged social injustices, as they feel that it's almost their...duty to change the world for the better. And I think that's the really sad part, actually. These evil, manipulative forces are esentially weaponising good people and turning them into vengeful monsters, lashing out at things that have nothing to do with the injustices that they're supposedly trying to fight against (see the wrecking and looting of smaller shops and businesses, for example). 


    So yes, I do think on the whole, young people are always more likely to protest, no matter what's going on or what they're protesting against. You may not understand it because perhaps you've always been awake to the manipulations (which have been going on for a LONG, LONG time now), but many young people sadly aren't and the role they play is often that of protester.

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  14. 25 minutes ago, motleyhoo said:

    People should be protesting what is being done to society over a common flu virus, and instead they're shooting off their own two feet rioting over an unknown black man in Minnesota.  It's totally insane how dumbed down people under 30 are today, and I blame smartphones and social media, both of which are just megaphones of stupidity and herd mentality.  I made a post on the old forum about 2 years ago, about how society was going to soon look a lot like a Hunger Games society, and that is exactly what we're seeing.  There's the mask-wearing, fake movement supporting, social media herd being controlled by a central fascist propaganda state, and then there's the rest of us who are going to be pushed to the fringes.





    I do see your point. I'm only 26, but I'll freely admit that most millennials/people under 30 are hopelessly lost. Social media is a HUGE problem, that's true. It's not just a way of building up herd mentality, but it's also literally a method of brainwashing. Even now, on my "main" Twitter account I don't feel that I have the ability to voice my true opinions. The censorship is crazy. Two of my new accounts have been removed, and simply for speaking the truth. So there is a real fear out there that many younger people probably experience. In the DM sections of Twitter (which Twitter can't see (or at least claim that they can't see)), some of the people I've spoken with have expressed suspicions about this fake pandemic. But they dare not do anything at all about it because they're afraid of losing their accounts, online friends and even friends in the real world, as they fear that they'll be labelled a conspiracy theorist.


    I do not know your age, Motleyhoo, but I'm guessing from the way you speak that you're not under 30 yourself, and I think this is making you view this mass compliance as being a young people thing, but I don't think it is. The overwhelming majority of people who I personally know (online and in the real world) who have been buying the government narrative 100% are older people (those who are 60+). Maybe because they feel more in danger of COVID, so won't even take a chance at all, but I think there's more to it than that. They genuinely don't think that they would make a lie up this big. They don't think it's possible. Of those who are most likely to question the narrative, I'd say it's those between 30-50, but all ages are effected by the lies (albeit for different reasons).

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  15. 4 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:

    So its sort of kicking off in London from what I see on Twitter.


    One police came off his horse.


    Is hard to be on either side as Ive always wanted to see the system torn down, but same time not to be torn down for an even greater commie prison.


    I just cant believe the hypocrisy how they are protesting but we couldn't & the same protestors were calling us covidiots.


    Maybe Farmageddon is the only solution & we all go madmax before the GM  zombie vaccine arrives.??‍♂️


    I dont want to live in a fake society no longer.



    I feel the same way. It's almost impossible to support either side, perhaps because both sides are equally lost/corrupt at their core. And yes, the hypocrisy is so...annoying.

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  16. 4 minutes ago, alexa said:

     Hi TS 27, Just curious, do you have any more info on these horrible scenes in London? Seems like we're following in Americas footsteps?? I hope not.


    It's all over social media and if you put on Sky News you'll see it for yourself. They've defaced a statue of Winston Churchill and seemingly tried to break into the House of Commons and the US Embassy. The London mounted police charged at them and one of the police officers was thrown from his horse, while flares and bottles (some of them made of glass) were also being thrown. Whole thing is on a knife edge, but seems to be calming down at the moment.

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  17. 9 minutes ago, Tinfoil Hat said:

    There are no longer any boundaries. People have forgotten what common courtesy and decency is.




    We know business can be cut throat. But this crowing, in the face of so many hard working people who have expended blood, sweat & tears, striving to make a company work, only to watch their dreams turn to poop, through the Covid scam - I for one am now boycotting Amazon. I saw this, and have immediately cancelled my Prime membership, and I simply won't give them any more business. I truly hope that many others will take the same stance.


    Nah, that can't be real. Amazon can go burn in hell for all I care, but a statement like that would do more harm for them than good. Has to be fake.

  18. 3 hours ago, Alex said:


    Think mainly its because they dont want actual humans about anymore they want the whole synthetic human hense the explosion in the transgender agenda. Humans to this cult are nothing more than slaves and eventually want humans more or less extinct sounds extreme I know but that's what's happening 


    This is the truth as well, in my opinion. I believe that either way you look at it, this cult/cabal isn't human. That's not to say I don't believe that wicked human beings aren't involved, because I think they are. I just think that the cult themselves are actually pawns to a darker power that's really running the show beyond what we humans could ever really imagine, and the cult worships this force. Darkness itself, demons/Satan, interdemensional beings, etc. Whatever those dark forces are, I think that's what's really at the heart of evil in this world, and the cult is just an extension of that evil.

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  19. Well, first of all, let me just say thanks to the OP for linking that video of the doctor. I have saved it to my hard drive, as I have no doubt in my mind that it will be eventually hunted down and destroyed.


    Now, as for George Floyd. Well, personally, I'm 99% sure he's dead... But that doesn't mean to say he died at the scene. I'm still leaning towards the fact that this was a deliberate killing, designed to start the protests and riots that we've been seeing (although Chauvin had to be in on it to some degree, so this element does puzzle me). However, it could all be staged. It wouldn't surprise me in the least. However, the reason I'm SO sure that Floyd is dead right now is because, even if it was staged, I don't see a point in the cabal keeping him alive. They're inhuman and don't care about this world or the people in it. So with that being said, I believe they would view keeping floyd alive as being a risk too many, so I'm pretty sure he's dead now.

  20. 13 minutes ago, sickofallthebollocks said:

    I've been reading though all the comments for ages and giving a thumbs up or down to them, and surprisingly - I would say at least half of them are all in support of saying fuck all this bollocks"  

    -and this is from daily mail readers?

    Bodes well I hope....................

    or maybe not?
    Here's one comment of pure fuckwittery from:

    Tanequil, Birmingham, moments ago


    There will be an upsurge of groping on public transport. So what did he look like, who knows.



    I think the Daily Mail represents the silent majority in this country, and that's why I have hope. Many people are seeing through the BS. At the moment, they're just going by gut instinct. They know something is wrong, they just don't know exactly what it is. They only have gut feelings to go on. But gut feelings are VERY important. It's because of gut instincts that I discovered Mr. Icke and, in turn, this very forum and my awakening happened in full. The same can be said for others, and if enough people do wake up, it will throw a serious monkey wrench into the plans of the cabal.

  21. Just a quick glimpse of some hope that I want people to see. This is from the Daily Mail comment section. In the best rated section, many of the people are seeing through the lies. The second best rated comment says this.


    "Nope, Rules? Social conditioning!!! Wake up before it's too late. These people are using a virus to control us.... Pure and simple. They will mentally weaponize this virus and use the weak minded obedient fools who believe this lie as an example for all to follow. If we don't follow their "rules" we risk (eventually) being charged with manslaughter using their tracking system as evidence. This is an RNA virus, naturally occurring as with every flu that's occurred over human history. The figures are fixed. This government is lying 100%"


    Over a thousand people have upvoted that comment. So you see, not all hope is lost. People are seeing through the lies, they just don't realise how deep this rabbit hole goes. Here's a link to the comment section, and then just click on best rated.




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